Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Random Test Story

So, I thought I'd tell me really crazy test story I had today.

Well, it was Sociology. And everyone knows this teacher is hard. Like, she's really cool, but her tests are hard. A bunch of people told me that. She's all like, you need to reading the book all the time! And I didn't even own the book til the day before the damn test.

So last Tuesday was the test. I bought the book on Monday, and like the diligent student I am(cue snickering from the peanut gallery), I skipped watching the season premiere of Heroes(which was fucking crazy....I just watched it yesterday) and studied. Yes, studied. I highlighted, and repeated, and looked at notes. I was pretty darn proud. I mean, I put funny comments in my book(I believe Edward Cullen may have been written in there....yeah, I'm into Twilight now. Sue me.) and all that jazz.

Anyways, it was Tuesday, and I took the test. It wasn't that hard. Whatever.

Cut to today, because I missed Thursday due to sickness.

I'm sitting there, and the girl next to me comes in. So I ask, did we get the test, and she's like yeah. Like, 30 people apparently failed. I'm like, shit. There's 50 in the class. And she's like, I failed by 3 points. I was like, well, that's not horribly horrible.

So I get my test and I see 63 + 5 on it. I was like, sweet!!!! A D+. No lie. I was so happy I didn't fail. I mean, come on. If most of the class failed, this is pretty good.

So I sit down and the girl looks and goes, wow. 67.(Note: she didn't seem too amazing at math). She goes, that's good. And I'm all like, I know. It's sad that high D is good. And she like stares and is like, that isn't a D. It's like a B or something(note math problem again). I'm just looking at her like, "girl who sits next to me Say What?" And I try to tell her, it was out of 100. And she's like, no, it's out of 75. I'm just like, Oh shit. Did I like, do really good? The teacher then proceeded to say that anything over a 67 1/2 is an A.

Fuck yes.

I got an A.

Beat that all the failing people. Bam!

When the FUCK did he turn 30?

Benjamin McKenzie. Seriously. He looks exactly as he did in the OC, which only ended like, two years ago. Because that's right, it would have been in its sixth season had it survived. I miss that show. But anyways, I had no idea B-Mac was this old. Like, it's a bit off-putting. I'm always talking about people like, my age, younger too, and this was my favorite show for four years, and he is way old now. I'm also kinda sad. I hope his show does well. He is a good actor. I mean, Junebug. Hello? Awesomeness! I went to see it because of him, but it was such an amazing movie. I mean, it was Amy Adams' breakthrough. Which is weird to think about because she's so popular now. But whatever. I can't believe Ben McKenzie is this old. Sigh. I still think he's hot.

Rager(Ryan + Summer from the OC) FOREVER.

He'll always be my Broody Bear Ryan Atwood. :D

Jo! Jo!

Okay, so today, while checking all the Demi Lovato sites I can think of, one mentioned that for Demi's new tv show, Sunny With A Chance, Nancy McKeon will play her mom.

Nancy Fucking McKeon.

Oh my gosh, I'm so excited!!!!!!!!! I looooove her. No lie. She was my favorite on Facts of Life. I mean, I thought I was just like her, the bad ass tomboy(which I'm pretty much not anymore). I mean, that show, plus most of Nick @ Nite was my life when I was little. Oddly enough, I grew up on most of the shows my mom did, because Nick @ Nite was ALWAYS on my tv. Facts of Life, Three's Company, Brady Bunch, Gilligan's Island. They were my shit. I fucking loved those. I still remember getting into the Brady Bunch. For like a month, I had my hair just like Marcia, season one. And for a while, I walked so my hair would bounce from side to side like Jan's. And then with Facts of Life, I wore roller skates for probably a year, just to be like Tootie season one. I mean, I'm not lying about this stuff. Ask my mom. I skated around the house all the time. My poor Grammy, sick and everything, and there I am whizzing around on skates. You can even see some evidence of that. Random signs I made, like skating stop signs and then something for fixing outfits? I don't know, I was a really weird kid. You'd be really weirded out if you knew what I did when I was little. Sigh. I was lonely, alright? I had four siblings, then none. So I would make up like, entire schools of people. Yeah, I did. What of it.

Wow, this is completely off topic, but yay for nancy McKeon! I can so see her as the mom. And I am sooooooo excited. Almost as excited for Demi being on the show.

I Wanna Race Him

Even my dad would, if I showed him the car, admit that this car fucking kicks ass. Like, aoskldfjasldkfjsadlkfjsal;dkfjlas;dkfjsdkl;afjl;sdajf. I WANT IT. I mean, let's get a few points across:

1. I can't drive.

2. When I drove my dad's Mustang Cobra, I was scared shitless.

3. I probably will never drive stick.

But other than those obvious hinderances, I want this car. Fuck yeah. I mean, come on, Nick Jonas. First the dog, now the car. STOP TEASING ME. I'm gonna have to become a buglar. Son of a bitch. This is ridiculuous. It's a Cobra. Mustang. Ah. I bet if I send this photo to my dad, he'll tell me like, everything about it. I love it.
I do remember when I was in my dad's 2001 Red Mustang Cobra, I saw another car come near me, so naturally, I had to rev the engine to scare them off. I actually wasn't even allowed to use the gas pedal. I'm pretty happy in the passenger seat. I wanna be where Big Rob is.

As much as I can't drive, I still want it. It's so pretty. At least I have car appreciation. Sigh. Like, I really cannot get over how much I love this car. Fucking no fair Jonas. I need to stop looking at Nick and his absolutely amazing things. Fucking Jonas.
I really can't stop staring at it. This is a problem. Official.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Bell of the Ball

So I was watching Heroes earlier(more on that later), and Kristen Bell was on. I got super excited. Like, probably more excited than justifiable. But I suppose I'll explain my love for the amazing, gorgeous, totally fucking awesome Kristen Bell.

So, about like, forever ago, it feels, there was a perfect, funny, suspenseful, intense, all around amazing show called Veronica Mars. This is where I feel in love with this Kristen Bell.

Seriously, the show was amazing. I mean, if you haven't watched it, please do. I suppose I can let you borrow the first season on dvd. For real. If you want a great tv show that was really smart throughout its entire run, this is the show. I mean, granted, the third season lost some spark. I got that. But it was still good. Everyone always worries about the sophomore slump. I swear the show got better in the second season. I mean, Logan and Veronica? LoVe. Literally. Lo(gan) + Ve(ronica) = LoVe. :) Best shipper name ever.

And not to mention, the actors were brilliant. I mean, Kristen Bell was smart, funny, sarcastic, and endearing. It was her perfect role. And Jason Dohring was so great. His vulnerability that rarely showed was just too amazing. I mean, I wish this show had won an Emmy. It might have showed you know, everyone, what an amazing show it was. Veronica Mars was one of the first shows that had such an intense fandom to save the show from cancellation. Twice. It really thrived while on CW. It may have not been it's biggest audience drawer, but it was so perfect. Raw, and interesting. I mean, these writers knew what the hell they were doing. But then the damn networks got in the way for the third season. They wanted to make it easier to catch onto. Bullshit. They shoulda stuck to what they knew. It would have worked.

Now, I don't just love Kristen Bell because of her work on Veronica Mars. A little remake of Reefer Madness was fucking amazing. I mean, I bet the original was probably funnier, but the remake was still great. I recommend it.

