Friday, January 30, 2009

I'll See You At UPark...

So I really don't write on this as often as I should. Matching clothes really has taken over my free time, and I tend to not have much important stuff to say.

I realize that I most likely will be going to the Taylor Swift concert alone. Because SOMEONE's school starts the weekend after. sonofabitch. Dumb ass Elizabethtown. Well, hey, maybe if I go alone, I'll get hella close seats. But it's a bit awkward. Since le bff got me into her. And I tend to not like country. Oh jeez. Awkward concert time. I can go to a big punk show, and be fine, but throw me in a country concert, and there I am, all awkward. Maybe I'll randomly scream Yee-HA! and make people awkward. Actually, I think I might do that. But I want my bff to go. Because going to concerts alone is just plain boring. I mean, really. I need people to watch me act all like concert Security.

Hold up. I've got a third person possibility. Kim-a-lim-a-ding-dong! I don't know why I made that so long. And by golly, she likes country! Oh man. I might be getting on somewhere.

I loved how I thought I was gonna be in Hazleton when S told me the dates. Then I went, oh shit! Ah, UP. How I love thee

Monday, January 26, 2009

Here's To The Hat, Bitches!!!!


It's the hat seen round the world!

By Miss Aretha.

ONTD has become infested with these hats. And I find it AWESOME.

Wanna know how awesome? I'll show you some of my favorites. :D

Hat on a barn.Andy is really excited about the hat-age.The Golden Girls color theirs up.Jim doesn't quite understand why a hat has been placed on him.....But realizes it's goes great with his Dwight outfit.Tobias loves wearing his hat when doing photoshoots.
No one knew how Edward could dazzle more, until now.Even Kevin's ass has a hat.Charlton is a STUD.Franklin loves his puppet size hat.Come on, Kellan sports it with his ducky.
Last but not least at all, my icon of Joe and the sexy hat.Also, cat with spaghetti and hat. =D

I really need to stop this.....

But Not Yet!!!! I wear that hat well. =]

Thursday, January 22, 2009

I Feel Like Randomly Do This

Demi Lovato always signs her name demiiiiiii.

So I wanna sign my name like that.


It just doesn't look at good. But it's almost like how my nephew says my name: "Ah!-lee." :D

I'm Sorta Good At Art?

I kinda am. And it truly shocks me. Like, comparing my work to others, I'm not the best, but I ain't the worst! =] Maybe I'll take pictures of my amazing art...which reminds me I need to go put fixative on them....excuse me while I go smoke up some fumes in the bathroom.


Someone named it that, not me. But it really is a Failbook, not Facebook. Because those Mother chuckers disabled my fucking Facebook! AAAAAAARRRRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHH!!!!!@!! Do you know how pissed I am? I mean, really! And the fuckers wont respond to me. BASTARDS.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Hi my name is Ali and when I work out on a treadmill, I like to listen to Lady Gaga and pretend I'm strutting down a runway.

That is all.

Paramore and No Doubt? YES PLEASE!

Let's tally another concert I will most certainly be going to this summer. I better start saving my money now. This is gonna be incredible.asldfjas;dlkfjasdl;fjasdl;fkjasdkl;efjsdco I cannot contain my excitement!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Beatles + Jonas = A Happy Ali

"He said the Fab Four's 1964 big-screen romp, "A Hard Day's Night," was "very much a template," as was their 1965 follow-up, "Help!" Another inspiration was the Monkees, who spawned a short-lived series in the mid-1960s, delirious fans and a succession of hit singles."

sdlkfjaslkdjfklsjdlfkjasldflaskfjlasdfkj. I don't give a fuck about the Monkees really, because to me, they were fake. But seriously, A Hard Day's Night and Help are AMAZING. I can watch them whenever, no lie. I watched aHDN like, every day for a week. I might just watch them later. If that was their template, I am SOLD. Very sold. As in, I'll promote it.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Jonas Fans Really Terrify Me

I mean, seriously. They do. I am sitting in a live chat room for the JB live chat. People are going nuts over a paper. A PIECE OF FUCKING PAPER. It's ridiculous. And sad.

