Monday, June 30, 2008

Ewwww Santry

So being the avid reader of Jonas Secrets, I have seen numerous people hate on Karleigh and Katie Santry. I was like, alright, they're kinda annoying, yeah, but whatever. They didn't quite hit on my register.

Until this.

They got on fucking Z100. The radio station. What the fuck did they do to get on? This just pisses me off. They're two annoying bitches who go on talking about the Jonas Brothers and are basically commonly known stalkers. And they get on a radio station. Well, I should be one. I'm a huge creeper. I try, I try. But WTF Santry? UGH.

Why Yes, I Am Going To Talk About the JoBros Again...

Finnish Spitz, just ignore. I'm sorry. I just have some things to say.

The Jonas Brothers (and fans) need to stop showing off their religion. It's irking me now. I don't wanna know. I just don't. It's safer for me. I don't know. Maybe I've just got to accept it. I guess. Either way, I'm not into religion, so it's really awkward for me.

Also, they are not perfect. I'm waiting for the rebellion. And I better be one of theirs. Seriously, their parents would hate me. I'm perfect. :)

People say they've changed. Maybe, look at the pics:

To me, they look happier than before. And if they're happy with their life, good for them. Kudos. That's what people want.

But I think they've only gotten a little mature. Their basis is still the same. Deal with it. I'm not the same person I was three years ago. Three years ago, I was like, annoying. I don't even want to think of myself back then. Why do people want them to stay the same? Humans evolve, change, grow. Fans want to deny them of one of the most basic instincts. Yeah, okay...

So I like them. Every day I hate that I do, and every day I love that I do. It's a pretty ongoing thing with me. But you know, I'm an obsessive person, that's how I am. No offense, they're a lot more innocent than some people out there. I would rather be obsessed with a person with good morals than love a bunch of people that suck. But that's just me.

Random Moment of the Week

So last night, I was really tired. Pointing that out because it relatively explains this stupid moment of me. I had just gotten out of the shower, changed, and was getting ready to go to bed. So I was drinking some water, and I totally felt a hair in my mouth. Instead of pulling it out of my mouth, I spit. On my purse. I totally forgot that I shouldn't have done that. I was that tired. Pathetic, no? Yeah, that's what sleep-deprivation does to me. Sigh.

I love this Dave dude!

Ha, I saw this comment on Perez's recent not so blind item about GG

dave says – reply to this

Filed under: Perez' delusions of popularity/respect

What Z-List blogging queer is a big fan of burgers and not getting a REAL job???

His fans are turning their backs on him, judging by the comments he receives. Insiders tell me it's probably to do with his pitiful self-promotion, ad-ridden website and hilarious money-making schemes.

MADE MY NIGHT. Totally did. :) Perez is a douche.

Whatever Happened To...

Will Ferrell? Really, think about it. Him, and Stiller, and Vaughn and the Wilsons used to be the biggest hits ever. Anything they did was golden. And then, they lost it. They had Semi-Pro, Dupree, Blonde Ambition, and really, they never recovered. Sadness for the Frat Pack. Think of all the hits: Dodgeball, Anchorman, Wedding Crashers, Old School, uh, what else did Ferrell do good in? Um....crap. Oh, Talledega Nights too. But really, they were having a golden age. Comedy was really comedy, and not stupid romantic comedies. And then Judd Apatow kinda took over.

He worked on Anchorman, and basically took Steve Carell and started his new comedy gang. And you know what? They're a hell of a lot funnier. Less fart jokes, more intelligence. Come on, 40 year old version, Knocked Up, Superbad, Forgetting Sarah Marshall. I mean, he's had some crap stuff(Kicking and Screaming anyone?) and clearly Apatow didn't work as well with Ferrell. But he took his awesome group: Paul Rudd, Seth Rogen, Peter Segal, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Bill Hader, I mean, he gives David Krumholtz some great little gigs. Like, you cannot beat McLovin. MCLOVIN!!!! How the fuck can you beat that? You can't. Oh, and add James Franco in that list.

Perfection. I used to love the Frat Pack, but man, I love this group of guys so much more. I'm hoping they have a lot more good years to go. That excites me.

But note to them: don't use Katherine Heigl anymore. She is mad conceited now. Ugh. Annoying as heck now.

Lock It Up!

Ah, what a great line from a great movie. Wedding Crashers is just one of those movies that I really can watch over and over again. Very few live action movies have that ability. This movie is just that good. I don't even think Knocked Up or Superbad has that. Well, once they hit TBS, then we'll find out. I love when networks play a movie over and over again. If it's a good movie, I will continually watch it. Like Wedding Crashers. I'm watching the end, and frankly, I kinda hope it's on again. It is just that good.

Though one thing I noticed that sadly, no one's careers really were that great after this. Let's look at the main three:

Owen Wilson - You, Me, and Dupree? Marley and Me? Yeah, uh, no. He's suffered. And he even knew it. Remember the big suicide attempt? Yeah, sad, because he is so funny, and he just hasn't had a real hit.

Vince Vaughn - The Break-Up. Yeah. That's all that needs to be said. No, wait, Fred Claus. Yep. Poor Vaughn.

Rachel McAdams - So promising, but where is her hits now? After this, Mean Girls, Notebook, Red Eye, what happened? And that kinda sucks since I love her.

Walken and Isla Fisher were the only two who didn't suffer. Well, Isla really never had a big hot career. And Walken is Walken. Walken will be forever.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Clearly if you've got curly hair, bingo! You're the guy for me

So last night before I crashed, I came to realize something. I really love a guy with curly hair. I never thought I did. Like, I thought I was always into the emo hair. But clearly no. So, last night I went through four of my favorite obsessions: Orlando Bloom, The O.C., Coldplay, and Jonas Brothers. Let us review the four, no quite possibly, five men I have loved:

Orlando Bloom: Now that boy looked good in any hairstyle. I mean, he was just damn fine. I miss him when he was so awesome. I really do. It's kinda sad how off the radar he fell. Now, here is the picture that cinched the deal for me.

I mean, I loved him in Pirates, and that was where the obsession started, but when I saw this picture, I DIED. Seriously, that picture is just perfect. I still want to jump all over that.

Next, the O.C. Yes, I enjoyed me some Ryan Atwood, but initially Seth Cohen was my boy. He was more my speed, before he got all annoying on the show. He really just had that geekiness to him that I loved. Look at him.

Yep, I see it too. Look at the hair.

Next, Coldplay. Even though Chris Martin was married before I started liking them massively, but I mean, come on, he is still hot as shit. Same with Guy Berryman, the bassist. Mmm.....yummy. And yeah, he's married too. It is some sad shit. But look at them!!!

Yep. I KNOW.

Next, and lastly, the Jonas Brothers. I admit that I am totally into all three of them, but Kevin is mighty fine. Alright, so is Joe. Ever since that haircut of Kevin's, Joe is just a little more appealing. Got on your game, Kevin! Straighten it, or grow it out. But look at Kevin.

Yep, curly hair.

For the exception of Chris Martin, it's more specifically dark curly hair. I feel I've really discovered something about myself. I mean, maybe I've been looking at the wrong guys this whole time. Guess it's time to pay attention to the curly haired guys along with the hot emo ones. :)

Yeah, I Just About Stalk Any Famous Person I Can

So, me and S went to Montgomery Mall to see Kate Voegele. Got to meet her at the autograph signing, and yeah. Here are some pics from it. :)

How To Dress Like Hudge Pudge For Cheap

A little quick how-to guide on dressing like Hudge Pudge for awesomely cheap. :) Scroll down to reveal the guide.

Wear Nothing!!!!!!!!!! Gosh, ain't I a bitch? Oh you know I couldn't help it. haha

How To Dress Like Hudge Pudge For Cheap.....For Reals

This is actually the second post, but I did it first so the joke would be on all of you. :)

Anyways, I thought that I would actually post the real stuff in case someone was wondering. And I want to show this link for other people to find out this. :)

This Pic. Sneakernight Video.