And I guess this year, or last year, I don't know, was when the world kinda caught onto Kristen Bell like crazy. She voices Gossip Girl(that girl is amazing with voiceovers. No lie) and then she got an arc on Heroes. Perfection. I mean, Elle is a little whiner than I like my Bell, but nevertheless, I still love her. I guess I still see her as VMars like, all the time.

And then, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Unfort, I haven't seen the movie. But I really really want to. My initial draw? The fact that Kristen Bell was in, and now, even more, Jason Segel. I so need to see this fucking movie. Because from what I heard, it's amazing. Hello, its VMars and Marshall!!!!! What's not to love? Oh and that virginity hatin' Russell Brand. Okay, point here: I really don't care that he made fun of the Jonas Brothers. Whatever. I honestly don't care. Everyone and their mom makes fun of the Jonas Brothers. Pfft. They are just jealous.

Let's Go Inside...

So, today, I get this magazine:

And I think, I've seen this before. Oh wait....

Yes, both those poor girls have lonely lives. I mean, the one has like ten siblings, and the other has all those Scientology people. Their parents can buy them as many friends as they damn well please. I mean, seriously. It's kinda ridic that they even got on the front cover. They aren't even old enough to read. Wait, can they even talk? Oh hell. Well, you know what I'm gonna do? I'm gonna let you go inside another girl's "lonely life."

Ali's "Lonely Life."

What has college done to her? A shy mouse in a room? The parties have gone missing, trips to other rooms fewer and fewer. Texting bills through the roof as the only friends are miles, maybe thousands of miles away! Obsessions gone rampant as she stays in her room more and more!

Yep, that could totally be on the front cover. No lie. It'd probably be funnier if most of it wasn't true.....

Interesting.......VERY interesting....

This photo. It truly is. Joe was nowhere to be seen. And basically you never see just Kevin and Nick. They're aren't really the closest of brothers(Bee Tee Dubs....Happy Birthday Frankie!). I don't know. I mean, there is only one pic of those two alone and together. So weird. They kinda seem awkward. Kevin is happy, and Nick is all like, "look at me, I'm smoldering hot." Really, it's just odd with those two. I don't know.That's just my opinion.

But it's true.

Okay, stop it, HBO, stop it

So I'm watching the new Chris Rock comedy special(which is pretty funny) and it was taped in London, New York, and South Africa. But what is really bothering, and it's not his language, or his frankness, or maybe his annoying voice, but rather the continuous switching of where it was taped. First, he's wearing a leather jacket. Then, in the middle of the sentence, he's suddenly wearing a tuxedo pratically, with a white shirt. And then, bam! he's wearing a black suit with a black shirt. It's really fucking pissing me off. Like, what the hell. Can you just keep to one damn show. I don't know. Or maybe he should have just worn the damn thing all three days. It would've kept me happy.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Katie, I'd Like To Use One of my Lifelines

Okay, so I know some people really don't like Tina Fey, but I do. I find her humor pretty intelligent. And really, I should start watching 30 Rock. I think after Heroes and Gossip Girl and HIMYM, I'll try to start watching the show. I mean, just look at this:

Really, I'm sorry, but when Amy Poehler and Tina Fey get together, it's really great. Both are wonderful actresses. Granted, Baby Mama wasn't the greatest of movies, but it didn't suck. It was funny, but it just kinda lacked something I think. I don't know.

But really, I love when Tina Fey and Amy Poehler get together. I really do. I'm mad I missed this last night, but I was watching the Penn State game(We Are....PENN STATE), which they dominated Illinois. Bam.

No Junk in this Trunk (Ltd)!

So, remember when I matched that one shirt that Joe Jonas wore in a youtube video? (See that blog here) Well, I bought it. And man that shirt is fucking awesome. It's really really sweet. Like, I don't know, it was a brand new shirt, and the fabric was so soft, and breathable. I really recommend everyone at least get one shirt from there. The shirts are just so cool. Expensive, but awesome. When I have enough money, I will so totally be buying another shirt. They're great old band shirts. So if you're a fan of the Beatles, or the Rolling Stones or the other older bands, try out Trunk Ltd. :)

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I Heart ?

And yes, I did make that a Taylor Swift song reference. Yeah, I know. I'm lame. But hell, who the fuck isn't.

So the point of this is because I realized that I totally thought these random three dudes totally hot. And no, they aren't named Kevin, Nick, and Joe. They go by the names of Zachary, Nicholas, and Cole.

1) Zachary Levi

Yes, I know that I have never seen his show Chuck. I've been told I should. But for serious, I already can't keep up with the shows I watch now. But I was watching Best Week Ever last night, and him and this other dude were on, and I just went, wow, he's hot. Like, really cute. May I jump him? I'd love to show our love of Wham! with him.(Note: that's what they were doing on Best Week Ever. Random, but awesome) I mean, his hair, rawr, I wanted to give it a noogie. And that's kinda an affection thing I think of. I don't know. I'm really weird.

2) Nicholas Braun

Exactly what I thought, who the fuck is this guy? But I was watching Minutemen(which seemed alright from what I saw) and he's the tall one of the three Minutemen. I was like, he is def cute. I wonder how tall he is. He's like, 6'5" or 6'6". I was like, um...that's a foot taller than me. But I'd be cool with that. He also is gonna be in that movie with Selena and Demi, Princess Protection Program. I was like, right on. He'll be my eye candy for the movie. I love me some eye candy.

3) Cole Sprouse

I know, I know, What. The. Fuck. But for some reason, he got cute. Not the other one. Ew. Cole got taller and slightly better looking. Like I was watching The Suite Life on Deck(which kinda sucks), and I suddenly wondered, why am I feeling slightly attracted to this goofy as fuck 16 year old? It really worried me. It still worries me.

Garbo Would Approve

Of my sister's classroom. I mean, I had to take a pic of it. My sister just stared at me and went, why do you need to take a pic of that? I just replied, you wouldn't understand.

Friday, September 26, 2008

My New Entertainment

Craig Ferguson. No fucking lie. I <3 him. Fucking hilarious. He is amazing. He is definitely my new favorite late night person, though I've never had a favorite late night person before. Oh well. Craig Ferguson is BOSS. :)

Oh and credit to Finnish Spitz(of The Drowsy Observer) for getting me into Ferguson.

Almost Breaking My Own Fashion Rule

So, I love band tees. I really do. Lately, it just seems to complete an outfit. But I have this issue. This thing that bothers me. I refuse, absolutely refuse, to wear a shirt with a band on it where I do not have a cd or even a song on my ipod. Case in point: I almost bought a Rolling Stones shirt tonight. It was really cute, but then I went, "wtf me? I don't listen to them." I mean, there's no doubt that the Rolling Stones are an amazing band. I just haven't gotten into them. And if I wore a t-shirt with them on it, it'ssaying I ejoy their music. But I haven't done that yet. So then I'm a liar. And well, that's just not right. Like, I wanted a Ramones shirt. And I thought, I'm not buying it(or making it in my case) until I download at least one cd, and judge it, and see if I actually like it. Like, I really don't like people who wear these band t-shirts and they don't listen to them. For serious, I worry about Demi. She wears all those old band t-shirts, and I don't know if she listens to them. But whatever. It's just my opinion, but it's true. ;)

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Time To Prove She Eats!

Shenae Grimes, who I have always liked in Degrassi, and she's alright in 90210. But there's always speculation about her not eating. So how do the execs at CW get it out she eats?

