Sunday, November 30, 2008

I Will Get These Damn Shoes

No lie, eventually I'll have those darn shoes. Fuck, both Nick and Miley wore those shoes. I must have them!!!!

Once Again, They're Teasing Me

Son of a bitch. Damn you Nick Jonas!!! I want that goddamn guitar.

By the way, I really loved their performance. Just saying. Haters to the left.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Two Actors I lllluuuuuuvvvvvvv..........

Paul Rudd and Edward Norton.

Seriously. These two actors are so different from each other, but they're both equally amazing.

To start, Paul Rudd is a king of that kind of I'd rather be dead, so bored, comedy. He's flat, and obnoxious, usually not in a main role. He is usually the guy who provides some of the best laughs but is not the catch. But he is. I mean, I just saw Role Models, and I have to admit, whole heartedly, that was the greatest movie I have seen in a while. I have never laughed so hard. Not fucking kidding. I mean, think about it. Where would Forgetting(oh my gosh, I totally wrote Finding) Sarah Marshall be? Knocked Up? Clueless?!?!? Seriously, that man is fucking awesome. I plan on seeing every movie he is in. Which is a lot. He's been in a shitload of stuff.

Now, Edward Norton. I have never really gotten to see any of his films, but I just saw the Incredible Hulk, and instead of being some random superhero movie, it was so much more. More of a chase movie, and Norton made it amazing. I mean, I was in love. When I was little, I had seen parts of American History X, and Fight Club. Only parts. Fight Club moreso. But I was little. But tonight, I watched Fight Club again. Holy fuck, it was amazing. I mean, this guy is so deep into his acting. He's probably a real douche in life, but I'll deal with that. He's so incredible.

I wish I could write more, but HIMYM is on. Swarlos is calling me. :D

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I Love Thanksgiving

The parade. I'm sorry but it's been this tradition in my life that is a constant. I usually only catch the last few minutes but this year, I got to see most of it. And sorry, I love it. I hope to get to go there one day. I mean, it's just such a fun time. It's so carefree, and innocent that I just have to think back to when I was little. It's in the 82nd year, and started in 1927, same year as my Nana. That obviously comes a little bittersweet, but that's okay.

Oh a fun Thanksgiving day story I love to tell. Ninth grade English. My teacher loved to give really hard extra credit questions. And it was around Thanksgiving, and he asked what year the Macy's Parade began. It was the 76th year, and last year they made it a big deal that it was the 75th year. I remembered that. So I thought, what year would that make it? I knew my Nana was the same age. Therefore, 1927. After the test, he gave us the answer and I did a "yes" little arm thing(it's really hard to describe) and everyone was floored that I know. I just love how much I love the Parade.

Really, I don't know how people can't watch. It's just this constant in history, and makes me smile. If I ever became famous, I want to be on there. I don't care how fucking cold it'd be, I wanna be a part. :)

CBS is also broadcasting the parade. Fail, CBS. It's all about NBC. They own the thing.

The one float was Rick Rolled. Rick Fucking Astley came out. How fucking BOSS is that? I mean, no lie, I was dying. It was the best moment ever.

I might have to get that new Bolt song from Miley Cyrus. Pretty decent.

Okay, rant over. Go watch the Parade. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

Push Fail

So I've been watching the Macy Thanksgiving Day Parade(more on that soon) and Push Play was on a float. And I've never really listened to them at all, and well, eh. They sounded like a mix between Fall Out Boy and like, the Academy Is, and crap, another band that I remembered and now cant. Seriously, they sounded just like a bad combo of all the other bands I enjoy. And frankly, that's really annoying. So yeah, not listening to them, and all those stupid Disney Secrets kids who like, LOVE Push Play, go the fuck away.

I Could Have Been There

I was supposed to go to New York today. And everyone fucking knows I love shopping. And I love H&M. And well, I could have been there dammit!!!!

OMG, she's, like, smoking!!!

Wow. I am so........not bothered by this. Haha. Is it sad I like her more because of this? I'm a bad person. Because I do. KStew is good in my eyes. I'd love to chill out with her.