Tank - In Crushed Berries

Sequin Top - In Fuschia Swirl


Socks - In White/Orchid, White/Fushcia



Shoes - In Pink

Ta-da! :)

Ain't I just awesome? :)

Friday, June 27, 2008

We're All In This Together, Screaming With Our Mouths Shut

So, I admit that yeah, Demi Lovato is like 15. I get that. But really, age does not definite writing skill. I was writing stuff when I was like, in sixth grade. And that got published. So I started to fall in love with her songs that kinda leaked. "Stronger" practically made my life, but I really loved the song "Stronger." Okay, read the lyrics:

Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months
Neighbors complaining from the fights and
Why can't things be the same

And maybe I'm just a little bit cautious
Of what I'm gonna say
When I tell you I can't live this way.
But I don't know what to expect from someone who's so insane

Why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again?
Cause I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.

The only noises in my head
Are consumed of your voice
From all the pain and hatred
How long can you kick somebody down
Before a foot breaks?

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight
I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut when it's really open.

And I knew that you would fabricate
This situation just for
The sake of your need for attention
And I'm sick of always being the one
To always break down, always melt down
In the end.
And maybe this time
It's a sign that independance and I
Are finally catching on
I don't need you to rely on.

And why can't I get through the night
Without another fight I'm tired of the hurting
Is it really worth it?
Am I all alone again cause
I am kinda feeling like I'm screaming
With my mouth shut
When it's really open.
Spitting fire back and forth now
Times have changed in just a few months.

I really love the lyrics. So deep. And I swear, if someone stupid twelve year old goes and says "Lyke, oh my gosh, I wonder if she's lyke, writing about Cody Linley?" Um, no, bitch. The girl is 15, and first of all, it's a bit implied that they're like, living together. At least to me. And I have a good bet that she wrote this song. But this song is deep. It's about family, and hurt, and Demi Lovato seems like even though she may have this great life now, it sucked before. She mentioned a four year separation from her father. Bingo, we have a real reason behind the song. I really love it, thinking that she's a normal girl who has dealt with shit.

Kinda like me. I love this song because I feel like I am not alone, when all the shit in the world comes crashing down. Other people have fighting parents. Other people have family issues. We're not all like the fucking Jonas Brothers, who are like, the perfect family. 

I just felt like saying that. :)

Oh, So Now You All Catch On!

Ha, you might have thought I was like, talking about something big that happened to me. But I'm mad boring. No, I'm talking about this chick:

Yes, Amanda Seyfried. Name not familar but face totally is? Karen from Mean Girls, Lilly Kane from Veronica Mars, Sarah from Big Love.

Oh yeah, and she's kinda starring in Mamma Mia! with Meryl Streep.

See, she's an Allentown chick. Which rocks my socks. But really, I looooove her. She's one of my favorite actresses. I mean, I thought she was perfect in Mean Girls. Then she wowed me in Veronica Mars. I watched Alpha Dog and Big Love basically because of her. And I'm seeing Mamma Mia! just for her. I have been the hugest fan for probably three years.

So then I stumble on this:

Teen Vogue has caught on, only since she is in a huge musical movie. They're like, you might remember as the "doomed high school beauty" but my guesses is you don't. I mean, lack of fans was the reason Veronica Mars was cancelled. Fans had to root for their show all the time. We started that whole petition the TV Big Wigs with our devotion to save our show. Everwood, Jericho ain't got nothing on Veronica Mars fans. I mean, that was my favorite show. Still is up there. But it's like, all of a sudden, if I search Amanda Seyfried, she has hits. What next, a second fansite? It's a little annoying, just because she was so good before, and did so much awesome stuff and will be doing it that I wish people had caught onto her sooner. Look on IMDB's list of like, her being herself. 2008: One Interview. The last one was 2005. That sucks. I really wish people had like, started realizing she was awesome before. Someone called her the next Olivia Thirlby. Wait, what? Fuck no. Sorry, but Seyfried is way cooler. She plays the nerdy friend in Diablo Cody's next movie. And she will dominate.

Now I wish I could find those Limited Too pics with her and Leighton Meester. It'd make me smile a lot.

And what rocks the most? She's from fucking Allentown! Went to Allen High School! WOOT!

It's Seyfried's time, and I am first in line for everything. All you grabber-ons can stand behind me.

Time To Go Straight

Dear Kevin,

Stop cutting your hair. Now it looks stupid, not hot. It's time to go back to straightening it. Please. You're making me like the others more than you. That's bad. :(


Your future wife ;) lol

Rave Freaks

Yeah, we are so weirdos. We pose with the Rave stuff. Finnish Spitz has more because my camera was dying...:(

Being zapped by a giant bolt of lightning....

Chilling with Hancock...:)

Wall-E and Eve! Yay!

Oh yes, you know you love it!

So, I totally did not mention that me and S have our own youtube channel! We've been posting a few videos, and aim to make a ton more! Please visit and comment on our crazy videos!

Here are some pics from that night....haha

Visit: Uknowuloveitstudios


Hannah and Lola!

We are too cute. Visit us!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

John Krasinskaaaaayyyyyyyy

Yes, that is all I have to say. :)

Get Smart and Get Your Ass To a Theater

So in an otherwise crappy day, me, Finnish Spitz, and Leon Berger(if you don't get it, you never will) went to see the kick ass movie Get Smart. For some off reason, i had my doubts about the movie. i don't know, it just didn't seem like it was gonna be laugh out loud hilarious.

Boy was I wrong.

This movie seriously made me laugh so hard. Not too much toilet humor, which was gladly appreciated(I really despise toilet humor). Steve Carell was the funniest thing I've seen in a while. He is a master at the dead face glare. Every time he did it, I busted out. I'm surprised he was able to keep a straight face, and the other people in the scene didn't bust out laughing. I wonder how many takes they had to do. Probably at least ten. And that's what blooper reels are for.

Anne Hathaway was pretty good. Not like, oh my gosh, I loved her. But more like, she was alright. I enjoyed the character and she's really pretty but I don't know. She was the straight character, so they rarely get the best material. Ah well. Maybe it's time for Devil Wears Gucci now or something.

The Rock, well, I gotta say, I really liked him. He has steadily been getting better since the Rundown(trust me, you do not wanna see that movie). He was funny, and cool, and well, I liked his character. So into himself. He really plays that kind of character well.

Masi Oka! Ah, my Heroes fix. I needed that since it's been fucking forever since that show went away. But man was he awesome. My Hiro! Haha. Gotta love him.

Lastly, Alan Arkin. Damn was he awesome! I mean, Little Miss Sunshine was hella good, and he got the Oscar for it. But this movie, he was so fucking cool.

"Are you thinking the same thing I'm thinking?"
"Well, if it was 'oh shit, oh shit, oh shit, that swordfish is gonna pierce me..."

Fucking awesome. Gosh, he is my favorite old dude actor. :)

So seriously, see the movie. So funny. I looooove it. Steve Carell and Alan Arkin are Gods. Gods, I tell you!

Joe Jonas Is My Soulmate

Yeah, S probably had a heart attack when she read that. But that's what I do. I aim to terrify.

But seriously, we would share so much. Like how we both suck at driving. But at least I didn't hit a cone like he did. Though he was much farther in the spot than I was.

By now you've guessed it. Yours truly failed her driver's test. I've joined the ranks of the officially crappy drivers. Joe is just chilling out there; he was waiting for another 18 year old to join him. But oddly enough, I'm okay with failing. it would have been a miracle if I had passed. I never parallel parked in my life. And frankly, I suck. Like, really suck. It's been proven. Twice, to be exact.

So me and Joe Jonas are in the same boat. We both will probably turn 19 before getting out licenses. Well, him definitely. He's in the pop sensation of now. And his birthday is in August. Maybe I'll beat him. It'd be quite a cool thing. If he beat me, well, I'd be ashamed. But who knows? Either way, Kevin and S will be our chauffeurs for a while.

Carpool! I dibs shotgun!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Why Did They Make Me Choose?