Had her photographed with a shit load of food. Bravo CW, Brava.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

This Makes Me Want To Vomit

Jump A Jonas

Really, now. That is sick. They are determined to prove the boys have had sex. Do these people have no lives? Honestly. Just leave it the fuck alone, you 50 year old losers. Just because you nailed the first drunk ugly slut because you have no self esteem doesn't mean everyone else has to.

Seriously, I really feel bad for people who have purity rings. It's their vow, and they're condemned because they care enough and are proud enough to show their thoughts. I mean, really. Why does everyone in Hollywood have to be so fucked up? Why can't we believe there are honest and decent people? Really. They exist. I know of some. I do. I happen to be one of them.

I don't feel ashamed to say I'm a virgin, and no one should be. I mean, I think where the Jonas Brothers have issues is they always say, "be pure until marriage" not "remain a virgin until marriage." But what is the big deal? I say that they have never lied about these things, so why should they lie about this? I mean, first off, Kevin had a purity ring before even hitting it big. He was 16. Therefore, if he took it seriously, which I have no doubt he did, he is a virgin. No offense, but he was a nerd at his school and all three have said they did not have many friends. Kevin's relationship with Zoe Meyers can be questionable, but I'm sorry, if he wrote an angry song and they broke up and everything, I would think she'd like to say they've had sex. She's not that famous. She could use the publicity. Except....that's right, they didn't have sex with each other.

What about Joe? He's dated AJ Michalka, Mandy, Taylor Swift, he had to have done it. I'm sorry, but he claims to have been 16 when he had his first kiss. I personally think the boy is not good in relationships. I'm not saying jealousy or anything, more like awkward. I think he was actually raised right and doesn't want to hurt a girl, so he is shy in a relationship. I don't know.

And now Nick. Seriously. The boy just turned 16. He dated Miley for what she says, two years. I mean, she has also pledged abstinence, and I believe them both. Once again, the boy was raised right. As for Miley, ok, so she took some "naughty" pics. People do stupid things after they break up with someone who was their"everything 24/7 for two years." I would do stupid stuff too. You would want to prove you're better off without the person. She wanted to show she was sexy, and could get any boy she wanted, and he should regret his decision.

With Nick dating Selena, I still doubt they have had sex. It's odd for me to talk about two people who I have never met having sex, but this really angered me. I mean, dear gosh, they haven't even said they're dating. Do you honestly think they would have enough time to be able to? These boys are photographed all the time, as with Selena and all the other Disney people. They have no time to themselves. I always wonder how they even take a shower without getting photographed. I mean, they're under the scrunity of the world every second, do you think that even would, if they so desired, attempt to be with a person? I mean, Kevin says it's hard to date people. I get that. Personally? I think if Nick and Selena or Taylor and Joe or Kevin or Danielle are doing anything, it's casual dating. Like, not even considering each other boyfriend/girlfriend. Maybe Kevin and Danielle do. But she's a family friend of the family, so it isn't hard to think she wouldn't be with them a lot.

Seriously, that website and everything may do this in jest, but it's like, we get it, they're pure. Oh my gosh. Stop with the jokes. Sure, you could say them to get a laugh, but they get old. It's not shocking anymore. It's not funny. 104.5 WSNX, go die in a fire. Catch up with Russell Brand, could you? Thanks.

I don't know whether to laugh or shudder

I saw this at the concert, really. This shit is kinda scary. For reals. Burger King's King with Jonas. It's funny, but that thing is fucking disturbing. But I guess since it's Jonas I can laugh. Especially.....


But this worried me. It really did.

My roommate is singing annoyingly with her headphones in. Time to exit.

The Man is off the Model Show

So, Isis the man got kicked off ANTM. I mean, Tyra always brings those controversal people on, and then knocks them off pretty fast. I really didn't expect the Man to leave so soon. I thought it(I couldn't decide if I wanted to say he or she, so I went with it) was in for the long haul. At least for ratings. Just two weeks ago, I said, if you're against the Man in the bottom two, you leaving. I was wrong. So they kept the hoe-y Samantha(I think that's her name..I don't keep up with that shit. Names are pointless). Whatever. Elina FTW.

Failing With The Stars

Okay, it wasn't complete fail. I'll admit that. But that title was too perfect.

Anyways, Jesse McCartney(who wants to buy u a drank) and the Jonas Brothers performed on Dancing With the Stars. First off, I fucking hate this show. Hate it. It's really stupid. Like, I don't give a fuck. I mean, stupid has-been celebs are dancing. Wow, what a phenonmean! Really, just stop with this. These people aren't even has-beens now. I mean, I'm betting next season that like, Joe Jonas will go on. He liked the dancing.

But first off, I don't know what was up with the music, but both JMac and Jonas kept going to the wrong note. Jonas less, which I dealt with. I could barely sit through JMac. Fail. Fail. Fail.(Have we gotten the idea I love this word? Because I do.) I mean, Leavin' is so old now. For serious. That song was my shit at the Q Concert. Back in May. Why the eff is he still milking this cow? This better be the last time it's performed. Because it was failure. I used to like the song, but after tonight, my ears will never be the same.

But then Jonas went on. And other than the few wrong notes(which I think were Kevin on the madalin? I'm not sure. It was either Kevo or Nick), they were great. I loved the light up stairs and when Joe tap danced(he wasn't really tapping, I'm pretty sure, but with the other dancers, he at least looked like he was.), I kinda died. Fucking shit, when he tap dances, I pretty much die. Like, he needs to stop. Now. No, wait, never stop, bb, it'll be sad.

But then they rocked it out. In my opinion, this performance was better than the VMAs. It just was. I don't know. They could have done muuuccchhh more at the VMAs. But whatever. Done, and over with.

Overall, JMac = Fail. Jonas = Win. Yep, I'm going with that.

Oh and I loooved the hatred Adam Corolla has for Cody Linley. So funny. I was laughing a lot then. :)

And in case you missed it! Winning-ness from Jonas.

And failure from JMac.

Perez Singing = EPIC FAIL

Fail. Fail. Fail.

GTFO Perez, GO THE FUCK AWAY. That was the single worst ten seconds(that's all I could get through) of my life. I want it back Perez, I want my ten seconds back. NOW.

Muppet Arms

Look somewhere on youtube for the full thing.

Best moment ever. This is a reason I love JKras.And....Billy Blanks double time!!!!

I'd Like To Prefer To Wallow in Sickness Alone, Please

Today is a sick day for me. And sick days at school mean doing whatever I goddamn please in my room. I like to sing along horribly to my music, and rarely leave. I like to blast music, the tv, read a book and sit on the computer simultaneously. I like to look like a bum that hasn't been in a shelter for a week.

With a roommate, this is hard to do. But I would have thought since she's a big sports player and has classes, I would be alone. I thought. But no. I'm sitting, looking like a bum, in front of her and her friend. If anyone knows me at all, I do not like to look like a bum in front of anyone. I take what I look like very seriously. I want to look my best so people don't think I'm a bum. Sick days are the only days I like to look like a bum, or rather, I don't care.

But when people sit in your room and make you fucking awkward, I feel judged. And when it's a sick day, that isn't supposed to happen.

Go away. Go away. Go away.

I want to sing and be a bum, por favor.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Jonas Brothers Are the Reason I'm Apparently Going To Hell

No lie. Well, there are a lot of other factors, since according to Kirk Cameron, I am a horrible person.


Get some lolz.