I hate jonas fans.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Name's Brianna

According to my history teacher. And he didn't even give me a chance to correct him. He'd be like, "So, Brianna, you like cats because..." and I just kinda looked around awkwardly. Yes, we were talking about if we'd preferred cats or dogs. He went, do you have a cat who greets you when you get home? And I nodded. He goes, "Well, Brianna, you're one lucky cat owner." I mean, yes I am a lucky cat owner, but my name isn't Brianna. Do I look Brianna? Tuesday morning I need to correct him. Seriously, he said it like, five times. And never gave me one chance to correct him.

So hi, my name's Brianna, nice to meet you all.

What Do I Want?

A pair of Supergas. Is that weird? They're so cute. I really want a pair. Gosh, I need to stop looking at shoes.

Dear CB,

So tell me: What changed? Where did this distance go? We're closer than ever, and I can't get a sentence.

Song Writing Will Heal This

Wednesday, January 14, 2009


Yep, see it right there? Snap.

Wow, if you fell for that, shame on you. dummies.

See, there she is "dying." She's a cutie as a brunette.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

43 Dollars On Shipping? FUCK YOU AMAZON!!!

I thoroughly enjoyed all my books for 67 dollars. I did not enjoy the 43 on shipping. I have no idea how that added up. Okay, I do. Like 3.99 on every book. Which SUCKED. But, it's still cheaper than what I would have paid....182 dollars. I got them for half. Shipping wasn't even added. oh my gosh, that made my day. :D

Proof That They're Just Not Too Big

So, here's the video.

My proof? You can hear the other one laughing when they shot this. Not their management. They put the idea up themselves. And put it up themselves. Sure, they advertised their movie. But really, who doesn't advertise something of theirs? I mean, I advertise my Style Site all the time(VISIT!) Who can blame them? I cant. I love them. They are amazing. And my big resolution of this year is I'm not defending them. If I love them, then tough shit, bitches. Deal with it. It's my choice, and if you don't like it, you don't have to tell me. I don't give a crap.

Monday, January 12, 2009

I feel a bit bad

But seriously, Jonas Brother's BIG ANNOUNCEMENT was the biggest fucking letdown ever. I wish I had another letdown to compare this to. Damn. Um. Maybe my mom's expression when I told her I was getting her Katy Perry tickets. No, that's no accurate. Oh I know! The one Christmas I got like nothing, and expected a PS2. I was fucking pissed. Of course, they did get me the PS2 then. Hmm.....The Twilight movie? No, it wasn't too bad. I don't know. But the announcement didn't live up to my expectations. Nor most. check:

that, I personally feel bad for. She hit them hard, and they replied!! Haha. It is kinda funny. lol

Also, I read on ONTD, some Rickroll'd the boys. And they replied saying it was one of their favorite singers. Oh my gosh, dying of laughter.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

I Love You, Taylor Swift, But...

Dear Taylor Swift,

Okay. Let's get some things straight. I'm a big fan. I also love the Jonas Brothers. Your new single is "White Horse," not "Forever & Always." Okay, it's a great song, I will admit it. I have the chords bookmarked on my computer. But seriously, why is it that every damn tv appearance you do, you have to sing the song? I thought you were over Joe. Seriously. Stop. You've fucked him up bad. You can see he's depressed and shit. Seriously. I thought you let this go. Stop. The boy has gotten enough shit from you on this. Just seriously.

Oh and get new backup players. Your one bass player and guitar player are really fucking annoying. You aren't death metal. Neither are they.

Loved your Annie impression,


Everyone knows it.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Look Alikes?

Okay, bad pic, but I swear Adrian Grenier back in day looked like Joe.


I did the laundry.

Well, am doing the laundry.

Seriously, don't judge me. My dad likes doing my laundry. When he heard that I was gonna do the laundry, he laughed and said he does it better. Pfft. I can do my own laundry.

Though I don't like to. My dad does do it better.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Hey, Hey, You, You, I Want You To.....Humor Me.

Visit. Tell People. I've worked my ass off this break.