Movies I Love But I Probably Shouldn't Watch Too Often

The Departed. I fuckin' love that movie. The blood, the gore, the cursing, that's no problem at all. But the problem is that I have this thing where I listen to Boston accents, and I just want to do the accent. At this moment I stopped watching the show, and all I want to do is make a Boston accent. It's become an issue. I think I need to leave the room and be alone so I can talk my Boston accent and be happy.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, for the third time in a year, RPattz is on the front cover of EW. I love the magazine, I really do, but seriously, there are so many others that deserve the cover more. I mean, really. They must have some crush on RPattz. Really. Yeah, I don't know.I mean, hell, he's fucking sexy as shit, no doubt about that. But really? Again? Sigh.

Oh, and ten points to who gets the title of this blog. Like, what am I referencing?

Moments Like These Make Me Smile

I watched the Jimmy Kimmel interview again, so I could get some great captures.

Kevin floating through space(pretty sure the movie he watched was 2001: A Space Mindfuck(oops, Odyssey)...

And after a "girl" asked to have their baby:

Oh, here's the whole interview. :)

You Know You're Obsessed When...

Your dad goes to you while watching the Jonas Brothers: "Oh look, your boyfriend is playing an Explorer."

Props to my dad.

Other thoughts during Jimmy Kimmel performance/interview:

-McBurglar? McFail, Joe.
-I love Kevin in hats.
-They shouted out to fans. Again. Yay.
-Joe forgot what part he was saying. He should have gone "Girl, you're outta control." He said "Girl, I think you're outta control." He started the first one, "Girl, I think you and me would make a good couple." I think. I don't know.
-Nick played the solo. At least, my dad thinks so. Either he fakes it very well, or he truly did it. Either way, yay.
-Best shot after Jimmy dressed as a girl. I died. I need that picture.

Oh, uh, here's a review. Twihards, beware.

So I'm writing this review out(and now typing it out, like, three days later) in the middle of the night because I'm nocturnal/insomniatic. After watching Twilight, I felt....the same. Exactly the same. Maybe because my Twilight obsession was quite fleeting. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy it. I do. I just feel like I have a life outside it. I'll still buy whatever I can, and see the movie again. Because, I enjoyed it. A lot. I really did. Catherine Hardwick did a great job. Not that I didn't expect her to. She did some scenes so differently. Angles all weird, zooms done inaccurate, very reminiscent of Thirteen. But it was so...elegant. I was transfixed. Then the teenies would do something and I'd roll my eyes. I almost ended up hating the movie because of them.

While the story was slightly changed, the screenwriters did an excellent job of getting all the scenes that were important. The dialogue was...par. I really loathe the lamb/lion exchange. I wanted to kill myself, frankly. I don't care how many Twihards get mad, IT DIDN'T FIT. Some loyalties must be demolished in order to make the movie better.

Then, the actors. Real actors. I'm glad they took this seriously. Every vampire actor clearly researched. Mannerisms, quirks, voice. Very loyal. (Examples: Jackson Rathbone's always in pain movement, Rosalie's icy demeanor, Emmett's big teddy bear quality) I even enjoyed Kristen Stewart, who I was very unsure of. She wasn't a fake character. She played the character real, and true. Her stammering in the hospital, for example. Not many movies continually let an actress just stammer for a while. But a real person would. It showed the confusion and speed her mind was going at. I was impressed.

But the real and obvious star. Robert Pattinson. The devotion and seriousness he took was refreshing. That character consumed him. Method acting is always a treat to watch. Movements, words, breathing, everything was planned. He made Edward enjoyable again. I felt there was a broken strength in him. Example? When he is completely losing it in the forest. The sheer power behind Pattinson's eyes was enough. He just played this character not like an enigmatic being from a recent book hit, but like a person who has a lot of issues. I really can't wait to see Pattinson in Little Ashes. I have no doubt there is an Oscar nomination in his future(highly unlikely for Twilight, though).

