Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's About Those Moments...

Oh look at me going all deep and stuff. But you know, after a while, you can't help but feel alone and you never really know who your close friends are. At least to me, I don't sometimes know. Sometimes I think, hmm, are we fading? And then there's this moment that it isn't even about you, but you feel low because the person closest to you is even lower. And all you want to do is be there for them and hug them and sit in the closest so no one will hear with them.

And that's when you know you're in it for the long haul.

I love you Sam. Know that. Forever. :)

Monday, February 16, 2009

No One Knows Me

Really, they don't.

I get this request on my facebook.

Um, fail one of the Andrew Potters I know.

Praise Juh-bee-buh-dus!

Yes, I'm sacreligious. And I really don't care.

All Saturday, I thought, how amazing would it be if the Jonas Brothers did a digital short? I mean, Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island are love, and then to add the Jonas Brothers? Oh how about I'd begin to believe in God.

As we all pretty much know, Andy has created the band of everlasting life, Property of the Queen/Jonas Brothers. I died. I screamed. First I screamed seeing Jonas on a couch for a digital short. Then I really screamed for Andy. How fucking epic. Seriously. The Lonely Island is a group of GODS. I really wish Jorma wasn't married. Seriously. I'll take any three. Andy first. Though my mom said that if I married him and had children, they would have pig noses. Come on, who says that? Still, me and Andy would have awesome pig nosed children.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Should I Get Them?

I'm soooo unsure....

Friday, February 13, 2009

So this is the reason....

Sometimes when you're really into something, and they've gotten huge, they've blown up, you begin to forget why you liked them. Oh, so you like the music, but you like a lot of music. Why are these people so much more important than the others? There isn't posters of every band or musician or actor you enjoyed; you'd never be able to keep up. Faith gets broken, it gets renewed, all that stuff. I've always been a person connected to music, to entertainment, to fame, to celebrities. People that are stronger than me to do things I dream of. And these loves come and go. Hanson was adorable and had catchy music. Orlando Bloom was just plain hot and was awesome in movies. The Beatles are basically forever.(I could write way too much on my devotion to them). But my most interesting and crazy I guess we can call it an obsession was the Jonas Brothers.

And I know the people who don't like the Jonas Brothers, they'll probably stop reading now. But this isn't just about them. It's about being into an artist and watching them evolve, but then you feel like they're gone. It's like a relationship, how I feel with some artists, especially the Jonas Brothers. My feelings towards them has written quite a many songs. I learned a lot about my love for music; that I don't just want to listen to it, I want to play it. Yes, I've been hindered and I procrastinate, but I cannot wait until the day I can play one of those songs and just feel amazing. It's a goal I will slowly work to. School work is right now; a guitar doesn't leave. I can work at it any time.

But I'm getting off topic. Which I usually do. A lot of times with a band that is so popular, and teenies love so much, you get annoyed. It no longer feels like yours. I don't claim to have liked them before the teenies began. But when I started liking them, I liked them for their music. The music hit me first; then their devotion to their music. Their personality came next. I could care less who was the hot one. Sure, it helped them, but it wasn't a big deal to me. I don't care much about looks. If you can make me feel a song, I love it.

Again, off topic. I definitely have those moments of annoyance with those brothers. More than I like them. I go, you know, they have all this fame, they simply try to hard to seem level headed. And I didn't want to see their movie. I was like, it's simply a ploy to get more money; whatever. I saw the real thing.

And then the Dave Letterman interview. He seems to always get the best interviews. I knew it would the best because Nick admitted something about Miley. And it made me feel like, it finally isn't bull. They're admitting faults, that's them. I watched the interview and wasn't some teenie going oh my gosh, they're so adorable! I went, oh man, dork moment, or ha. I was laughing hysterically. I could see they were being real and they were awkward.

That's when I realized. This was the reason. It was the little moments of reality and you realize, that there is a reason to liking them. Just because you can't meet them, you are just one in a million, it still felt good to call myself a fan.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

When I say "lol".....

I'm not really laughing out loud.

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Bat-Shit Crazy.

Oh did you mean "Octopussy?" Why yes, I went there. Fuck is she crazy. I mean seriously. 14 kids. FOURTEEN KIDS? Really, I hate people like this. Really. I hope she gets taken away. I mean, it's a horrible thing to say, but she's not gonna be able to take care of those kids. One has autism. And kids born under three pounds are 20-80% more likely to have cerebral palsy and other disabilities. I mean, fuck. It's fucking irresponsible!