Now, before I kinda had this figured out. But now I'm really unsure. Alright, first let me get you all the facts so you know.

I bought three tickets for the Jonas Brothers(me, Sam, and Jenn) for their Hershey concert on July 25th.

I bought two tickets for Coldplay(me and my mom) for their Philadelphia concert on June 26th.

Coldplay changed the date of their concert to July 25th, THE SAME DAY AS JB.

I have seen Coldplay once: April 6th, 2006.

I have seen Jonas Brothers twice: March 13th, 2008 and May 17th, 2008.

I will be seeing the Jonas Brothers again: August 30th, 2008.

Noticeably, the answer really should be self explanatory. But it really isn't. I want to see Coldplay really badly, because well, it's Coldplay. Their new album is fucking amazing. And it's been over two years since I saw them. But then there's the Jonas Brothers, who I have had tickets for longer, and they kinda got me through the death of my grandmother.

This seriously has to be the hardest decision I've ever had to make. Why, Coldplay, why? Why did you have to change your concert date? This actually really really depresses me. Because I want to see both really bad. I mean, I love the Jonas Brothers, and I love Coldplay. My mom basically wants to go without me. And if I do go to Coldplay, I have to sell my one JoBro ticket, and then owe my dad a lot of money.

Fucking bands. This just depresses me.

This Excites Me Like No Other

So I went onto Oceanup earlier, and I guess Taylor Momsen had her personal myspace pics leaked onto the internet. I casually clicked and looked at her pictures. And surprisingly, she isn't a hoe. And then this pic came up:

I near about died. I had never realized that she would have been the Perfect Alice in Wonderland. I mean, she's young enough and looks like her. I need her to be Alice. Just a photoshoot of her. Please. Seriously. That reminds me of my defunct photoshoot that I wanted to do. I have all this shit that I bought for it and did nothing. Sigh. Life just gets in the way.

But anyways, Taylor Momsen rocks. Her character Jenny kinda sucks sometime, but she is awesome. I cut my hair like hers and she watches Alice in Wonderland. She fucking rocks.

The Best Judge EVER

So my mom made me watch Celebrity Circus tonight, and I was like, for serious? This is fucking ridiculous. And then I was introduced to the man you see above. Mr. Louie Spence. He's British, flaming, and has a lisp. Yes, these things seem bad. But then you watch it, and wow, he's fucking awesome! I love this guy! Like, he got up and did a backflip randomly! How kick ass is that? He's crazier than Paula and that crazy chick from So You Think You Can Dance combined. But he's awesome about it. He's judgmental and can be a bitch like Simon Cowell. But then he just goes crazy, and you can't understand a damn word he says. First, he talks like Gilmore Girls fast, then he's British, and top that off with a lisp. Completely incoherent, but completely awesome. I love him. I think I'll continue watching Celebrity Circus just to watch him, because of Louie Spence. He's crazy, and I love it. Gotta love the lisp-y British flaming crazy.

Three More Years! Three More Years!

So they totally announced that Steve Carell was staying with the Office for three more seasons. And to this I say, YES! I always worry about actors who like hugely make it big after their hit show, and then they leave their show and become really bitchy and snobby. I mean, everyone knows Katherine Heigl is soooo headed there. And I mean, who wouldn't think Steve Carell wouldn't? He's box office gold. Even though I heard Evan Almighty sucked, he still got full crowds. Hello, 40 year old virgin, Get Smart, those other movies? I forget what else he was in. But still, his best gig was the Office. Come on, Michael Scott, or even Michael Scarn are pretty fucking awesome. Not my favorite character on the show, but still really funny. And I was really worried he was gonna be a very big bitch and leave the show because he was just too big. But nope. And that makes me smile. I love him. And I want to see Get Smart. Maybe after I flunk my driver's test tomorrow.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Camp Rock: The Ali-fied Version

Here is how I would picture Camp Rock. Tell me what you think.

The opening: Instead of her opening to Who Will I Be, Demi grudgingly wakes up to the radio, and she turns on the tv, to Hot Tunes. They're discussing the future of Shane Gray, who just recently ruined a day's work on a videoshoot. He was disorderly, and broke equipment after a mega temper tantrum. His bandmates have had it. They are currently having a meeting over the future of the band. Talk of the end of the entire band is now rampant. Mitchie rolls her eyes, and crosses out a day on the calendar, that says "Last Day" and she sighs, and stares at the pamphlet for the rock camp she is dying to go to, which isn't called Camp Rock. That's so lame.

She heads downstairs, where her mom is cooking. They mention the pamphlet and Mitchie just listens about how it's not gonna happen. As she leaves, the phone rings.

The high school. Mitchie is sitting at her desk, writing, once again, on a yearbook. Sierra comes by, and sits next to her. She asks who's yearbook she's signing, and Mitchie replies that it's her own. She flips through the blank pages and sighs. Sierra talks about the governor's school she's attending that summer and asks about the rock camp. Mitchie is obviously downtrodden.

Now at Mitchie's work, she's flipping burgers and watching the tv there, where they say Shane Gray stalked out of the meeting and now is out somewhere. Mitchie is flipping burgers and writing, and humming all the at same time. When she thinks about the music, she can do anything else. She heads out to serve burgers where she falls and spills it all over her, and people previously seen in her school laugh at her. They call her "Pitchie".

As she walks home, she sings a bit of the song she is attempting to write. She sings a bit to Who Will I Be, but she does sound a bit pitchy, and she's soft and quiet. As she heads home, her parents are cooking. This scene seems pretty much the same. She then goes up to her room, and finally releases her incredible voice and does an extended version of who will i be.

As we get to the camp, we see all of the main characters in their environment. Mitchie is completely in awe of it all and she quickly dodges her mother and rushes down to where the action is. She just watches as those two black guys goes and plays a trick on Tess, who screams. She's already mad. To make matters worse, then Mitchie walks and bumps into her, and she freaks. Mitchie is almost terrified, and that's where Kaitlyn steps in and pulls her away. She tells her about the camp and such that, and they sit together as Dee, the crazy red head tells us that's us that there will be a celeb instructor.

Cut to Shane, and that scene is pretty much the same.

Mitchie then heads into the cabin with her mom, and she lays down to write a bit. She then heads out to look for a piano. She finds one, and we shoot to the phone call of Shane to his bandmates. He then runs and falls, of course, and hears Mitchie practicing. She doesn't know the notes exactly, so she's just playing around, but has the words right. Shane is mesmorized. He looks down reflectively. Then Connie walks in and tells Mitchie to come, but doesnt say her name and Shane is too busy listening to screaming. Once his is safe, he gets up, but finds no one. He then tries to play the song, but he can't get it right. Not without the voice.

Head to the jam session scene with Lola. She does her thing, but we see her extended a bit. More info on her. Kaitlin and Mitchie and Lola are having fun, and Tess makes fun of Lola's mom. Mitchie sees how even Broadway isn't good enough. She feels ashamed. She thinks about her mom. And then Tess introduces herself, and Mitchie is smitten. She loves the popular crowd. She begins to spin a web of lies. Kaitlyn is confused, as it Lola, and Mitchie is allowed to join the popular crowd.

She runs to tell her mom and takes her stuff to leave. She heads into the cabin, where the scene is pretty much the same, except you see that Tess starts to read the one song, "2 Stars" in intense detail. She sings but is that pitchy version. The rest are a little confused, but they deal with her because she knows famous people, or so she says. And she's eager to be loved.

As Shane ditches his first class, and is sulking about, Brown teaches a class. The two black guys, JMan and Sanders, are playing some fun gags. We see them more in depth as a comparison to the lackluster of the popular group. Brown picks Mitchie to sing. She is pitchy and soft, and has not released that killer voice. She runs off and is completely ashamed.

After this, Tess comes up to her and plays like she is consoling her. She intimidates her into being a backup singer, since she can learn from that. So Mitchie, upset, accepts that and deals.