What is so interesting about Pattinson is that he's anti-Hollywood. No, not normal. Normal is what, say, Taylor Swift does sometimes. Stays away and tries to live a normal life. No, it's a little obvious, to me at least, Pattinson loathes his fame. I think that's why he is slowly destroying his image of teen heartthrob. He reminds me of an early Johnny Depp. The passion is acting, not fame or money. They enjoy what they do. Just not the fame, press involved. I feel like Pattinson is semi-thankful for his loads of fans, but also despises them. Because they like him for the wrong reason. Because he's Edward. That's why in any interview, he stresses his devotion to the character and the disgustingness of himself. To be unliked. He's 22, let him do whatever he wants. He doesn't want to be the Twilight golden boy(no pun intended). Let Taylor Lautner do that. It's just all these teenies have clung to Pattinson like a fourth Jonas Brother. Clearly there'll be a Twilight sequel. It was announced the day after the first premiered. I'm afraid that I do not want one.

See, the real lacker in the movie was....the story. And not just the movie, the books too. Oh, if you don't want to hear me back she story/get retrospective(Finnish Spitz, you're not allowed to read until you read the first book), just skip til I say so.

Anyways. It isn't like I don't like the books. They(meaning 1,3,4) never seemed real to me. Enticing, yes, but I felt no reality. I hate romance. While I'd love to have some great romance, I doubt I will. It's too cliched for my liking. I'm a cynicist, a pessimist. I'd rather live in reality than fall from the clouds. With my expectations(usually) everything is up. Yes, I have had some high expectations of things, but I generally try to stay down on the ground. This gets me in trouble. Especially since I talk. So, if you're too high in the clouds to read this, or deal with my shit, simply leave and watch some Cinderella. That shit never ends badly. ;)

Anyways(again), I never believed Edward and Bella as in love. The movie heightened this notion. No doubt Stewart and Pattinson have chemistry, but I refuse to believe the characters are in love. Fascination is not love. I mean, Edward was fascinated with Bella for her scent, and he couldn't read her mind. Bella was fascinated because he was fascinated(and because he was a fucking creeper). I seemed to have missed the love part. I shall blame Stephenie Meyer. She began writing from those two in love, and wrote to the end, then filled the background.(She also was crazy. She would converse with Edward and Bella and they did things because they were "strong characters." Hmm, no. I never saw either as strong. They wish-washed, did random things, and the ending, annoying. I've stopped Breaking Dawn because Bella is a dumbass and Edward is a pussy. Until Pattinson, I never really understood Edward. I finally was given insight). Meyer simply never developed the love part. Fascination, yes, but not love. And the movie did less. It moved too quickly. Two months to be in love and give up your entire life? Well, congrats to you Bella. Up until the vampire thing, we were similar. I can deal with the vamp thing, but to be in love? Go fucking live life. You don't start aging until like, 21. Four years. Live you fucking life, you stupid anti-feminist damsel.

See, the reason I think I loved New Moon so much because it felt real. Meyer described the pain wonderfully.(About her writing: no, it's not great. But it's not horrible. The POV is a 17 year old girl. Of course it won't be amazing. Cut the girl some slack. For one dream, crazy lady wrote pretty decent). I felt connected to Bella. After that, slowly out the window.

If you were skipping, start reading here. Twilight is a good series, a good movie. It could be better. You know my reasons why. I could elaborate on this all day long. Seriously. But, I want to hear your opinoins. Don't just skip this.

Comment. Please???

Oh, overall grade: B
Story: D
Acting: A
Filming/Directing: A-

Friday, November 21, 2008

Gender Issues

I still refuse to believe. I was taken for a complete blow this weekend. My whole childhood, it crumbled before me. All these memories, they no longer seemed correct. I doubted everything I knew and loved when I was little. There's this odd, vacant hole in my heart that doesn't know how to process these things. I just feel so....used. So, betrayed to. Lied to. It was all a lie. They never told me? Why? Why couldn't they come out and just say it? Why did they let me assume things that weren't true? Now, I can never trust them again.

