Saturday, July 25, 2009

This is the last summer of being a crazy Jonas Fan

I've accepted I'll never meet them. That is fine. Because, shit, they have some crazy fans.

Two days. Three concerts. A lot of screaming. And a lot of running. haha

So, I was running late on Thursday, as usual, because I wanted to straighten my hair. Which is just dumb because it was so disgusting by the end of the night. I had to shower the next day.And there went the straight hair.

Anyways, after almost getting lost(nay, we did) to Philly(I blame Bertha and my sister for that) we made it, and just kinda walked around. I don't even remember what we did. Hung around in the pavillion and was spotted by an old friend's mom. Can you say awkward? Her mom was always so adorable, so I didn't like be a bitch and not say anything. I did spot the old friend a few times and hid. I did not want that fucking awkwardness. Fuck no.

So, we go to the concert, and I had a floor seat, and Sam was on the whole other side. It was horrible. I kept texting her, and because of that(and that fact I didn't start charging my phone til basically a half hour before I left) my phone died. Everyone was screaming for DNW Jordin while I screamed for my phone. I made a few mentions of Demi trumping Jordin, which people around me heard. I was in the back of the floor. Like, last row, last seat. But I still loved it. I got foamed(all three boys have foamed me) and Joe's kinda stopped when he got to me(what is that saying?) and Kevin's went nuts when it angled at me. Idk, but I know they like to be on top. Haha.

So I was right near the one catwalk, which got me some kickass shots, especially cuz Joe was over there all the time. He took a poster for Garbo that said, "Garbo I'm peanut free!!" so adorbs. Then Garbo came around and gave the area a thumbs up. Nick never came over. I was so pissed. But eh well, he made up for it the next night.

after the concert, we met the Wonder Girls. Who I LOVE. They are just soooo cute! I mean, for real. That went quick so then we went into hyper drive and ran through the place and parking lot to get to our car only to wait in traffic. Boo. We made it to the TLA right before HS came on and we had pretty good spots despite the hands. omg, looove HS. Seriously. I wanted to meet them again, but I didn't have the money to preorder the album(now I do, but thats another story).

Then JB came out. I really didnt expect them to appear. I was just hoping for them to be at the balcony, but they actually came out. It was a crazy push forward. Someone lost their camera, which eventually wound up in between my feet. I went to grab it and almost panicked, cuz shit, I didnt know if I'd get back up. But I did. and it was fucking AWESOME. Oh my gosh.

So, next day. I got up early, yes, early. Boo earliness. We drove to Camden to see the Road Dogs play and were a bit of weirdos trying to meet the boys afterwards. Road Dogs game was fun to watch, but annoying because all the girls were fucking retarded. I now remember I had a dream about it last night. Ha.

Then we got lost again? I think. I don't remember. But we headed back. And then shit went down. Sam turned when it said no turns, and yeah, I've turned her into a bad person. It wouldnt be bad except we did that right in front of a cop. So we got pulled over. SO fun. NOT. We also apparently ran a red light, which made no sense. The whole thing made no sense. We couldnt go straight. I dont know, but this is the third time this has happened to me. Maybe I'm bad luck.
Oh well.

Anyways, we got to the venue and tried to win m&g for Honor Society. Fucking shit. I rocked out like no other. and still lost. WTF. I pulled out the Jolly Rancher, the Robot, what else? I mean, you had to do the Honor Roll, which I rock out thank you, and the people we were against had a built in audience. Fucking dad. I saw him and wanted to punch him. Sam momentarily lost it after that and wanted to meet Wow. Yeah, Idk. Creepy colorful boy band. yep, you know it, DNW.

Then we sat around, walked around, won some mirrors at Q102. Then concert time. She was 9 rows below me. So high. But so awesome. Sam came up for most of the time, and we danced. Since I wasn't so close, I could savor the concert more. Like, I could just dance and scream and have fun. Though I did get some amazing shots.

Black Keys/ALBL. I almost lost it. I teared. Soo beautiful. He told the story of his diabetes and it was sooo amazing. i twittered about it like crazy. Boy is amazing. Yep, true fact.

So, then I taped Much Better, which was soooo amazing to tape. Best part of the concert. So colorful, and so energetic, I mean, it recorded so nicely. Plus I got the jumps and flips.

We tried to get foamed. No luck. Fucking shit.