Oh hai there, End of Break, when did you get here?

What. The. Fuck.

I only have this weekend left? You've got to be shitting me. No seriously, please say it ain't so. Motherfuckin' Penn State and its short break. I have a shit load of things to do. Don't believe me? Here. We. Go!

~Practice guitar
~find keyboard
~See my sister and nephew one more time
~Buy food, and other stuff for room
~Practice guitar some more because I havent. Boo me.
~Figure out what the fuck is up with my foot. Stupid foot. I can barely walk on it.
~Pack some more. You don't realize, but I have a ton of stuff. I got...10 new shirts? Holy fuck, didn't realize that. 3 full size posters, new pants, shoes! I got about three pair over break.

I think that's it so far.

Well, fuck me in the beard.

I'm screwed.

I'm also quoting bunch of movies. Ok, two. But still. It's a bunch.

Excuse me while I go be a nocturnal and doom myself for next semester.

My Mother Is Not Allowed To Own A Whistle

Why you ask? Why, I'll tell you. I was sitting, working on the computer, minding my own business, when I hear her yell. She yells and you can never quite hear her, so I know to go run up no matter what, because she'll get mad if I don't respond. So, I throw the computer to the side, pull out my headphones and rush out the room and up the stairs. I'm halfway up when she blows the fucking whistle.

Really, who expects a whistle to be blown? So, being caught off guard, I slip, and fall down a few stairs.

I should have listened to her.

She told me no one lets her have whistles because she drives people insane. But I insisted and made her get the whistle.

Stupid whistle.

I Spy A Keytar!

Lady Gaga, being fierce as hell on Leno. I like the Keytar. :D

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kohls = Jonas Fan. Who Knew? Me = Teenie. Me = Ashamed.

I haven't had an obnoxious teenie moment in a WHILE. That being said, I had one today. I was at Kohl's, because I couldn't go to the King of Prussia mall today and I wanted to do some shopping. I'm just looking around, seeing if I can find some cool stuff, and I saw a red leopard jacket and thought, I kinda want red leopard pants like Jonas, but that's so not cool, when I see some graphic tees. Oh a sale. So I go around to see. And bam, there are the Jonas Brothers. Not like the real ones, but more like them on a shirt. I died. I seriously did. I went and grabbed one, and I see another. I grab that. 12 dollars a piece, how the fuck do you beat that? So I take the two and run to my mom. I show her, and I'm jumping up and down, squealing. Then I proceeded to put the two out to take a photo to show S. I was soooo crazy.

I'm a little ashamed of my teenie moment, but seriously, 12 dollars. Juniors tee shirts. New photos. How can you not?

Monday, January 5, 2009

Bathtub Twins

Just like her sister.

Oh my gosh, seriously, Miley's wasn't that bad. People who judge her on pictures should just die. I mean seriously. She seems like an okay person. I'd chill with her.

Oh and some Niley amusement. I giggled seeing these.

Joe Jonas is suspicious of the goings-ons of that picture. That is all.

Oh no wait, sexy Kevin/Joe stoned time. Now that is all.

RIP Left Hand Fingernails

Sniff. I haven't filed a nail in probably a year. And now I just had to murder all my left hand fingernails. Poor nails. And cramped fingers.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sooooo Awesome.

Yep. Joe on JONAS. Like the outfit. Son of bitch I'm gonna love the show.


I should be an actress; I'm so good at this shit sometimes.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Zomg Kelly!

I cannot fucking wait for her new song and album. Greatest time ever. Kelly Clarkson is life.

My Life Would Suck Without Kelly that photo kinda really scares me.

It's Gotten Pathetic

My three year old niece has a boyfriend. She proceeds to go and say, "My boyfriend's name is Brennan. What's yours?"


So I said, "Joe." Why not. She'll never know....

Fuck you Jonas Brothers

Oh my gosh, did you think I was serious and that I hated them? Haha no. But this is the preview for the new show in May:

Fuck my life, it made me laugh. Damn it. I thought it was going to suck. But it probably will. But I'll probably love it either way. Go Kevin in this preview. His little dance out the door. I love him.