The next scene Shane is forced to wake up and still attempts to ditch the class. He sits around and tries to figure out the song he heard. And as Mitchie goes to work, he comes in to bitch about the food and is obnoxious. She tries to run, and splatters stuff on him. He freaks. She hides her face and is horrified. She runs before he can even get up.

She runs into class late, but still makes it before Shane gets there. He is in a horrible mood and teaches a dance no one can follow. He doesn't bother to teach, but rather just shows off his skills. All girls are still in awe, but Mitchie is disgusted. After the class, she stops Shane and bitches him out, because she still thinks that he needs an attitude adjustment. He is shocked that someone had the balls to do that to him. He is pissed. But intrigued.

That night is the beach jam, where the popular crowd does "Too Cool". Kaitlyn and Lola laugh and point to Mitchie, who is nervous. As they perform, Shane watches, and then as a gag, the two black guys, jump on stage. Tess is furious. She blames Mitchie for ever talking to them. Mitchie also gets rude comments from Lola and Kaitlyn. She is feeling very depressed, and low.

The next day is the lunch fight. This pretty much happens the same, but then Mitchie is working at the kitchen, and goes to pick up chips from the van. She gets them, and is stopped by Shane. He wants to talk to her, and said thank you about the whole bitch out thing. He asks about the chips, she says that someone just stopped and helped. But he starts talking to her, and she listens to how he is always stuck dealing with fake people. He then reminds her that she's probably being hunted for stealing chips. As she comes in, she sees Kaitlyn, and tries to hide. Being a klutz, she falls and that same thing happens. Kaitlyn finds it even funnier. She makes fun of her like she did.

Shane is still trying to find the voice, and tells people to look for the voice. Once again he sees Mitchie, and talks about finding this voice, and sings a bit of his song, because the chords remind him of that song. He asks Mitchie to sing, and she is shy, and doesn't sing for him. She's just intimidated of it all.

Shane sings the song This is Me to Brown or something and Tess hears.

It's the PJ Night jam, and to me, it was pretty good.

Kaitlyn and Mitchie talk while working and get along for once. Tess walks by and sees them both working and hearing Mitchie say Mom. She walks over to the cabin and takes the song book. Mitchie leaves and sees Shane singing, and that canoe thing happens. She's really shy, and Shane tells her about past instances of heartbreak and such that.

Then the Beach Jam, and that is just about the same. Shane is pissed and her and stalks off. Tess sort of follows and makes it so that he bumps into her, and she drops a book, Mitchie's book with a new cover. He reads the This Is Me song. Looking up of her, he asks if this is hers. She replies yes, and says that her voice didn't sound like the voice he knew. She spins a lie like she was lipsynching and a backup singer was the lead voice. She plays off like she's really shy. He believes it and walks away with her.

Mitchie is horrified and when she gets her things from her bed, she finds her song book is missing. She sees Tess and Shane together and is confused. She figures her book is somewhere, and decides to just restart it. But after the fallout, she is trying to work on her Final Jam.

Shane tells the bandmates that Tess is her voice, since the book is her. He's excited to hear her sing that night. Together.

Since Tess is terrified that Shane will figure it out, she does that whole charm thing to ruin it all. She tries to figure something out, and begins practicing one of the songs she stole from Mitchie, with the girls. Shane walks in and hears her singing, and is confused. He refuses to do the Jam now because he feels that no one actually cares. Then the girls leave her. She tries to be strong, and decides to do the song anyways now that she has nothing to hide.

Shane sits out on the dock, and Mitchie wants to approach him, and tries to tell that she was sorry, he just says, "who are you exactly? i can't figure any of you desperate girls anymore." Mitchie is broken, and heads up to the Final Jam. She watches as Hasta La Vista and 2 Stars is played. She realizes that that is her song. Everyone praises Tess for her original song, and Mitchie, tear stained accuses her of it. She says that that is her book, and Tess is humiliated in front of the audience, and her mother. She runs off, and Peggy then sings.

Nate and Jason take note that Mitchie claims it's her book, and they go in search of Shane. They tell him that the book wasn't Tess', so Shane's voice is still out there. And they think she's about to sing. Shane is hesitant, but goes up.

Mitchie, broken but defiant, gets on stage and is terrified. There are sounds of snickering and "Pitchie" is heard. She takes a deep breath and cues Kaitlyn. She finally releases her voice to all. Everyone is floored. Nate and Jason pull Shane in just as the chorus comes on. Shane is mesmerized. It had been her. All those songs he had read in that book were hers. He grabs a mic and sings with her. She is completely off guard. As he jumps up, she goes, "What are doing?" and he replies, "Finding my voice." He then takes off with "Gotta Find You" and Mitchie jumps back in with "This Is Me". As the two look at each other, all is forgiven.

The winner is about to be announced. Peggy wins. But Shane adds, "but I want to thank a special someone for bringing me back to earth." He picks Mitchie out of the waiting people and kisses her.

Then, the final, final Jam, "We Rock!" And the end is pretty much the same.

That's my Camp Rock. they rock? Well.....I suppose.

So the second time watching Camp Rock is probably a lot better than the first in my opinion. It was a good movie, but it could have definitely used some work. I think this next post I will post what I think Camp Rock should have been like.

Anyways, Demi was good, I enjoyed her acting. The beginning was a little annoying for me. I mean, I don't know, I'm picky with beginnings. And I am pretty sure that was the same house used in Double Teamed. I know Double Teamed, and that was it.

Onto the Jonas Brothers. Much better acting that I was told about, and I can say I was impressed. I think Nick and Kevin were by far the best of the movie. And Joe was good too. His character was interesting.

Uh, I don't know what else to say. But the next post will be what camp Rock SHOULD HAVE been like. My version. :)

Saturday, June 21, 2008

I'm Slipping Into the Lava.....Rick Lava, that is, if you catch my drift

Oh I couldn't help myself. Couldn't pick which one was better. Now, once again, I am a proclaimed Kevin girl, but damn it Joe! You and your hot 80's porno 'stache! Who can not want that? I mean, seriously. I just want to....well, it makes me want to just dump Kevin. Yeah, I said it. His part just wasn't as awesome as the other two. Sigh, always the least cool of the three. Ah well.

Oh yeah, this was for the Burning Up video. Joe should wear that stache a lot more often. Or wear it "a little bit longer." Oh yes, I did do a Jonas song title. I could keep doing, don't start me off. Don't put me on a "Shelf", and stop "Pushing Me Away" just because I can do this forever. :D 

I have issues.

Either way....Joe was fucking hot. Like, he was burning up. Mmm. I just wanted to do some seriously wrong things. I wonder if they'll ever be into swinging? You know, switching mates for the night. Joe could wear that stache, and well, nothing else, preferably. 

What the fuck, Jonas Secrets? You've corrupted my poor innocent mind!!!!!

Ah well, Burning Up is fucking hot.

And yeah yeah, everyone's freaking that Big Rob is rapping. Hello, look behind him!!!

Fucking Garbo! Fuck yes. Well, I hope that's him. He is totally rocking out. :)

I shall marry this video. I will. Well, if that whole me with Joe and/or Kevin, and a bit of Nick on the side doesn't work out.

And I couldn't resist this either. :D

Friday, June 20, 2008

Fo' Serious, Fools

I'm tired. Maybe that's why I'm in the mood to be slightly serious. Well, all I have to say, this is not directed to the people you think it's directed to. I just feel a little down, and sometimes I love people, but when things crack, they crack, and I crack. Some things happen for a reason, and the littlest things let people go off. And off they go. It hurts me, it hurts others, and I just think that it's meaningless. I have anger issues, I know, but when I get mad, I try to just punch a pillow. Or scream. I'm good at screaming. But it makes me want to scream til my lungs are destroyed when some things happen. Things that I'm not a part of and I put myself in. 

People say I should be a psychiatrist, and you know what? I should. I am fucking awesome at figuring people out. Except I just can't figure myself out...

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Hudgy Pudgy's Got Naughty Pics Game Too!