Take the "Are you a good person?" test. The test is ridic. I was only able to say I was innocent to one. I have never murdered. Oh wait, dang it, I admitted to that in the beginning of this whole blog. Damn it. I am the ultimate sinner. Whoops.
Oh and apparently hatred is equivalent to murder. Well, fuck us all.

Totally no offense to like, religious people. I swear. But man, Kirk Cameron is some kind of crazy. I mean, "God doesn't forget about the sins in childhood." My parents forgot about it, why can't God? Sigh.

And then the adultery one gave me the giggles. At first I was like, nope, never done that! I mean, I've never been with anyone, so I couldn't have done that. This and murder I was sure I was doing to ace. Then I read, "Have you ever looked at another person with lust?" No two seconds could go by without me thinking, "Damn, Jonas." I'm going to hell because I thought of them. Goddamn it. Oh and that too. No using the Lord's name in vain.

Now, people, don't hate on me. I know that I totally sound like, evil sac religious. And I know some of my close friends are religious. I don't know what they believe, and if they believe in this(which I kinda doubt, but I might be wrong) then no offense to you at all. It's just in the way I grew up, being not religious, I chose certain things about religions to believe in and some stuff to not. I'm pretty conflicted in my religious views, but seriously, this shit is crazy. For reals. Kirk Cameron is MAD crazy.


Just fuck it. Fuck my life. People, do you not know me? You know I get obsessive? Like, dangle something in front of me, and I will jump at it and basically become obsesed. Examples? Hanson. Orlando Bloom. The OC. Lost. Supernatural. Coldplay. Jonas. Harry Potter. Demi Lovato. The Beatles. Alice in Wonderland.

While I don't think I'll become massively obsessed with this, I am fucking super excited for November 21st.

You bitches dangled this in my eyes.

I see like, ten Twilight things every day. I saw the trailer(which made me get mildly interested in it). And Flair is covered with the Cullens. I mean, I hadn't read a page and I knew way too much about the series. And then I keep hearing, "It's so good" and "I'm pretty obsessed" and then there's those crazy people with the Twicon(now that's odd) so I finally gave in and was like, fine. I'll read your damn book.

Damn book.

I'm not even done and I love it. Love love LOVE it. So good. Fucking Stephanie Meyers. Her writing is exactly my style. Fuck her. I mean, why did she have to write such good books? God Damn her.

So anyways....

I'm partially obsessed. I beg of you people, please don't let me like go overboard. We've seen how that goes so many, many, MANY times.

Gayken's Out

We knew Clay, We. All. Knew.

Definitely Not a "Middle" of the Road CD

So I happily have Demi's new cd. And no, I didn't take a pic of myself with it. I resisted. Anyways, it is that time of the blog that I review a CD. Oh I'm excited. I really love doing these. Like, I wanna do this for a living. Gotta contact EW.

Demi Lovato - "Don't Forget"

1. La La Land - A strong opener. It sets the tone very well. Pop, with rock influences. I really like the thought she's trying to get out. LA is just a machine, like Hollywood Records. But I like that she isn't the person that everyone wants her to be. Even though she did in fact change for Disney, I don't think she sacrificed that much of herself. I love her voice in this. When she belts it out, I just wanna go and scream. This is definitely a cd to sing along to. I love those. This is like I said, a great beginner. I mean, it's a very good song for girls now. I mean, you should stay yourself. Don't change for anyone. Gosh, I need to listen to that.

2. Get Back - Now playing for around the 315th(no lie) time on my ipod, it still is great. You would think a song played that many times gets boring. It doesn't. I still love to sing along to it. I also love how this is very backwards of most writing now. I mean, whenever a girl or guy sings about a broken relationship. I mean, usually there is just some amazing attraction and love for each other. Or they are happy to be apart. But really, she wants to get back with a guy that she fought with. She enjoyed the fighting. It's just interesting to me. Fighting for nothing. I just feel this relationship as roller coaster crazy, with ups and downs, but very emotional and deep. I love it.

3. Trainwreck - Once again Demi plays with what is usually written about. At least that is to me. I mean, the guy in the song is apparently a fucking mess. Medication, and doctors, and OCD. But she's undeniably attracted to him. I think this would be in real life. I also love the fact Demi wrote this song completely by herself. Miley definitely cannot say that. But back to the song, Demi is very good on this song. It isn't slow, but it isn't a belter, or full out dance song, it's a very just catchy song. I mean, it's good, don't get me wrong, but I feel like this song isn't as full in as the rest. But that isn't bad. I can't stress that enough. Haha.

4. Party - I love this song. So fucking catchy. I don't know if it can be construed as rock, but you can definitely hear that rock influence. For some reason the lyrics make me think of Miley/Katy Perry's "Breakout" but done so much better. Both songs are really not about anything except having fun. I love those songs. I also think Demi does it better. Miley's is just too bubblegum. Demi at least has that rock influence there. And you can hear it here. And she screams it out a bit, which, with her, I love. It's awkward when she calls out Dallas, Texas, just because it seems very contrived and pushed. I would have preferred to just have "come on, bring it home for me!" That's just my opinion, but it's true.(wink to my finnish spitz)
Oh and BTW, Robert Scwartzman(cue Lovebug things) helped with this. Go Rooney. I miss that band.

5. On The Line - FEATURING JONAS BROTHERS - There's my first beef with this song. Why the fuck does that have to come up? Really, we got it, the Jonas Brothers helped with this song. You don't need to repeart it all the fucking time. Anyways, the song is alright, I mean, it's not incredible, but it is catchy. I have to admit, Nick sounds great in this song. Those first notes he hits, gives me the shudders, no lie. I kinda wanted to hear Nick and Demi duet a bit, but it's mostly just Demi and Joe. I don't mind that, but I think Nick and Demi are probably suited more for each other.
Oh yes, Second Beef: Where's the K2? Like, all he does is guitar. No back vocals at all. WTF Demi?
Third Beef: "I try to call you again but get your mailbox" Who the fuck calls it a mailbox? It's VoiceMail, kids. Learn it.
Fourth Beef: Tragical I can't believe that is actually a word. I mean, I think tragic gets the point across. It sounds like a word London Tipton made up, to go with dramatical. Idk.

6. Don't Forget - Probably my second favorite song on the cd. I just love the feel of this song. So pretty, really. I love the slow part, so great to sing along too. And you can sorta hear Demi's pain, which, in my opinion, is kinda hard to do. Like, I can't hear Nick's pain in "A Little Bit Longer" or Miley in "Goodbye"(the latter, maybe, I haven't listened to that song in a while). But you can hear Demi's feelings. And I love that. I just love this song. And I love the little rock out part. Really gets the point across with the song. Its very emotional, and you can tell it is. I love that.

7. Gonna Get Caught - I'm a little unsure on this. I have listened to this song a few times, but I can't seem to remember it all that well. But it's about cheating. And Demi was Seventh choice. Damn. That is harsh. But for some reason, it didn't surprise me that the Jonas Brothers helped with this song. The feeling of this song is just different than the rest of the cd to me. It lacks something, I don't know.

8. Two Worlds Collide - One of the two songs I wish they had left a word out of. Chuck "collide" from this and "don't" from "Don't Forget." I like this song enough, it's about her friendship with Selena, I believe. But I feel like it's gonna be in like, "A Walk to Remember." The music is so romantic sappy movie trailer. It is a good song, but I wanna figure out if Demi is the one hurt and in trouble, just because from what I heard, she was unpopular and not liked, and Selena was popular. I don't know. It is a good song, but not that good. She's talked about this song a bunch and I don't know, it's a bit of a fail.