Then Joe "hit" Nick with a drumstick after Live To Party. At least, I think. I also think it was a ploy to get Nick to check his blood sugar. I mean, I'm sorry, yeah, you got hit, but I don't think it would take that long to get checked out. Apparently, Nick has been having issues with that, and the poster reading while he gets checked out is not uncommon. Poor boy. I think he was good then, and I didn't see Nick get hit, but I'm going with the sugar thing.

End of the concert. Sad. met Wonder Girls again. ADORBS!!!!! Ah, I love them. Me and Sam know the dance and I was gonna do the point thing in my picture but I was too busy telling them how awesome they are to remember! oh well. They remembered me. I love them. Yay for twice meeting them.

Then parking lot for like almost an hour. Watched crazy kids run around. Talked to my mom. Blasted Demi near the end. Then home, no getting lost, and we slept. Til this morning when we shopped. Good times. I'm Captain Fine'ing myself up soooo good. Gonna be AWESOME. haha.

Ok, wow, lengthy. lmao. oh well. peace!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I Learned From HP6

Midnight Showing, might I add:

~Anything in that movie can turn homoerotic. And hilarious. SOOO enjoyable. I have a sick mind.

~ I thoroughly do not enjoy things coming out of water. Fucking shit!!! It was terrifying. I was dying.

~ The people behind me were epic wins.

~ People booing New Moon are my new Bffs. I also enjoyed yelling "FAIL" when Bella cuts her finger. Oh and "FUG" at Taylor Lautner.

~ Fangirling for Jason Segel is soooo fun.

~FailJoe will always be Fail. Even if JGL and Gaila from ST are in it.

~I miss reading the books and am happy for my tattoo. <3

Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Don't Even Know What To Title This

I really didn't. And I still don't know exactly where my place is in this whole discussion/argument that's going on. All I do know is I have realized the people that annoy me the most. People with such a high sense of entitlement, that they know all and can just say whatever and not give a fuck. Maybe it has to do with the fact that some people have higher self-esteems than others, but I think the worst is when someone, who is so clearly of a lower self-esteem puts themselves off as if they don't have an issue. That they are "intelligent" if they discuss the issues and psycho-analysis everything. Because, I'm sorry, but who are they to say anything about another person, and discuss that person's well-being when they themselves are so clearly problematic and seems to love to tell people that they are. Why do we need to know you have "a dark past?" I certainly don't. I tend to not talk about the skeletons in my closet unless needed. Because to me, when you think that you're better than the rest of the drunks and depressed because you say you are? That doesn't make you better. It makes you fucking ignorant and rude.

It's the people like "Perez Hilton" who think that they know all. It's even more hilarious when they hate on people for the same thing that they themselves are doing. Why do these people think they are so much better than themselves? When they clearly are not. Because they are lacking something inside that gives them their confidence. They hate on people and feel the need to tell everything because they need to feel that they are just that important to tell people these things. I don't really give a crap where you're from, what you've been through, and if you want to tell me those things, then fine. But at the right time. You are no better than I because you can tell people you've been through shit, so you can just sit down.

I know this is the age of technology, and voyeurism, but really, do we need to know every little detail about your relationship? You need to share that with the WORLD? Honestly, think about it. If you really only want to tell people you care about, talk to them on the phone. But they can't, because these people feel that the entire world needs to know about their issues.

And I know, I may seem like an intense hypocrite when I write this, especially where telling the world what they think, but I do not contest that I am not a hyporcrite. I am stupid in the fact I need to blog things, but these were my thoughts, and I wanted to share. This is a general based writing(though I do have certain people in mind when I write about this), and I am not claiming that my opinion is the end-all, be-all. Really, I don't think anyone is better than anyone else, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think that certain people need to "get off their high horse." They may not realize it, but they are so desperate for approval and such, they need to put others down, to make themselves feel better. For example, I may say, I hate So-and-So because of these reasons, but is there a need for me to write a list of celebrities that don't deserve to be celebrities? Really? I find no point in that. Just because you wrote it, doesn't mean that someone is going to see it and go, "Shit, you know, Oprah is a bitch, take it all away, she doesn't deserve it." I personally hate Oprah, but she does a lot for people and I'll admit, worked her ass off to be where she is. She can deserve it as much as anyone else. I just don't like her attitude. That still doesn't mean she doesn't deserve all she'd gotten.

Again, I'm sounding hypocritical. I know I am. I write a lot of things, and I contradict myself constantly. But whatever. These were my thoughts on someone.

And as to the reason I do love to blog, is because I enjoy feedback. As in, I want to be a writer some day, and this can be practice.


I don't exactly know why I wrote that.

Not working...sad face(I tried a spock hand...)