Me and her, we're done professionally.

Nick told some amazing stories. hahaha. About how his Hello Beautiful pole wouldn’t go up

Oh I'm suuuurrrreeee it didn't.


See what I did there? Yep. I laughed for a solid five minutes at this comment. Dirty Minds ftw.

The Beatles. Who?

Pretty much the sentiment that my roommate has. WHAT THE FUCK! How can you not know who the Beatles are? They practically invented rock(aside from Elvis, Buddy Holly, and Rolling Stones...oh and the Animals) but they are the most influential artists out there! Songwriting was changed forever because of these guys. I mean, seriously. Just because you don't listen directly to them doesn't make that an excuse. I used to not like them(I know, blasphemy) but fuck. I was watching the Powerpuff Girls and knew they were mocking the Beatles in "The Beat-Alls."(FYI, I watched that lately, and shit, SOOO many more references than I thought.). Like, SHIT! This angers me. Not knowing who the Beatles are, it's like not knowing the first President. Though I seem to remember having to tell her who that is. Like, fuck. Learn some history, people. The Beatles should be taught to everyone. Even if you don't like them or listen to them, you have to know them!!!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Teenie Moment for...

.........Coldplay. For real. I was screaming, flailing, going absolute crazy. Because OH MY GOD they were fucking amazing! Ah, for real. They make me go nuts and die. My mom was like, how old is he? And we found out he's 31. My mom's pissed that I'm closer in age. When he breaks up with Gwyneth, I am SO there. I'd be a great stepmom. For real.

alkfjl;sdkjfl;asdkjflksdjfl;asdkfasdkl;fjl;jfasdklrfjnimcl; Coldplay.

That is my feeling towards them. LOOOOOOOVVVVVVEEEEEE.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Can't Wait

I can't wait to get the fuck out of Penn State Hazleton and find actual decent people. I've obviously met some nice people, but what pisses me the fuck off is that I've lost any person here that I really want to hang out with. I have my suitemate and my roommate, whoop de fucking doo. Really. I'm sooooo prepared to get the fuck out of here and meet people who I actually like and people that like me. I've been feeling weird lately, like I'm being constantly misunderstood, and it's all too true. Days like these make me feel like....well, I don't exactly know. Because whatever I say here will somehow get to some other person, and then people go, oh but I love you! I don't know. I'm feeling weird. Isn't college where you find your real friends? My REAL friends, the big three of them, aren't here. Everyone else is a fucktard that fucked me over. I'm sick of the people who you can call a best friend and really think you've got something that might last ages with, and then, they fuck you over. I'm sick of that. Gosh, what I'd wish to move to like Europe and start over....

Oh and if you think that you're the one being mentioned here, you probably are. Because if you asked me, then you aren't. Because the fucktards are the ones not talking to me. The decent people talk to me.

Ugh I hate frustration.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009


Seriously though, ain't it? I really love it. lol. Damn it them. One minute they annoy the shit out of me, and the next minute, I'm mesmerized by this photo and listening to Eternity. Fuck them.

Concerts I Plan On Attending This Year/Summer

Here. We. GO!

Katy Perry
(I wish Lady Gaga too)
Honor Society
Franz Ferdinand
Taylor Swift
Demi Lovato
No Doubt and Paramore
Maybe Jonas
That's it........so far. ;)

The one fucking year!

Me and S had very premature, random plans to go to Florida to see the DC games in May. We thought it would be an awesome vaca.


THEY FUCKING CANCELED IT!!! Fucktards. For real. Goddammit.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

How Am I Special?

By naming all the Duggars, and not looking it up.

(I had to mute the show so I could name the rest)

How the fuck am I missing five????

Damn, they told me one: Johannah
Ten minutes later.....
I looked it up

The two most obvious names. DAMN IT!

But I can name all the Gosselins!



The Moonlight Frames You Like a Monet

Like that isn't referencing to sex. Ha. Honor Society. I enjoy. They have like, three songs, four interludes. One is amazing, one sounds like a boy band, and the other? I don't remember. But the interludes are amazing. I mean, interludes complete my life. They really do.

It's hard to judge a whole band on three songs. But I do like them because they actually talk about sex and stuff, unlike Jonas.

So i will be adventuring to Hershey for them. Fuck yes. :)

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Alex Evans?

It creeps me out, this dude. Like, it's practically my name. WTF? I know people who have the same name as actors and stuff, but this is the closest. There goes me ever being famous and wanting to be called Alex. Of course, there is the black and white Michelle Williams. haha.