Friday, August 28, 2009

And the first week....over.

Thus ends my first week. Well, just of school. Tomorrow is Taylor Swift, and Sam comes to see me. SO excited. <2 hahahaha

Monday - No classes. After the weekend of intensity, I had another day off. It was nice. I'm gonna enjoy 3 day weekends all the time.

Tuesday - Three classes. Electronic media and Telecommunications. Should be interesting. Forum. 350 people. Haha, I enjoy being amongst a million people and not having to deal with maybe being called on.

Then, there's Literature to the Occult. Which seems really awesome. It's hilarious when I see someone from High School. I seriously wanted to start counting how many Hazleton-ites I saw. Some were like, whatever. But then I see one of my old friends without a second glance. Awesome, huh? Hope I don't have to deal with that shit this year.

Then, 2 hour break, which is perfect for naps. I love naps. They are just sooo fun.

Then, Mass Communcation Law. Which is interesting. I've always like law. To me, it's easy to understand. I don't know, it just is. Though a certain Hazleton-ite that I HATE is in that class. Must avoid him at all costs. I hoped to never see him again. He sits in the front row, so if I sit in the back, I should be good.

Wednesday - The day to catch up, and only radio broadcast at 4:40. Do not like that class. haha

Thursday - Same as Tuesday.

Friday - Freaking class out by the Penn Stater. But then I can see my brother or not.

My schedule SEEMS easy but let's factor in running two sites( & and I'll be working two jobs. This year is gonna be AWESOME.

No, actually I think it will. I don't have to deal with wishy washy friends. I've got my Sam two hours away, my Finnish Spitz a video chat away, Kim right across the courtyard & her crazy roommate to entertain me. I'm kinda loving life.

Oh and I'm obsessed with Buffy. Like, crazy obsessed. I used to love Angel, then he got a bit annoying, and now Spike is pretty badass. haha. GOOD TIMES.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New College (Sorta), New Room

And here we are. Year Three. Maybe my godfather will turn out to be a wrongfully accused serial killer, and I'll save him on a hippogriff. That would definitely be interesting. Anyways, this is le room 3.0. Last year was pretty damn good, so this year is a bit of a downgrade....haha

The full room. Nice, huh. It looks messy.

So this is the shower towel thing. I really don't know what the hell it is.
My closet! SOO messy. Shoes on the bottom. Shoes on the one shelf. Lots and lots of clothes. And the trunk on the top. That was really hard to get up there.
Bed and wall! Like the dots I added. Pretty, huh? and my bed! And Captain Fine! Mmmm....Happy birthday to him! And three hotties under the ultimate hottie. And the Beatles.
Corner of my room.
No Doubt, Miley, Bunny Suicide calendar, My sunglass rack. Yes, I made it. Its awesome. Oh and T. Swift is there.
My dresser. Bathroom stuff. And more dots. I enjoy them.
Other corner. Lots of posters.
My view. Awesome, huh?
But I can spy into other people's rooms.
Desk! Can you spot Buffy? hahaha
My bed. Messy again.
Roommate's side. haha

Sunday, August 9, 2009


=D FOCUS, this time. :)

If Only I Was Julie Powell...

What a thing to be able to do. Have a focus for a year and complete a job. I'd love to do that, have a blog and write. Oh wait....I DO. Except mine has no focus, much like my life. I need a goal. But me and goals? Haha can you say...never gonna happen? I try to play guitar, nope. I try to...well, do anything and everything, and I never do. I really do want to write a blog on the real musings of my life, such as what I do, but I need a focus. And focus is not what I have. I think there is a reason my eyes have astigmatisms, they cannot focus, just like the rest of myself. Someone help. I NEED focus. Otherwise, I ramble. I recently sent a 6 text long(each about the size of seven texts) to my friend explaining how bad I felt.




I'm gonna go find something to do. hahaha. There's my big focus.