My lovely S told me she saw Hudge Pudge had her own Naughty Pics game. Yay! I love these games! But this one is a lot harder than Miley's Naughty Pics. Hudge Pudge moves real fast. Ive yet to complete the game fully. Haha. I'm still a little rough.

Hudge Pudge's Naughty Pics


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

"Cause We Rock, We Rock On!" Well, about that...

So S lovingly gave me the Camp Rock soundtrack to borrow and import. So I'm listening to it. And I can't help myself, I'm bored so I must review. Because I eventually want to be a reviewer. I kinda think I'm a little too thorough and critical. But eh. Whatevs.

First off, with a bang, "We Rock." Now I haven't seen the movie yet, but I'm pretty sure that this song is from the end. I hate a soundtrack out of order. Ugh. It just makes me mad. Keep it in order, fools! But I digress. The song is pretty good, the chorus is very nice. At first I was like, we rock? Uh, ok? But now, I really really enjoy this song. Very catchy, and collective and makes me smile. Plus I can probably get the main lines in it in everyday life. And let's just say the second verse, when Kevin sings? Orgasmic. I want to die. Seriously, that boy needs to sing more. One thing I don't like is that you can barely hear Joe Jonas. I mean, I love Demi Lovato, but I get it. You have a killer voice. Give Joe a bit more? Thanks.

Onto "Play My Music." This was the song that I was seriously waiting to be released. Fun, fun song. It really is nice. To me, it doesn't exactly seem like a Jonas Brothers song, but oh well. It's a Connect Three song. But I still am not sure on how I feel about people talking about music while playing music. I don't know. It's totally catchy. One thing I must laugh at: probably half the audience watching or listening does not know what a six string is. I love it.

Thirdly, "Gotta Find You," Joe's lovely ballad. Well, everyone else can say lovely. Not me. Sorry, but Joe Jonas is just not good at a ballad. Stick to the rockier stuff, and let Nick rock the ballad. I'm sorry, but the whole song is really cheesy. Of course I don't know how any of these songs fit in the movie unfortunately, so I may be a little biased. I might like these songs a lot better once I know where they fit. But to me, this song is a little too slow, a little too lovey-dovey. It annoys me. I'll probably have more on each song when I review the movie. But for this song, I mean, I like that whole, "you're the reason I'm singing" but I just don't know, Joe Jonas would not be good as a solo artist. He's simply not strong enough. Sorry Joe. (Note: I still find myself singing along, so this song can't be that bad. It's no "When We Were Me and You" or whatever by Hudge Pudge in HSM 1. I can't stand that song. UGH.)

Onto "Start The Party." It can be very catchy at points, but I think the way I first listened to the whole thing ruined it. It was that stupid video on Disney. That video was ridic. And this song is alright. I like the "start, start, start the party" part, but well, for the rest of it, it falls flat. It's a little too hip-hop-y for me. I'm very critical with that. Also, a part definitely sounded like High School Musical 2's "What Time Is It?". Come to think of it, the rythym is very similar. But "WTIT?" is a lot better.

Finally, to me, a worthwhile song, "Who Will I Be?" I loooove the music. I really want a just instrumental song. This is an awesome Demi song. It sounds like someone young wrote it, but still old enough to know how to write. I mean, it's uplifting and fun, but yet it works with that identity crisis people this age have. And really, I love the music. I need an instrumental edition. Ah, must go look now. But Demi really rocks in this. I enjoy her voice a lot in this. I love singing along with her. I just love it. I think it was the first song that I was like, YES! Well, other than "Play My Music" but I had heard that a bunch of times before I listened to the cd. Overall, good.

Now, "This Is Me." Personally, the song is a lot better acoustic(which can it really be construed as acoustic? I don't know.). The acoustic version is slower, and more personal, and really hits home to me. I enjoy it more. But I still enjoy the regular version. I've felt like this song so many times. It's so pretty. I can definitely tell "Who Will I Be?" is pretty damn close to the beginning of the movie, and "This Is Me" is Demi's ending song, especially Joe is just randomly singing his ballad "Gotta Find You" in here. And they really do complement each other. I just wish Joe was louder, just like in "We Rock." But well, Demi has a really strong voice, so most are shadowed by her. The song is pretty good normal, but incredible acoustic.

Okay, onto "Hasta La Vista." Very rap-y, which to me, is just eh. I like dancing to it, but I mean, for Disney? Eh. And then randomly putting in spanish is a little lame to me. The song is kinda too pretentious for me. I mean, these people are rapping like they are God's gift, and seriously, they're on Disney. Definitely not the pinicle of rap stardom. Disney sometimes tries too hard to be "hip." I think this is one of their most obvious attempts. It's got a good rhythm and beat, but I mean, the words are little annoying. But I know if it's on in S's car, I'll be singing along.

"Here I Am" is next, which is by the actress Jasmine Richards, but I'm pretty sure she isn't singing. The voice definitely doesn't match the girl. But anyways, it's a nice song, but just simply not strong enough. I mean, this song should be scream sung. I want to like, send it to Paramore or something to rock it up and make it strong. They would make this song awesome. Disney obviously is promoting being yourself in this movie. Everyone has like, a song saying that. This sounds like a last song on like, Avril's cd or something. But even she would do a better job at it. I think the issue I have with a lot of these singers is they're just not strong enough for their songs. I'll elaborate on that later. I mean, this song says "scream until there's nothing left" or something along those lines, and this chick is barely singing. Belt it out, bitch.

Onto "Too Cool," which I love the lyrics and the music, and the beat...BUT Meaghan Jette Martin isn't strong enough. She's too soft for this song. I don't know if she is trying to be that high snobby voice or whatever, but I would have preferred this like half an octave lower. She gets close to it, but never there. I mean, I like the song, and I'll be singing along to it, but personally I think I would do a much better job at this song. Demi or Selena Gomez need to try out this song. I hope they do. I should tell them. I love multiple versions of songs. I just do.

"Our Time is Here," another Demi belter. I just love Demi's voice. It can be soft and light, but then she busts it out. I really like the "come on, come on, you know" part and the chorus is great. I could totally see this on her album. A very Demi song, and not as Disney as the rest. I seriously can't get enough of Demi. I love her. I need to meet her. Even though she's younger and to me that's a little weird, I think I'm cool with that. She looks older than she is, at least to me.

"2 Stars" from Meaghan Martin. This is a little better from "Too Cool," singing wise, but the rest, not so much. I like the song enough. Meaghan reminds me of a Britney type, while Demi reminds me of a Christina type. Was that meant to be? I don't know. But still. I kinda wish I knew where the hell this song fit into the movie, because that might make it a little bit easier to understand, but oh well. I do enjoy this song, but it takes a bit to adjust after "Our Time is Here." Meaghan is a little too buttercup for me.

"What It Takes" is I guess, the bonus song, like those songs like, oh I can't remember the names of them off of HSM. This is pretty good, I like the beat, and the voices melt together really well. I think I hear Jasmine Price, so I don't know. Or maybe it's someone else. I kinda changed the names of the people to just Camp Rock Cast because I think it's a little too confusing with all those random names. I did the same with HSM. I had like, Zac Efron and Troy. I should have done that or Hairspray too but I'm lazy. It seemed to work since I knew all the actors and such. Whatever. What was I talking about? Oh yeah, the song. Well, it's over on my ipod. And I just finally got the ending was "to make this beat flow." Now it makes a bit more sense. I had not a clue what they were saying before.

Overall, I really enjoy just the Jonas Brothers and Demi songs a lot. The rest are up to par for the most part, but like I said, some of the singers weren't placed with the right song. They needed a little more help. I heard that Meaghan had only been in a studio once before, so maybe that's to blame. She should re-record and get some lessons on how the songs should sound. I'll help her. She spends too much time with her mouth open I think. No, no, I don't think that was meant to be mean or derogatory(okay, it got me) but every photo I have of her from that Camp Rock premiere, her mouth is open. Coincidence? I think not.

Overall? C+, B- at best. Demi gets an A, JoBros get a B, and the rest get a C.