9. The Middle - For some reason, my favorite song. Not written by Demi or Jonas Brothers. Maybe that's saying something. It's darker, sexier than the other songs. And I love it. It feels like a writing song to me. I mean the whole "I like it, I like it, I like it" is pretty sexy IMO for a 16 year old. And I love the chorus, especially the line "I wanna crash, I wanna fall." I just really love this song. Makes me want to look into this girl name Kara DioGuardi, who wrote it with John Fields and Jason Reeves. She also does vocals, so hmmm....
I just found out she's the new American Idol judge? Weird.....

10. Until You're Mine - I like this. It's definitely got a cool feeling to it. I like the jumps from soft and slow to fast and raw. Definitely something I enjoy. Once again about love. I kinda wished the lyrics were more obsessive. Like you can tell the writer wants this person. But I just wanted it to be darker and edgier. But I still like it.

11. Believe In Me - This song always seems to pop up on my shuffle. Like, after itself. I don't know. It's interesting and once again Kara Dioguardi worked on it, who seriously, worked on everything. Camp Rock, Hannah Montana, Hilary Duff, and like, a million others. This song sounds early Kelly Clarkson. That's it. Definitely Kelly's first or second cd, moreso her first. But it's alright. Not the greatest. It's meh.

Overall: B+, A-. I think that Entertainment Weekly judged her really severely. It didn't even feel like the person listened to it. I mean, every song is singable and decent. Some more than others.

While Demi did fail at some of the songs, she did rock more. And when she rocked them, she fucking knocked them on their asses.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Outstanding Writers Intro = Almost As Epic As Last Post

Fucking shit. This Emmys is funny. Awkward, but funny. I mean, finally someone good won. :) And Colbert will be bragging about the Emmy for maybe, forever. And the Intros were great. Wii Miis! Colbert in his underwear!!! Conan and Angelina's million kids! There's a reason they're up for that stuff. They are fucking funny. Best humor ever. And: Funniest shit. Eva!

Tune in. No fucking lie.

Shout out to SNL writer: Akiva!!!! I <3 the Lonely Island.

Ricky Gervais vs. Steve Carell = EPIC WIN

No fucking lie, that was the single greatest moment of my life. I fucking loved it. With assist by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart snickering nearby, I feel like nothing can get better. Really, when it's up on youtube, I'm putting that shit on here. I <3 Ricky and Steve. Amazingness.

Here is the Epic Win.


Stupid Piven. Bitch. I mean I love Entourage but really, it was supposed to be NPH. Or Rainn Wilson. ARGH

Kevin Jonas' Shoes

Okay, people have been complaining about these shoes for well, since he put them on like a week or two ago:

And I don't know, are they really that bad? Seriously, He's Not Gay!!!! I'm sick of people saying that shit. He's like, engaged. Gosh. And oh my gosh, he's gay because he's the least cute(watch you mouthes people, I'll punch you out) one, and then because he's not in any celeb relationship. It's because he's the most grounded and probably doesn't like them. He likes Danielle. Which kinda makes me sad. But oh well. I'll sorta survive.

And Kevin's shoes weren't even the shoes I was looking at. I am obsessed with Joe's plaid converse. I finally matched them, and they will be mine. They will, bitches. :)

Welcome to Mollywood -> Welcome to Holliwood -> Holliwood -> Sunny With A Chance?

Yeah, those are all the names that have been circling for Demi's new show. Like, I just got a message from Selena saying it's Holliwood. But apparently it's Sunny With A Chance. Idk on that name. I mean, I get what they're trying. That whole name thing where it works on two levels. Like, the weather report, but really it's a girl with a chance. I just don't know. I'll have to wait and see.


I can't pick which name is worse. I just don't know

Saturday, September 20, 2008

RIP Chris Baker.

He was the assistant for Travis Barker. His wife was in labor. He went on the doomed airplane. He was killed.

Prayers out to his family and everyone associated with that plane.

Full On Little Miss Sunshine Feelings

As dysfunctional of a family they are, I would love to be a part of this family. Because the feelings they have to each other is so strong. They felt like a real family. It wasn't six actors doing a movie, it was a family. These people devoted themselves to this films, and I fell in love. I mean, I'm watching the scene of "Superfreak" and really, you just felt that these people genuinely cared. These actors left behind whoever they were before the film, and became these characters. I mean, each character had their breakdown, and it was so genuine. So raw. I legitimately felt the emotions and as they're running into the car at the end you just feel that yeah, these people will continue to go through hell, but together, they withstand everything. The whole family was on the edge of disaster as the movie starts, and they all find their breaking point, and at the end, nothing is resolved. Nothing. Not a single thing. They're still facing bankruptcy. The uncle still is dealing with depression. Dwayne has no idea what he'll do in the future. The grandfather is dead. But you just feel like they'll be alright. They'll find a way. Because the strength between them is incredible. I just love that.

Seriously, I think every actor in this movie should have gotten an Oscar. It should have won Best Picture. Not that the Departed wasn't amazing. But really, this was the indie that could. It really was. I mean, every actor in this movie was too perfect. Sometimes you wonder with relative unknowns(I mean, Toni Collette, Alan Alda, and Greg Kinearr are, but they aren't like, super famous and they aren't being talked about a lot) and you had to wonder if this was just for Steve Carell to show he wasn't a One Trick Pony. He showed that he wasn't, but it wasn't about him. He gladly took the backlight, which I applaud.

I just love this fucking movie. WATCH IT. And then, WATCH IT AGAIN.

Paul Dano is a Sexy Beast

Seriously, I want to jump him. Almost more than Kevin Jonas. Like, seriously, he is an amazing actor. Really. I cried during his big scene in Little Miss Sunshine. I would loooooove to meet that guy. Seriously, no fucking lie. I need to. It would be the happiest day of my life.

Oh and awkward Hannah Montana reference: during the pageant scenes, in the background, "Michaela"'s song "If Cupid Had a Heart" is playing. The Disney fan girl inside got excited.

Friday, September 19, 2008


Um, yeah, just got stung by a fucking bee. Yeah, I know, almost midnight, what the fuck? There was a bee in my shirt sleeve. Not a very fun moment.

Fucking bee. I hope it's death was mad slow and painful.

Wonky Eye

Jason Segel kicks some fucking ass. No lie. I <3 him. Watch in the amazingness of him:

Me and him totally performed that song from Les Mis around the same time. I feel special. haha

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pat Ferry Is The Greatest Teacher Ever

Any teacher who allows a stupid oversleeper(i.e. ME) to come into class twenty minutes late and still be able to take the exam is my hero. Fucking hero. The one good thing of the day.

But I'm quite mad at Dr. Pepper right now. Fucking explosion at the computer. Not my shining moment, I might add.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Have You Ever Heard of the Term....


Um, yes, yes I have 40 Year Old Virgin Version on USA channel. But I think you want the term FUCK BUDDY.

OH censoring.

I Want To See This In Real Life

BAM. These boys make me wanna listen to Elvis Costello.....which I shall go do....haha.

Proof I Look at Clothes Too Much

So, I love looking at clothes. We all know that. And when I'm bored(which is really really often) I like to match clothes that my favorite people(Demi, Selena, Miley, Jonas) are wearing. I suppose I'm pretty decent. I found two things(one exact) for Selena just last night.