Magenta was a fucking boy. What. The. Fuck. I got that Blue was a girl, and Periwinkle was a boy, but I NEVER expected Magenta to be a boy. Goddamn, Nickelodeon was going against some gender roles there. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. They totally changed that shit up. No one ever knew they were totally for Prop 8. Well, Nickelodeon, I salute you. I just wish you had told me. I didn't have to hear it from my friend who our musical director dated Steve(who by the way, is looking mighty fucked up, and is 35. Poor guy).

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jonas = Fail

Not just the show, them. I like them as people, I like them as musicians, but lately I cannot stand them! Like, goddamn, do something your own fucking age! Kevin is fuck 21, do something adult. Same with Joe. It's annoying. Like, ok, they're doing a show, but seriously, Kevin is still in high school? He doesn't look it. At least Jason Earles still looks young. Like, fuck. ARGH! And then this stupid 3d movie. Like, I'll go to a concert, of course, but seriously, I can't stand their decisions anymore. If they could do one thing, ONE thing, that their management didn't tell them to do, I'd be happy. It could be to just like, be fucking normal, and not the Disney Pussies they've become. Ugh. I don't even know anymore what they're trying to do, and what they actually want to do. It sucks when that happens. Because I have to feel ashamed. I have to defend them, because I still want to believe, but they're fucking Disney Pussies.

Boredom Has Brought Out A Bunch of Blogs, and Me Obsessing Over My Hair

So, today, was a boring day. And I have this mirror on my desk, because it's easier to do my makeup and shit at my desk than anywhere else. So I kind of always stare at my hair and make sure its cute. When I have a webcam, you'll be able to see how awkward I am at my computer.

And today, staring at my hair, I realized it does look like Hannah Montana's. I had gone to get my hair done a while back, and I used Hannah's new look as what I wanted. Though I never thought it looked a whole lot like hers, I love my new haircut. I missed having bangs. I think I can pull them off pretty awesomely. Anyways, I realized that my hair looks like Hannah's. And probably no one will agree with me. But I made this pic to kinda show it. Disregard my fugness and the bad pics.

Oh and the left hand pic? I just thought her dress was neat looking. All the other pics it look fug as shit, but this, it looked neat. Looks like her stylist took a white dress and poured dye and made it look awesome. I also sorta have those boots. She totally stole the idea from me. I've been wanting to rock those boots for like, months. Bitch.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008


This picture baffles me. Kevin and Joe need to get rid of those fucking outfits. Seriously, wtf. Nick looks alright, but seriously, I am so confused on this tv show. The first episode just sounds like a fail. And frankly, I think the whole show is a fail. They're supposed to be a band, not dumbass sell-outs for Disney. Though I probably would do the same thing if I was in their position. So I can't hate too much. I'll watch. All I know is they'll lose any bit of credibility as a real band with this. Too bad.

On other notes about this picture, I fucking want Kevin's guitar. NOW.


Do. Me. Now.

He is just too good-looking in that pic. :)

It's Always Sonny in Hazleton...

That was the first catchy title I've been able to come up with since like, forever. I'm pretty proud of it.

Anyways, this is a Demi Lovato post. Shoot me. I don't give a fuck. The name Sonny is actually really growing on me. I kinda love it now. Damn, now look what happened there. She even seems like a Sonny to me. Fuck, I thought I was gonna hate the whole show. I might like it. Might. But only because of these two awesome people pictured below.
Jo! Jo! Jo!!!! Oh my gosh, no fucking lie that excited me times a million. I love Nancy McKeon. She is BOSS. Haven't used that in forever. But really, I love this. I mean, fuck, if this has Jo from Facts of Life on it, it HAS to be good. I'm not lying. I will pretty much watch anything with her in it. Facts of Life reunion? Check. That crappy Christmas movie a few years ago? Oh hell yes. Her Lifetime TV show? A few times, yeah, I checked that shit out. I love Nancy McKeon. It's like how I love the DeLuises. They can do no wrong. I'll always love them.