(Note: My computer shut off after I finished this. I almost died. But it saved. We're okay. :) )

This Is A Blog. My Blog. If you don't like it, just f*ck off

This is my blog. You should all know that by now. I put my thoughts and feelings here. Regardless of who I may offend. I tend to sometimes hold back, but for the most part, I let my feelings go here. Because this is my blog. Other people have their blogs. If they wanna write certain things, kudos to them.

I'm not ashamed of anything I've written.

So he did listen...

Well, as the readers of this know, I am currently not on a Perez boycott, but I still believe he is a douche. But that's ok. I just need to know all the info on stuff.

Around the time of my brother's wedding, I went a weekend without Perez, and nearly died. I said, oh my gosh, they need to do text messages to alert people of the news!

And what do I see on Perez's current Page Four?

Yes, Gossip on the Go, a call service where he calls you when shit happens. Little bastard is reading this. I've commented and posted my blog in a link. He read it, I know it.

But for 4.99? I'd rather not. No thanks, I'll just wait til I get to a computer for free.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Feeling Lucky

So, time to pimp out a place. It is the best site ever. The forums are incredible. And seriously, the moderators and everyone there are so sweet. I've made some amazing friends there. And the contest rock! Back when the O.C. was entering it's fourth season, I tried for a contest. First 100 people won. I won. :) I got a messenger bag, the dvd of the first ep from the new season before it premiered, and buttons. I mean, it was a Great prize. Then, for a while, I wasn't at the site a lot. But I got back into it, talking to people who I met there. And I signed up for a bunch of contests. One of which I won. The grand prize for a Greek set. Greek First Season dvd, a tshirt, a HUGE poster, a drink cover, and a frisbee. And that was mad awesome!!! Then, I tried for more contests. And what do I see when I go on my webmail today? I won. Again! Only two people won, and I was one of them. How fucking awesome was that? It was Iron Man and I get a poster and shirt. How cool?

Seriously, go there. I love that forum. It's amazing. The site is completely incredible.


Check it out :)

It's My Hair and I Do What I Want With It!!!

Rarely do I ever write out blogs before I hit the comp. But this made me mad. I am sick of people telling me how I should do my hair. "I like it curly." "I like it dark." What the fuck? I couldn't test it out straight? And seriously, I enjoy it lighter. I didn't wreck my hair for less than a year of blonde. I actually have no plans of going dark. I mean, seriously, probably everyone else likes it darker, but to me, it's just a nice change. I enjoy it light. And yeah, I'll probably have it curly more times than straight, but it's like, why do you have to keep bringing up how it looks better? I mean, it's not your decision. And since when did people from my work have a goddamn say in my hair? Three, no, more than three people keep telling me to go dark. I don't want to! Fucking people.

Monday, June 16, 2008

My New Haircut

If you hadn't seen my new facebook pic, this would be my new haircut. I straightened it today, to show it off. I haven't figured if I like it more curly or straight. Eh. Both are pretty cute. But I thought I would show it off. My new haircut!!!! :D

And yes, that would be my niece in the corner.

Let's Make Me More of a Commitment-phobe

So, I know I don't have a shot in hell, but Kevin Jonas wants to marry young. When I read that, I was like, woah, turn off. I mean, 21? 20? That's fucking young. Like, he can't seriously think he's gonna get that done. Disney is probably having a shit-fit. Like I would think they were on contract to not marry until they were not popular. I mean, he turns 21 in November(why do I know that?) and seriously, they'll still be big. I know it. It's like, I doubt he'll find true love in that time. Unless he like, saw me. I'll try. But whatever.

Either way, that whole thing kinda freaked me out. Seriously, I haven't even had a boyfriend. I can't even put myself out to like, go on a date. Or even get a number. Or even smile at a boy and flirt. I just am weird. I'm pretty content with the way I am. I can't even see myself with a boy. I think I am way too picky. And the fact that some people want to marry in like, two years time scares the shit out of me. I mean, no offense, but to me, now, that is tying myself down. Like, what the fuck Kevin Jonas? Live a little. You're not a fucking Puritan. Or are you? Oh shit.

Like, yeah I know that when true love strikes, I'll want to be with that person forever. But marriage just means the start of a new life. I would much rather prefer to live with this guy like, for three years before actually marrying. Kind of like my sister. She met her husband when she was in college. Dated him til like, maybe six years ago? And he proposed to her on Christmas Eve. She was 24 when she got married; he was like 28. My brother was 26 when he married. I would much more prefer to be able to just live life without marriage hanging over me with this person. A test out. Like, seriously, at 21, you're just able to drink. You've just fully matured, and usually, that hasn't even happened. I personally think that my appetite for Kevin Jonas has fully disappeared. It really has. Like, the fact that he thinks he'll find true love in less than a year and marry? Ha. Any girl who has a good style to them would need at least a year to prep for the wedding. I mean, yeah, he seems like a true romantic. But maybe I'm just being cynical. Once I find my first boyfriend and think it's it true love, maybe I'll see the same thing that Kevin does. I am just too cynical now. Ah well.

Apparently this isn't love...

Man, my niece tells me she doesn't love me. Ouch that hurt. I watched her all day. And I don't think I'm gonna get paid. Which kinda worries me. I need some cash bad. I'm a greedy little hoe. I might have to up my prices. Six dolla, six dolla. You pay now! For more, me love you long time.

I have major issues. Ugh.

Disregard this since I just wanted to show off me and my niece. Wow I really want to say nephew, probably because I see him a lot more than this little chica. Maybe that's why she doesn't love me.

Baldwin Alert!

I wish I had gotten a photo, I really do.

So, when I was in New York, at the Camp Rock premiere, everyone is like, looking for the stars. Being the awkward one I am, I start looking up and down the white carpet, and who do I see?

Oh yes, a Baldwin brother.

Now I'm not completely sure if it was really him or not, I mean, it was far away, and I was with all these annoying little brats. But of course, I go to Sam, "Oh my gosh, it's a Baldwin brother!" As people chant Joe, or Nick, or Kevin, I scream "BALDWIN!!!!" really loud. Like really loud. This mom near me just started laughing. She knew who I was talking about. Me and the mom, we're in the know.

Then people were all like, "oh who is that?" and I think someone said it was the dad from Wizards Of Waverly Place. UH, no???? I mean, seriously, get your family of celebrites right. We had on our hands a Baldwin, not a DeLuise. There's four famous ones a piece, but the Baldwins are all brothers. Dom DeLuise is the big daddy of Peter, David, and...oh fuck. IMDB tells me it's Michael. He's obviously my least favorite. I mean, seriously I love the DeLuises. David rocks at being the dad on Wizards. I was the only one who knew it was a DeLuise the minute I saw him. The second rather. I am just that good at identifying my DeLuises. And Peter is fucking Penhall from 21 Jump Street! That show was the SHIT. Seriously, if you missed it, bad! Ever day at four on the local channel in the 60's, it would be chilling in repeats. Don't tell me you wouldn't want to see Johnny Depp all young and our age. I mean, yeah, he's hot now. But you shoulda seen him back then. Scorcher! And Michael was in....oh my gosh, I always forget this! He's TJ from Gilmore Girls! Seriously, everyone has seen a DeLuise somewhere and you don't even know. Baldwins always get the credit. Whatever. Seriously, if there had been a DeLuise on that carpet, I would have died. I really would have. I'm starstruck with the DeLuises.

Hannah Montana Still Kicks Some Major Ass

So, being the Disney nerd that I am, when OceanUp told me that new Hannah episodes leaked, naturally I would watch. And you know what? I swear, they're getting better. Miley's character seems to actually have a personality. And it's nice. I love this show. It makes me smile when everything else sucks. I mean, Disney really has a hit on their hands. And I know there will be another season, which excites me. I worry that Miley Cyrus will give up on it. I mean, when I watch it, I forget how much of a hoe she is in the outside world. It's my escape. And yeah it can seem really childish, but I love it. I've always enjoyed relaxing television that doesn't have major drama, and if it does, it finishes in one episode. And yes, the writer in me wants to see more drama. I probably could write some kick ass episodes. But I am not gonna write some HM fanfiction. I am past that time. I'll write my own original stuff. And enjoy the hell out of Hannah Montana.

