Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clearly if you've got curly hair, bingo! You're the guy for me

So last night before I crashed, I came to realize something. I really love a guy with curly hair. I never thought I did. Like, I thought I was always into the emo hair. But clearly no. So, last night I went through four of my favorite obsessions: Orlando Bloom, The O.C., Coldplay, and Jonas Brothers. Let us review the four, no quite possibly, five men I have loved:

Orlando Bloom: Now that boy looked good in any hairstyle. I mean, he was just damn fine. I miss him when he was so awesome. I really do. It's kinda sad how off the radar he fell. Now, here is the picture that cinched the deal for me.

I mean, I loved him in Pirates, and that was where the obsession started, but when I saw this picture, I DIED. Seriously, that picture is just perfect. I still want to jump all over that.

Next, the O.C. Yes, I enjoyed me some Ryan Atwood, but initially Seth Cohen was my boy. He was more my speed, before he got all annoying on the show. He really just had that geekiness to him that I loved. Look at him.

Yep, I see it too. Look at the hair.

Next, Coldplay. Even though Chris Martin was married before I started liking them massively, but I mean, come on, he is still hot as shit. Same with Guy Berryman, the bassist. Mmm.....yummy. And yeah, he's married too. It is some sad shit. But look at them!!!

Yep. I KNOW.

Next, and lastly, the Jonas Brothers. I admit that I am totally into all three of them, but Kevin is mighty fine. Alright, so is Joe. Ever since that haircut of Kevin's, Joe is just a little more appealing. Got on your game, Kevin! Straighten it, or grow it out. But look at Kevin.

Yep, curly hair.

For the exception of Chris Martin, it's more specifically dark curly hair. I feel I've really discovered something about myself. I mean, maybe I've been looking at the wrong guys this whole time. Guess it's time to pay attention to the curly haired guys along with the hot emo ones. :)

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