Oh yeah and Demi is in the pic too. Fuck, I love her. Eventually I'll meet her....again. Damn, that sounds really conceited. Eh, I don't care.

There's also other pics from that particular episode of Sonny With A Chance.

I like......her shoes? I'm shaking my head in shame. But I'll still watch.

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Birthday Presents.

So, today is my birthday. Last night I got a little cake from my suitemates and Hannah Montana adorable. But since I'm like, away from all the people I want to spend it with, I have gotten a ton of Facebook, and a bunch of texts, but this blog, I believe has topped all:


I love Finnish Spitz, and oh my gosh, it was the sweetest thing ever.

And, not to forget, my lovely S for wishing me a happy birthday too!!!

So adorable!


I need to get home PRONTO. haha

Monday, November 17, 2008

2001: A Space Odyessy

Mindfuck. That's it. Just, a mindfuck.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to If U Seek Amy

Fuck yes. I am in love with Britney Spears' new songs. Four of them are all out: Womanizer, Kill The Lights, Circus, and If U Seek Amy. Fucking amazing. Like, I blame ONTD for getting into her more, but shit, I'd hate myself if I wasn't into these songs right now. They are so fucking good.AH! Listen to them, they're amazing.

Oh and don't get the lyrics I posted? Maybe you will with this....

All of the boys and all of the girls are begging to F.U.C.K. me.

Fucking genius. I love her.

Oh and like every song leaked. Except three. But that's ok. I shall go revel in the amazingness of Britmas. :D

Where the fuck did the hair come from?

Jake T. Austin, you fug'ed yourself up. Cut your hair. And if you run into Jason Segel, tell him the same.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

And Look What Two Years Does To Me and Brad!

First, I was mad at him. And then, I wanted him to adopt me. Oh, and those two years did not do Brad any good.

A Trip Down a Wax Memory Lane

While creeping on my own old photos, I found a picture of me with Marilyn. So let's see how two years fared on me.

Taste the Happy!!!!!!

It kinda tastes like sad......


Jeffrey Tambor, the amazingly awesome actor, says the Arrested Development Movie is a go!!!!

Celebrations all around!!!!

If you don't know the show, well, shame on you. I hear the dvds on sale at Target for 15. I want them for my birthday! I have one season, but I don't know which one I have. Anyways....

Amazing AD gif time!!!!! and lol at the Franklin being in Twilight. :)

It's not easy being whiiiiitttteeeee......

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You Want A Review? I've Got One.

I'm only doing one. Because frankly, I'm kinda ADD lately, and no lie, three reviews(HSM, Twilight, and Taylor Swift) would be sooooo much. Like, too much for me. But I guess if you begged, then yeah, I'd review the first two. Haha.

So I shall review Taylor's sophomore album, even though I'm listening to Girls Aloud, and I kinda don't want to stop. lol

Let's start, shall we?

Oh, and I tried to make this not all appear on the front page, but fuck that shit, it was too hard. They need something like ljcuts, which are easy.

1. Fearless - I should have reviewed this whole cd earlier, to give my first and most honest immediate thoughts. But I didn't. Because I've become really lazy with this. I can't help it.
Anyways, this song is, I don't know how to describe it, cute? She attempted to describe Fearless in her Thank You page, like what it means to her, and frankly I still don't know. I just love the imagery in this song.

2. Love Story - My second most played song. Never thought it would be owned by a country song. This is a cute song about a Romeo/Juliet relationship, and it just showcase some of Taylor's more imaginary images. Since she has gone on record and said that she wishes she could have this, it doesn't exist. Though she also claims there is a face to every song. Which is nice, I guess. But damn, she's 18 and had a lot of boys in her life. Fuck. I need to get her skills.
Random side note: I thought Juliet's dad hated Romeo. And then Juliet is an illegitimate love child from an adulter....I don't know, the images confuse me here.