Excuse me while I go watch another episode. :)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pure Sex

Wow. Chace Crawford got nothing on this boy. This photo is what I want him looking like after I get done with him. Oh my gosh, I had a heartattack during that episode that just replayed tonight. I was like, holy fuck, I want to jump him. I was close to it. I wanted to say some dirty things, but my parents were in the room so that would have been tre awkward. More than tre. Like the most awkward thing ever. More awkward than watching Borat with them. Don't ever do that. Gosh, worst movie watching experience ever.

So enjoy this sex photo. I'm B, so fuck yeah he's mine. Kevin can be my Chuck. Or Chuck will be my Chuck. I'll be with Kev, then we have a fight, and well, some things happen with Ed, and then Kevin finds out, but we work it out. Yeah, that would be nice.

Perez Hilton is a Douche, Chris Martin is a God

Yep. I'm sticking by that saying. I mean, I am reading Perez's blog lately, only because I need to keep up on my celeb gossip, not because I like him. Because he clearly knows nothing about music. I don't know how the fuck he can say Coldplay's Viva La Vida "sucks." Like, what the fuck? Ugh.

Now, onto the review. :D

I'm gonna go song by song, because the cd is that fucking awesome. It truly is, dead serious. Go get the cd now. RIGHT NOW. :)

First, "Life in Technicolor." You can barely hear Chris Martin sing, it's only like a tiny tiny little bit, but it's a bursting intro with instruments. I mean it's kinda techno-y, I guess. It's hard to describe. But there's a guitar playing, and I think a mandalin? Either way, it sounds so pretty. Being the writer that I am, I love to find music that sounds really good when writing. Maybe for a scene, when I write television. The song really reminds me of an ending scene for a season premiere of a show. When I write something that I'm intending to I feel like this will be the song on repeat. It's soooooo pretty. I have always loved instrumental songs. Death Cab's "I Will Possess Your Heart" (the album version, not the radio) was so great with the four minute instrumental beginning. I love instrumentals. I really do. I live for them, they just really help me when I'm writing. I don't have to worry about lyrics interfering with what I write.

Now, onto "Cemeteries of London." I love when two songs blend into each other. Reminds me of Linkin Park's Meteora. That shit was good. A little depressing, but good nonetheless. Now, this song has a little dark feeling to it, but not too dark. Just maybe a little undertone. Reminds me of a dark night in London in like, the 1700's. As for the chorus, the lalala thing is really cool. Usually I'm not a fan of choruses being not real words, but for this, it totally works. I think that even though Chris Martin is the lead singer, he gives his band members more of the spotlight here. I can hear them lala'ing, and I love it. It feels very collaborative. I love that stuff.

Onto "Lost!". I am not the biggest fan of exclamation marks or really any ending punctuation in a song. It feels final to me, but whatever. I feel a little Kanye influence to this, at least because of the beat. It almost sounded like Chris Martin was putting an attempt up to rap. At least it wasn't full on rap. I would have died. But the chorus is really pretty, the way it builds up to it in the beginning and seamlessly goes into the normal tone of each verse. It's a little bit of a lower point for me; but that's not to say I don't like it. I really do. Maybe I'm not right in saying it's a lot point. It's just not my absolute favorite. But that does not mean I'll be skipping it, a la "White Shadows" from X&Y.

Okay, so "42" is really pretty, but I totally do not understand the title. But whatever. Someone explain it to me. Anways, it's Chris Martin and a piano and a slow tempo. What could be better? I think this is the closest to their old stuff, other than "Viva La Vida." This really feels a bit like "AROBTH"(A rush of blood to the head, to you non-CP-heads), at least the beginning does. Then it goes into a faster tempo, with I don't even know what instrument. A violin? Slide guitar? I'm thinking the latter. Either way, it kicks ass. I love the sound. It really is a perfect song. I love the slow into fast songs, like, "A Little Bit Longer" from the Jonas Brothers. This song does it a lot better, but still. I think Nick Jonas wasn't attempting this, so it's cool. And the line "You didn't get to Heaven, but you made it close" is a really neat line. I'd love to figure out what goes on in Chris Martin's head. Because I swear it's probably got the meaning of life in it. Five minutes with him is all I ask. Man, that would be my dream.

Okay, so "Lovers in Japan/Reign of Love" isn't really my favorite. But it still sounds really nice. Quick piano is so pretty, especially when those tape covered fingers are playing those keys. I totally feel like this song could be the big ending song to a love story in Japan. It really feels like that. As I listen, I enjoy it more. I don't think I can find a song I don't like or aim to skip. Yeah, I know, the fact that I skipped Coldplay songs is horrible. Forgive me. Anyways, this song is really pretty. Because once again, we have a long instrumental. Boo. Yah.
Now, the little pause between Lovers in Japan and Reign of Love I was just like huh? Why not make them two different songs? But at least it wasn't some four minute pause. I hate those. They really really piss me off. But Reign of Love is nice, I think this might be the part I'll be skipping. It sounds like something I would sing to my niece and nephew had I learned piano. It's a little too kitchy. Is that a word? I know I say it, but I also say a lot of fake words.

I think everytime I start to listen to "Yes" I'm like, I just don't know about this song. Then as it keeps going, I start loving it. The odd instrumental, and then Chris Martin's low voice. That has to be the one thing that kinda drove me insane this whole album. I mean, I know they were trying some new things out, but couldn't Chris have gone back to a higher octave like once? At least in this song. I feel like it could have been ten times better had he belted it out in a higher octave. He's just not as strong with in the lower tone. The higher one was so great, and it really could have been perfect for this song. Sigh. You can't get an absolutely perfect album. I also loved the violin in it. And I know the second my mom hears that, she will go, "Is that a violin?" in her way to point out that I could have been that violinist had I kept going. She refuses to believe that the truth was that I mad sucked. Total suckage. I could so easy stuff, but after that, it was me fake playing.
Then once again, a space and another part of the song. These four guys like seriously loved that. I don't know. The second part is okay, but the first is definitely stronger. Oh well.

Onto my favorite song, the single, "Viva La Vida." Totally is reminiscent of "Speed of Sound" only like a million times better. It's just so fucking awesome. The beginning sounds so neat, and the way the music is all a little techno'd out, is awesome. I'm used to hearing only that little bit on the itunes commercial, so the whole thing is so much better. I think I could have been able to handle the violin in there. Staccato is pretty easy. I could do it slow and they could have sped it up afterwards. The song is really pretty. I just love it. Excellent choice for single. Feels like old times, but still is new. :)

Then, right into "Violet Hill." Like I said, I love those blends. They just are great. I mean, I must have listened to this song for probably four days in a row. When I listen to it, my mind jumps back to the bunk bed in my dorm room, sleeping there and then looking out the window and spying on people. Good times.
It really is a pretty song, but I think it's a little to different to be their official first single. I'm glad they released it early though, because it signified that they have changed. Had they only released "Viva La Vida" I think huge fans would have been mad that they were led down the wrong path. Either way, it's fucking awesome. So pretty. I love "Violet Hill." :)

Ha, I seriously almost forgot about "Strawberry Swing." I can't think of anything that has to do with strawberries without my mind jumping to the Beatles. But this song is really pretty. Just reminds me of a hot summer day, chilling with people on a hill, just having fun. With bubbles too. The bubbles are the deciding factor. Or like, a long drive with the windows down and your hand making those wave movements out the window. I love it.

"Death and All His Friends" is pretty, but I think I've fallen asleep on it way too many times. So I haven't given it a long enough listen through to be fully thorough on it. But it sounds amazing, like how Coldplay always is. :) Oh, and it's like "Life in Technicolor" at the end-ish of it. I really love that song.