Anyways, I think I'm pretty good at id'ing like, where people get their clothes. I thought I was okay, but this kinda swung me for a loop.

So, the other day, Miley Cyrus wore this outfit.

And someone was like, "oh my gosh, I love that skirt!" No one could find it. Somebody mentioned some fancy company. And me, randomly goes, "I think it's H&M." I thought of this because I go to that store often, and it definitely seems like something from there. Plus, Miley just recently wore this pretty dress(which I bought) that was from H&M. But I doubted it was from H&M.

It totally fucking was.

That person who wanted it found it in pink on ebay(because in America, H&M doesn't allow shopping online. I know, wtf). And I was just like, wait, I got that right. Never saw it in person, or online. I just like, knew. Weird, right?

I look at clothes wwwwaaaayyyy too much.

Naomi from new 90210 = Marissa Cooper

Well she does. Both cheating dads and boyfriends, divorcing parents, the whole shabang. I mean, really, I'm betting money on an overdose from Naomi.

And I noticed this little tid bit...

Marissa, back in Season Two of the OC.

And now, Naomi from 90210.

Coincidence? Probably. But it's starting to get to me. I mean, like, same character.

Speak of the Devil

I've never seen this connotative(I don't know if that's the right word...don't judge me. I mean, like, never been noticed as) to a good thing. Whenever you talk shit about someone, and you then see that person, this is what you MUTTER when seeing them. Not make it fucking obvious.

Seriously, this pissed me off.

I'm just like, standing in front of North Hall waiting for my friend for tennis. I see two acquaintances(one was in my class once, and the other knows my roommate and has been in my room a few times). No one else around. I kinda smile, like, I know you, I'm a nice person, and I could tell they were giving me weird looks. Then, right by when they get near me, I hear roommate friend go, "Speak of the Devil." Like, what the fuck??? No else was around. Seriously, make it that obvious, douche.

Fucking people. You got something to say to me, say it to my face. Bitches.

Jessica Walter is BOSS

And if you don't know of her, GTFO. No really, I want no part in you. Because this lady is like, 60, maybe 70, and she's stealing scenes left and right.

Example One: Arrested Development. As Lucille(loose seal!) Bluth, she was hilarious. Like, that show was comedy gold. I miss that show a lot. McCera, get your ass in for the movie. You've been warned.

Example Two: 90210. Like, Ms. Walters has got the drunk grandma thing down pat. Damn, those people at the new 90210 really can't stand up to her. Like, they could think she's like, just a background character, but every scene she is in, perfection. Gold Star.

Really, I wanna meet this lady. And tell her that she is fucking amazing. I bet she would love the compliment. Life Dream like, 2 million.

Could I Love This Dog More???

Not gonna lie, I WANT THIS DOG. Like, for reals. I don't even give a crap if I've talked about this already because this dog is fucking cute. I WANT IT!!

And wanna know what's more badass?

His name is Elvis.

So. Fucking. BOSS.

When I get dogs, one of them will be named Elvis. Elvis and Atticus. I've decided it. They're gonna be fucking amazing.

I'd like to thank my mom and Jake Gylenhaal for the name "Atticus" and Nick J for "Elvis." I take no credit at all. haha


I'm addicted.

It's really bad. Like, majorly bad. I can't help but send it.

I apologize in advance for all the numerous flairs I send. I get flair blocked on S and Finnish Spitz practically every day.

Fucking flair blocks. I always find ten more to send after that.


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Dylan's The Baby Daddy!

Shit, that kid probably has like, a twelvehead instead of a forehead if this is his daddy:

*shudder* I do not find Luke Perry one bit sexy. E to the capital W.


I've seen the fake tie shirts, and then the fake suspenders shirt. Those two can kinda look real. But this?

Just go out and buy the fucking scarf. It isn't that hard.

Kevin, Stop It

Dear Kevin Jonas,

So first off, you're really fucking hot. So that's why I first want to jump you. Then, you play guitars, and pick really awesome looking ones. So once again, I want you. And then, this:

What the fuck, Kevin? Do you want me to die??? I mean, goddamn it! You KNOW how sexy Lamborghinis are!!! It's my brother's favorite car(or used to be...according to the bridal shower, it's something lame) and man, they are always hot. Damn you Kevin. DAMN YOU. How the fuck am I supposed to hold myself back? I wanna fly to LA and rape you. And I'm saying that in a nice way....;)



Teen Super Star.....

Selena Gomez!!!!!


No lie, I bust out laughing. Snort and all. Oh yes, she is a teen superstar. That Wizards show is a super phenomenon.

"Nick J's booty call" is even more accurate.


Blogger Extraordinare Ali!!!!

L. O. L.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Secret Addiction

Hi, I'm Ali and I'm addicted to guitars. Yep, guitars. I can't play them(I really wish I could....I swear one of these days I'm gonna start[I've only been saying that since....oh, the fifth grade]) but I love them. I love looking at guitars. Like, my dad's collection makes me melt. I have my preferences(Gibson and Epiphone are my favs and Fenders are a close near second) and just, gosh, they make me melt. And if a guy plays a nice one, I die.

Take Kevin Jonas. He was playing a black Gibson Explorer(which apparently is now marketed as X-plorer. Um, wtf?) and I was just in love. I couldn't help but stare at the guitar. I just love guitars. My daddy raised me good. I'll keeping every one of those when I get them(and add more, after I can play....sigh, gotta get on that).

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Nick J - Olympian?

"Nick’s most prized possession is an Olympic Gold Medal."

Um, just wondering, but why does Nick Jonas have an Olympic Gold Medal? is it a gold medal in running? As in, running away from girls? Because that I would understand. The ownership of this medal, I do not.

This Is Hawt

No, for serious, it really is. I don't know why, but I find him really sexy like this. Like, I kinda want to jump him. Is that odd?

Michael Phelps + 80s crazy flock of seagulls hair + Headgear + saxophone = HOTT

P.S. Tina Fey ROCKED it as Palin.

"I can see Russia from my house!" Priceless.

BTW, I'll get a better photo eventually. I took this one off my tv.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Everyday Vocab

I was at a bar/restaurant tonight, and the performer(who was just bad, to be honest...he covered Oasis and that Bittersweet Symphony...not very good) was making a joke, you know, to be funny.

"What does Snoop Dogg use to do his laundry?"


And I went, direct quote here, "FAIL."

Yeah, I couldn't believe I said that. For real, in public. Shows how much time I spend online.


Orlando Bloom, that is.

aefjalsfjsdlfjas that is too sexy for me. :P

Friday, September 12, 2008

Bbs, My Bbs Did My Other Bbs' Song

FYI, I really love the term "bbs" right now. I just do. It's like this odd obsession. I kinda love the internet talk, tbh. Oh there I go again. I need to stop. I really do. Someone slap me everytime I do an internet speak thing. B/c I'm obsessed. Oh damn there I do it again. It can't be stopped. Instead of word vomit, I have like, slang vomit. Yep, slang vomit. I'm copyrighting (or is it copywrite? At the present time, I am way too damn lazy to look it up) it. Bb is Baby right? For a while I thought it was bitches. Which doesn't make sense. Idk(DAMN IT! Rack up another slap for me) why I thought that exactly, but I did. I'm weird.