3. Fifteen - Aw, shucks, such a cute coming of age story. To quote my roommate, "Someone lied to her." Really. It's a cute song, but I basically have nothing to relate in this song. I mean, it should be easily relatable, but not for me. Because I'm the girl who really doesn't know anything about love(oh and makes a lot of shit up in her poems). I also wish this was about PA. She needs to start repping PA more. She only lived there for her first 14 years. Whatever.

4. Hey Stephen - The beginning of this song keeps getting stuck in my head. It's too catchy. I love how in country music, the 'g's just go away. That must be why Taylor liked Joe. They all hate the letter G. (Note: If you don't get that, go to this post[note again: link to be added when I have time]). It's a good song, not my favorite, but the great thing about her, is that all her songs just get into your head. She's great at good rhythms and words.

5. White Horse - I don't really understand the name. Just because it's like, a small little line in the song. I don't know. I'm weird like that. But it is a nice slow song. I really do like her slow ones, because I feel like a million emotions can come up to the surface.
Oh, and what is her obsession with princes and princesses? She really loves talking about them.

6. You Belong With Me - I knew I would like this song just from the images in the booklet. I really like this song, because it's definitely relateable, because, seriously, we've all been there. You know you're meant to be with someone, and they never notice you. God, not being noticed is my entirity. I used to be invisible in halls. I was made fun of it often. People just ran into me. Got pretty irksome after like, my life. Yeah, I went off topic. Anyways, this is definitely country-infused more than pop-infused. For some reason, Taylor makes me like country. Damn her.

7. Breathe - I like this song, but it's one of those songs where it's really pretty, but you don't really listen to it. It's kind of background music. I feel bad for Colbie Caillat, because you can't even hear her. Isn't that like, the opposite of what duets? I can't hear Colbie at all. Kinda sucks for her.

8. Tell Me Why -Very country-esque, with the violin(fiddle, if you want to go all country on me). I really like this song. It's hard to really dissect her music, because I'm always so focused on her lyrics. She's a great modern relationship writer. Obviously she isn't a writer like Paul McCartney or John Lennon, but she has a great grasp at the young girl's thoughts. And of course, you could say, yeah because she is one. Not necessarily. It takes a lot to be able to effectively get across a feeling everyone can relate to without it being so general and boring.

9. You're Not Sorry - Gosh, I really love this song. The chorus is so catchy, and dark, and it's not upbeat, but it's a fast tempo. I love those kind of songs. It's powerful, and not slow, but not fast. It's this song that cannot be defined well.

10. The Way I Loved You - I like the way that it should be the song about this great guy, but I think, she misses this old destructive relationship. The idea reminds me of "Get Back" by Demi. What is it with these girls and bad relationships? They love their fighting. I really like how she's in love with this guy who was so bad for her, but in essence, was so good for her. Though it's easy to know that it didn't work out.

11. Forever & Always - My favorite song. And no, not because it's about Joe Jonas. It's fucking catchy. The imagery of the rain in the bedroom always gets me. It's so random, so awkward, and that's what I think works for it so much. I also this Joe was an ass when he said "Forever & Always." I mean, seriously. They dated for two months. Ugh, jumping in and out of things much? Oh and "silence that cuts me to the core"? Also, amazing writing. Simple sentences like that catch me off guard, and I love it.
BTW, I didn't notice Camilla Belle at the beach, but she was. Well, it makes sense to me....her and Joe. If the eyebrows match....

12. The Best Day - It's an okay song. Obviously dedicated to her mom. And that's cute. Is her mom alive? I'm pretty sure she is. Because I just saw her video of voting. For some reason, this song felt like her mom was gone. Weird, I guess. Oh and the flashbacks obv take place in PA. Yay.

13. Change - Third favorite, and most pop/rock that she gets. It's such a good song. I really actually have no idea what the message is because I just love the music. Oh well.

Overall, B+. A great cd. I don't know what she could change, but I don't want to give her a perfect rating, but some of the stuff wasn't amazing. I don't know. Just go download it. Or ask me for the cd to have the songs. :)

Oh, and for bonus, I'm gonna rant about Taylor, and her writing. Aren't we excited?

