Friday, August 28, 2009

And the first week....over.

Thus ends my first week. Well, just of school. Tomorrow is Taylor Swift, and Sam comes to see me. SO excited. <2 hahahaha

Monday - No classes. After the weekend of intensity, I had another day off. It was nice. I'm gonna enjoy 3 day weekends all the time.

Tuesday - Three classes. Electronic media and Telecommunications. Should be interesting. Forum. 350 people. Haha, I enjoy being amongst a million people and not having to deal with maybe being called on.

Then, there's Literature to the Occult. Which seems really awesome. It's hilarious when I see someone from High School. I seriously wanted to start counting how many Hazleton-ites I saw. Some were like, whatever. But then I see one of my old friends without a second glance. Awesome, huh? Hope I don't have to deal with that shit this year.

Then, 2 hour break, which is perfect for naps. I love naps. They are just sooo fun.

Then, Mass Communcation Law. Which is interesting. I've always like law. To me, it's easy to understand. I don't know, it just is. Though a certain Hazleton-ite that I HATE is in that class. Must avoid him at all costs. I hoped to never see him again. He sits in the front row, so if I sit in the back, I should be good.

Wednesday - The day to catch up, and only radio broadcast at 4:40. Do not like that class. haha

Thursday - Same as Tuesday.

Friday - Freaking class out by the Penn Stater. But then I can see my brother or not.

My schedule SEEMS easy but let's factor in running two sites( & and I'll be working two jobs. This year is gonna be AWESOME.

No, actually I think it will. I don't have to deal with wishy washy friends. I've got my Sam two hours away, my Finnish Spitz a video chat away, Kim right across the courtyard & her crazy roommate to entertain me. I'm kinda loving life.

Oh and I'm obsessed with Buffy. Like, crazy obsessed. I used to love Angel, then he got a bit annoying, and now Spike is pretty badass. haha. GOOD TIMES.

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Sam said...

i'll always be here for you :)
obviously i need to learn how to video chat. lmao. :) love you! super excited for tomorrow! <2