Oh right. I did have a meaning to this blog. I need to stop reading ONTD's comments. They are just goddamn malicious. They really are. And definitely against the Jonas Brothers. It's getting to be fucking annoying. I mean, I get it. You don't need to post a million times how much you hate them. I really need to stop reading the comments. Because it's all hate. New rule for me: no more reading the comments...but it's allowed if I hate the person the post is about. :)

Oh darn, went off the topic again(and just took twenty minutes to read Jonas Secrets), but here we go. The actual purpose of this blog.

Jonas Brothers Covering Coldplay.

And in contrast to annoying as shit ONTD posters, I enjoyed it. I really did. I mean, Joe couldn't hit the same notes that Chris Martin can, but really, it was a good cover. I'd post a video of it, but there's a few and a lot of screaming. Just search 'Jonas Brothers Fix You'. Really, I love when bands do covers. I mean, it's the biggest form of a compliment. Now I'm waiting for Coldplay to cover Jonas. That would actually be hilarious. They have covered Madonna. But Jonas and Madonna are a lot different from each other. Just a little. But really I loved them covering Coldplay. Because they thought about it. They practiced it(on their live cam thing yesterday, they had a video of them practicing) and really, they value Coldplay as a great band.

My life is complete. <3

New Facebook

Am I the only one who likes it? Fo shiz. I actually do. I don't miss the old that much. I want to join a group for New Facebook. You know, to give them some good credit. Since everyone is hatin on the new one. Because for real, I was not very happy about moving to the new one. I was quite mad. (See: my one blog about it like, a week ago) But yeah, now it's love. I can access flair so much faster now. :) And that's a good thing. I'm a flair-dict. Seriously, it's an issue.

But go Facebook! You've made a believer out of me.

So What IS ONTD Good For?

Other than gossip, and annoying as shit people?

Funny .gifs, that is.

Bask in Arrested Development fun.

Thursday, September 11, 2008


Yay! Yay me! I hit 300 posts. Congrats to me. :D =)

Aw, How Cute. Oh Wait...

Yes, yes, this is a nice touching moment. Kevin and Joe are registering to vote.

But wait?

Yes, Kevin is almost 21. Joe is 19.

What the fuck, JoBros???

Those boys should have registered the minute they hit 18. I did that. Well, I sorta did. I filled it out at midnight of my 18th birthday(and yes, that is what I spent on the night of my 18th birthday) and went to send it out, but my mom was like, this isn't filled out, and she only told me this like, four months later, and I told her, no, you could fill this out mom! and it was a whole big argument, but whatever. The reason is I registered the minute I could.

That's what ya'll need to do.

BBs, please go out and register. It does mean something.

And if you don't? I'll choke a bitch.

It's Sad When....

This is automatically tied to Jonas.

I Still Hate Him

I'm totally in a "Perez Hilton is a Douche" mode today. Because he really is. His news, for the most part isn't even fucking news anymore. I know most of the shit before he even posts it. And he's really fucking over-rated. I prefer like, anything to him. I'd rather get news from Gilbert Godfrey. I would take that horribly annoying voice over Perez like, any day.

Actually most gossip places kinda suck. ONTD is funny, but shit, are people rude. Of course, I only don't like them when they insult people I like(Ho Bros? Ho Bros? Oh bitches, be prepared to run) And that site is fucking hard to understand. idg how ppl talk like this 2 their bbs, tbh. And I think I missed a bunch there. Fuck gossip sites. I'm going off them. Okay, Perez at least. No more visiting Perez. For like, ever. I'm cutting that fucker outta my internet.

Right after I double check him and click out of his site. Whoops.


Um, wtf? A book. Puh-lease. You can't write three books. You can barely "design" clothes.

How about you go back to your fake show, with your fake job.

Leave the actual writing to REAL writers.

This is why writers struggle, bitch. I could write that same premise SOOOO much better.

And I liked the Hills.

Bitches are so fake it makes me throw up.

Excuse me while I go vomit.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Me, Obsessed With T Swift? What? Noooo.......Well, Lemme Explain...

So Taylor Swift's new single, "Love Story" is pretty fucking amazing. I'm addicted. Like, what the fuck? It's country. I hate when this happens. I've played this song 120 times since....yesterday afternoon. That worries me. And now I'll have to get the cd....wait, no. I'll borrow it from S.....Oh S dear? 0:)

Kevin added (sincerely): “It was an honour to lose to her as well.”

Go Kevin. That was what I was hoping for. Yay Britney!

Oh, and ONTD needs to stop the Jobro(or to them, HoBro...ARGH!!!!) hate. Bitches, please. You're all just jealous.

You Call This A Sale?

Kanye Glasses

Oh my goodness, a big PENNY off.

What a ripoff.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Michel(l?)e Obama is Boss

First off, that is my new favorite description word. BOSS. Heck yes. I am boss. Oh, can't overuse it.

Anyways, Michele(or Michelle? Someone inform me, please) Obama is awesome. I recently just became a full Obama supporter, and I don't know, her little thing she did with Ellen in the beginning with Nick Jonas behind the door when you think they're talking about Barack was fucking funny. Like, she totally played it perfect. Look how excited she is!

And Nick looks so little....and adorable. Is that a smile??? I hope so. Don't make me pull out my photoshop, Nick, don't make me....

Anyways, I'm proud to be an Obama supporter. And Kevin and Joe are registered. I really wanna know who they'll vote for. I mean, I wanna say they're Democrat, but their upbringing worries me. They seem pretty chill; I mean, they're close with Ellen Degeneres, who is a lesbian, and that's like, a bad thing for Republicans. I simply think they could be both, but I'm really hoping they're not Republican. It'd wreck them a bit. But I mean, if that's their choice, I'll respect it. Just like if say, my husband was Republican, I suppose I would deal with it, because everything else is pretty awesome about him(Kevin...;))

Thunder Is Just The Best Alarm

Apparently, so. Twice now in the last month, thunder has rudely woken me up. I mean, like, it's kinda disturbing. I get woken up, and I kinda grab my pillow really tightly. It's pretty sad actually. Pillow didn't know what hit him, man.

Oh and I really need to stop hitting my head on the wall in my room. I'm starting to bruise. Sigh.

It Was Just A Rumor!

Happiness abound! Holly Madison personally denies breakup. :D And says she's looking forward to season six! Le miracle! My day has been made!!!! :D

Monday, September 8, 2008

Boy Makes Me Want Suspenders

Kevin really does. I need a pair now. :)

Stop Being So Cute

I have a little addiction to Drew Taubenfeld. So adorable. I hope he reads this. ;)

Hanson Likes Jonas! Yay!

So on Oceanup, Taylor Hanson(aka the girl one.....wait, at one point they all were the "girl"....ah well....they're sex machines now....Look at all their kids!), totally approves of Jonas(relatively off topic moment: my roommate is playing "Play My Music". I had to pause and rock out. Also an odd moment: T Swift just started playing on my ipod. AWKWARD!). Anyways, Taylor Hanson likes them, and definitely sees a comparison, but hopes they can make their career longtime. Which I think they can. Like Hanson, they write their own music. And while Jonas has done a bit of things for Disney, I think everything they do is hopefully for themselves. I just don't want them to burn out or regret something they did.

I basically want them to have a career like Hanson. Because ten years down the road, I still want to see Hanson in concert. Because I still love them.

Go Hanson for calling Jonas talented. I'm sorry, but it's one of the best compliments those boys could get.

Is It Stuffed Tonight?

She was just checking. ;)

And this is my favorite pic from the VMAs. Damn you Joe for being so sexy.

Mike Jonas!

Finally, their first photo. Bah, I love Phelps.