Overall, it may be the best album. Definitely better than X&Y, and maybe on tie with AROBTH as my favorite. But I think AROBTH will always be my favorite. Songs like "The Scientist" and "AROBTH" are just too good.

Ha, that reminded me, at work someone was like, "Gosh, everything is so complicated." And I had to do it. I was just like, "Nobody ever said it was easy." And I was so happy. The simple fact that I could do a Coldplay line in normal day occurances makes me so happy. I've done it way too much with JB.

Overall grade of CP, I'll have to agree with the lovely EW, and give it an A- :D

Oh yeah, and anyone who hates it(P-Nasty, I'm talking to you) is a Douche.

"Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Kevin...."

Oh, I was gonna bitch slap that little girl. I mean, here I am, showing off with my JoBro-ness, and she passes by Kevin. ARGH. "At least I can still marry Alex from Naked Brothers Band." Seriously, that girl had issues. Like, she knew nothing. "Ha, I have an autograph and so-and-so doesn't." God, it's a magazine. Get over it.

Then it kind of hit me. I felt like a real fan then and there. I don't like them for their looks(that's a perk though) I like them for their music. They're musicians first and foremost, not Disney stars. But to little girls, they're the same as the Naked Brothers Band. I mean, the only thing those two have in common is they are bands and they're brothers. That's it. The writing is on two very different levels. And it truly sucks that the Jonas Brothers are trying to be legitimate artists, but got lost along the way. I don't blame them at all, Hollywood Records basically was the greatest thing to happen to them. But they also chose Disney because they care(someone pointed out that Plain White T's are on Hollywood and you don't see them on Disney) but Disney really just took them and ran. I mean, there are two very different fans. Not old fans and new fans. The younger, tween fans, and the REAL fans. The fans that will love their music and continue to listen to them years later(I know I will. I always do that). Once Disney has had their way with them, they'll still have a really loyal fanbase. Which makes me proud to say I'm an older, mature Jonas Brothers fan. Because when it's all said and done, it's about the music, and only the music.

Dear Miss Hudge Pudge

Dear Miss Hudge Pudge,

Seriously I was looking for a new photo from your audacious video for that atrocious song, Sneakernight. But finding a pic of you being slutty is beyond easy. It was the first thing I found. Haha. You are so slutty. And you try to be all innocent with your Disney Channel ways. Where is your purity ring? Huh? Huh? Ha, I got you there. You hoe.

Anyways, I just saw your video for that song Sneakernight. Um, what the hell? Sneakernight? What the fuck is a Sneakernight? And it's fucking lame as shit. I don't think I will ever have a Sneakernight. Actually, you know what? I will. I will have a Sneakernight and tell you how that goes. Yeah...

Oh yeah, glowing shoelaces? Uh, WTF?


I would have wrote more but I'm falling asleep.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The Perez Strike Has Ended!

Now that I have the new Coldplay cd and will be able to make my own opinion(I would be listening to it now but Young Frankenstein is on...) I believe the Perez boycott is done. Finally. Only like, what, almost a big two weeks? Ah well. The strike has ended. Yay!

Plus, Perez got a lot of comments on how he sucks and everyone likes it. Haha. And every critic says the album is awesome. Suck on that Perez.

Just Some Random Thoughts on My JoBros

Okay so I love to make random stuff about the Jonas Brothers, that defends me against all those fucking teenie boppers. I liked them originally for their music. I did not know what they looked like. I really take pride in that. It was my individual choice to like them, not Disney pushing them on me. S got me into them a lot, and yay for that. I buy the magazines that they're in that has actual articles in it, that shows off their musical talent, not what they like in a girl. Of course I would love to date them, but odds are no. But I think I'm okay with that.

Also, I think that the Jonas Brothers might be able to keep going, but lesser venues. I mean, they still consider themselves rock. They listen to real artists. I think that what separates them.


Dear Hurting More Than I Knew

Dear Hurting More Than I Knew,

This is the third attempt at a letter to you. I can't find the words. I feel so lost. What did I do?

Friday, June 13, 2008

What the Fuck Computer, What. The. Fuck.

I hate this computer. If I had money, I would buy a new one. I can't watch any youtube videos, and it's fucking slow as shit. Time to scan it. UGH.

I hate Lori Loughlin

Ugh. I really do hate her. She was alright during Full House, but I don't know, something about her just fucking rubs me the wrong way. I mean, get over yourself, you're a hasbeen. Oh my gosh, you were on Summerland! Like, seriously, who watched that show? And now she's the mom on the new 90210. She might just be the reason I won't watch the show. I kinda do want to watch it. But with her, UGH. I mean, really, she seems like so into herself and like she is some awesome actress. She isn't. She sucked at being Rebecca Donaldson, she sucked at being that Summerland chick, and she'll suck at this. I hope they kill her early on. Then I would be all into watching. Fuck yeah. I'm starting the petition early: Get Celia Mills killed on the new 90210. Anyone signing? Come on, you know you want to.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who's That? Oh, just some 18 y/o dressed up as Blair Waldorf screaming Kevin

Yeah, that would be me. On Fox. Pretty awesome, eh? I'm fucking famous. Beat that bitches. I got them all beaten. I mean, hello, I was the real Kevin lover screaming Kevin's name. And in my dreams, he'll see that video and fall in love. Now you can see the damn person with that fucking poster. FUCKING POSTER.

Here are some photos I took as well:

Miss Demi :)
Papa Jonas

Ah, Joe smiling. So cute.

Oh yeah he saw me. ;)

The MisAdventures of the Subway

To try to speed things up a bit, and not kill our feet more than we did, we opted for the subway to get to Central Park. Too bad we head Downtown instead of Uptown.(I now have "Downtown" in my head as well as "Uptown Girls"....) We thought that we needed to go to 59th street, so we went on it. Then the train went across the water. Did we immediately worry? A little bit. But then I was the brilliant one who thought, oh it goes in a circle, we'll get there eventually. Since after all it said 59th street on the digital route thing in there. So when we got off the 59th street and 4th ave believing we were still in Manhattan, it was a little less than pleasant to see Brooklyn. Yep, we got lost in Brooklyn. It just doesn't get old. The subway worker laughed at us when we said we wanted to get back to Central Park. He knew we were subway newbies. I think everyone knew. Sigh.

Here's a picture of the map with some identifying spots. Yes. We were on for that long and did not think that much to get off.

I'm a Barbie girl!

Ha, that is me in the NYC Toys R Us. That place is the shit. No really, it's amazing. I wanted to DDR sooo badly. I mean, there's like one on every floor. How kick ass is that? And then there's animatronic dinosaurs and CandyLand people and really, the inner five year old in me just loses it. I start hoping around, from place to place seriously wanting to buy everything. I miss toys. I guess it's not very acceptable to play with them now. Sigh, stupid age. All those Barbies to waste. Oh well, I can be one. That would be fun. Though according to the Jonas Brothers FaceBook Discussion Board, I look similar to the Michalka girls, so that would mean my doll might look something like this:

Yeah, fucking scary. I'll stick with uh, no Barbie for me.

Shame on you, Disney, SHAME

Dear Disney,

So, while frantically searching 5th Avenue for a cheap pair of flip flops(oxymoron, right?) we went into the Disney store, where we found some flip flops, and I also found a lack of Alice items. Three stories, and all they could give me was four thing???? FOUR??? Alright, five if you count the two charms, but seriously. What the fuck Disney? What. The. Fuck. Alice is one the best, no the best, movie you ever did, and you can never make anything for it. I mean, dressing up the Chesire Cat? Ew, no thanks. A framed picture no one can afford. A 25 dollar snowglobe I almost bought cept the fact I didn't have the money. And two charms. Sickening, really.

And don't get me started on the fact that those stupid DisneyMania cds have the same fucking songs over and over. How many versions of Cruella De Vil does there need to be?? I mean, Alice had some great songs, but will you have an artist revamp it? NOOOO.....

Argh, Disney, ARGH.

Here are some pics at the store before I found the lack of Alice things:

I'm a Mouseketeer!Cinderella and me. :)