Why Can't I Go To Australia?

My current roommate and my old roommate both have been to Australia. And Europe.

It's pretty much not fair at all.


Wow, I Can't Tell If This Is Sacreligious or Not

Was he? I'd love to know. But I love this icon. Hufflepuffs FTW.

I Give In

That is really fucking cute. I fully support Toe. They're adorable, and I love them both. :)

Come on, AWWWW!!!!!! Look at Taylor's face. She looks happy, and I don't know, it seems real.

I Shop. A Lot. But I Swear, I'm Not As Bad As Some People

Since I've come to the conclusion that I am a compulsive shopper(and it's not like I don't wear my stuff. It all gets great use), I went to Facebook to naturally join a shopaholic group. What I realized was, I am not nearly as bad as you would think. While other shopaholics must buy Juicy, Marc Jacobs, Dooney, Louis Vuitton, Coach, etc, I do not. I buy fakes. Oh well. I know I shop a lot, but good thing for me is that labels do not matter to me. Okay, for the most part. I do refuse to buy fake Converse. I mean, seriously, they're cheap. Just buy the damn real ones. But I'm pretty proud of myself. I love to shop, but I don't care who makes the stuff, as long as it's mad nice. Just today at work, I found two more pairs of shoes I want(totaling five now that I want to buy) and probably a few more shirts and bottoms. Oh well. When I have money, I'm going shopping nuts!

I'll admit, I am pretty damn excited for that. :)

So Jonas Lost....

....a bunch of VMAs. Really, I don't quite care. I'm kinda happy. Shows them that they have a bunch of working up to do. But it was great for them to finally start branching up to a more adult audience.

As for Britney, I am soooo happy for her! How could I not be? I've been a fan all these years, and she has been doing music for NINE YEARS. Nick Jonas was what, six when she first came out with "Hit Me Baby One More Time"? I mean, Joe Jonas even claimed she was his first cd. I mean, they are obviously, in my opinion, honored to be in the same category. And really, I don't think the Jonas Brothers deserved to win.

Shocked, right? Well, I mean, they weren't the best there. They have six more years to get up to where Britney is. They were against heavy weights. It should be a great honor to them to be nominated and to perform. And I think to them, it feels like winning. I hope. If they are mad they won, I'll lose respect for them.

And come on, Britney Spears never fucking won a VMA. Bitch deserved one. She went to the brink of despair and finally got her life back together. I don't think I could have done that. Yeah, she had a few years where she was a mess. Can you blame her? She's been in the spotlight since like 12. She never got a real childhood, and she jumped into the marriage with K-Fed, and once she got away, she wanted to let loose. I get that. We can't condemn her for it. She's made mistakes. And I think, with her finally winning those VMAs, she's shown the world she can triumph. Over everything. Girl won a Grammy before a VMA. Kinda sad, but I think her finally winning is great. All the props to her. She deserved it.

No, Girls Next Door, NOOOO!!!!!

I have just heard some devestating news. Like, seriously, I'm pretty damn depressed about this.

Holly and Hef are over. And Bridget and Kendra are leaving the mansion.

It's like learning your psychotic awesome neighbors are breaking up. Why, Hef, why? I'm sure he did nothing wrong; he is p-i-m-p. But like, Holly? Come on. That chick loved the medicine bottles of Viagra he took. I didn't think she would ever leave him. She loooooved him. She wanted to get married and have kids. Maybe she got fed up? Either way, it's pretty sad.

And then Kendra and Bridget are leaving. I loved those girls! Even Kendra, whose laugh was annoying as shit. Like, I'm betting E! will have Hef(and Hef sure as hell won't be girl-less for more than a minute) have some new girlfriends, and they'll continue the show, but I just don't think it will be as awesome as the first five seasons. Bah. I'm sad. :(


Sunday, September 7, 2008

This Scares Me

I kinda like those shoes. Or something similar to them. No seriously, it worries me.

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Why So Serious??

No really, Nick, why so fucking serious? Could you like, smile for once? I'm sick of this no smile emo crap. FUCKING SMILE! You're dating this hot chick, have the Number One album in the country, just finished a fucking like, sold out tour. WHY ARENT YOU FUCKING HAPPY???

Seriously, for once, can you please smile? I will start doing this to every photo of you.

Friday, September 5, 2008

WTF #2!?!?!

And I quote:

"New Facebook will soon be the only Facebook

Soon, we'll be switching Facebook over to its new design. You can see it ahead of time."


I do not like to be messed with like that. I'm really gonna miss the old Facebook. :(

So by choice, I'm going to New Facebook. I will have no one change it for me. I'm too cool for that.


So I just added Willa Holland(Kaitlin from the OC Season 3 and 4....season 1 and 2 was by Preggo Eggo Amy on Secret Life) and like, last year, she was talking about being fucking sober.

She was born in 91.


So, at the age of....16, she already had an alcohol problem. Fucking nuts.

But I'm mad excited to see her crazy ass on Gossip Girl. She reminds me of the cooler and bitchier version of the girl I used to work with. Also, more famous. haha.

BTW: Like the new blog look? :)

Look Out, I'm Going Serious

So, this recently was bothering me. I was thinking about it. Last year, I lost a bunch of friends because of "college." We stopped talking as much. And yeah, it sucked. No actually, it really sucked. Because it feels like I wasted all that time being friends with those people, and I hate wasting my time on people. Really, I don't care for it. If you don't want to be a real friend, just go the fuck away. I do not need it. I have enough people I actually care about and they actually care about me. Like, it's been two weeks since school started, and you know what? With the people who don't go to my school, I don't feel a strain. Not at all. I feel secure in our friendship. Like, we talk that much, and even when we don't, it's okay. I know that the second we talk again is gonna be cool. Sometimes I think I have a harder time keeping friendships at school. Note to school friends: I tend to stay in my room. Um, come by and drag my ass out please? I have issues.

What I'm getting at is that I realize you know, it wasn't my fault that I lost those friendships. I mean, when I'm friends with someone, just because time goes by shouldn't mean the friendship is gone. Oh my gosh, a week went by! Well, dude, it should be fine. Get over it. I'm the person who does continue to talk with people. But once I get burned out, I'm done.

I really don't know what I got at all with this post, but I felt like saying it. I'm simply not going to make the mistakes I made last year. Even if I shouldn't be blamed.

The people who are my real friends I'm betting are the only ones who read this. And to that, I hope you know you are loved. :)

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ryan Liestman = Hero

Yay! Even in Florida, they support Penn State. Fucking awesome.

Oh yeah, lol at Joe.

I Was The Only Legit Fan

Just another random comment about the Penn State concert. It kinda annoyed me. Like, I know everyone was there for Jonas, but seriously, I had to have been the only real Veronicas fan. I've loved them since their first album. That was the shit. And the new one? Also like, mad good. I'm sorry, but really, they are awesome. Great writing, great performing. They're very fan oriented and I love that. Like, I wish they had played more, in my opinion. I'd love to see a full set and not like, five songs. I really would. And supposedly the one might be gay, or is like, a little bit of a partyier(idk, the one's been on perez a few times....and ontd) but whatever. They are awesome. They're like, fangirls too. The one(I really don't know if it was Jess or Lisa, you know, since they're twins and I missed the beginning when they said who they were) was wearing a "I heart Joe Jonas" shirt. Like, how fucking cool is that? I just love those two. The Veronicas rule. Striaght up, no lie.