So, I've vented about wanting to try music(See: this post[also will be added later because I'm lazy]) and Taylor really is a great inspiration to me. I feel like my poems are similar to her writing, so I always like having someone to look up to. Obviously, I can't play anything, and I'm basically just writing random shit. But rather than mine have a face to every story, it's what story outside my life can inspire some writing? Yeah, that's how I am.

Either way, her writing has become a great inspiration to me. A definite good role model. All she needs to do is start repping her PA roots more and not damn TN. Rawr.

Hey There, Who's A Loser?


My devotion to Taylor Swift. Lol it's really bad how much I love her now.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

I Didn't Know I Loved Tim Gunn This Much Until This...

So, I was watching American Dad(not my choice, it was just on) and there was a buffalo, and I don't know, but all of a sudden, Tim Gunn, in cartoon form, appeared. I squealed. Loud. Like, a scream. And I clapped. It was AWESOME.

Then, he totally just appeared again. And I held myself in, and I grinned like the loser than I am and shook my hands really stupidly.

I forgot that I loved Tim Gunn so much. He lights up my life.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Have You Ever Heard Of....

Pedobear?Shit, I just came across him today, and does he bring the lulz. Oh man, ONTD is contaminating my life.

Here, I'll introduce you to the greatness of Pedobear.

Note: I'm not putting up the really bad ones....

I wanted to put up more, but it won't minimize pics now. :(

I want a pic of mine to be construed for Pedobear. Or meet someone dressed as Pedobear, like this:


Zomg so cute.

Aren't they? I want one. I want two. Named Elvis and Atticus. :D

BTW, Finnish Spitz of the Drowsy Observer pointed me out to these ADORABLE puppies. :D

Bands I Still Want To See

Since I have no more concerts to look forward to, I need to research these bands. Determined to see them live.

Taylor Swift
Miley Cyrus
The Killers
Death Cab for Cutie.

And I want to meet RPattz. Fucking tests and the world not allowing it.

Oh and here's the best part. Not a single on near me having a concert. FML.

Fucking Deluise!

This is so old. Like, from when I had a tv in my room. haha. Actually I have no idea where I took this pic. But it's David DeLuise, from WoWP! I love me some DeLuises. So adorable. They need to take over the world. Legit.

Some Inspirational Words

Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King could walk.

King walked so that Barack Obama could run.

And now, our children can fly.

Think about it. We've made some huge strides as a country. It's a great time to be an American.

Soc Needs To Stop Making Me Want To Cry

I don't know, I have been some weird emotional wreck lately. Not like, full out crazy, but little stupid shit makes me get all choked up. Like fucking Sociology class. We're talking about relationships, and she'll mention this stuff, like, what a relationship should be, and people she's met in the past, and I get really emotional. Like, on the verge of tears. What. The. Fuck. Like, I'm not in the mood for every Tuesday and Thursday to feel like I want to cry because I haven't found someone. Ugh.

I should start skipping Soc more....

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Team Taylor

So I never really picked a side until Taylor put up her new video. These are parts:

I mean, it was too great. Such a deep stab. I loved it. I really did. I mean, she's pissed. And she doesn't give a fuck who she tells. Which I love. A celebrity with guts like that is hard to come by. Truly.

I mean, I still believe Joe was pushed to do it, but maybe that's my love for them getting in the way. I guess I'm weird like that.

Side minute for the delusional: Some days I believe I have a shot. It's weird. I hate being delusional. But if it gets me through the day. haha

Getting Strange Now

Miley Cyrus, in London. November 3rd.

I bought that shirt a month ago. It's sad when I have exacts before exacts. Second time now. I have no proof now, but trust me, I bought it a month ago. I think I still have the tag.

Worst part is it's only ten bucks now. I paid 28. Ugh.

Edit a few months later: I found the receipt. It was from like, beginning of October. Yeah. :)

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Greatest Word to Come Out of Chris Martin's Mouth


It really was. He said it twice at the concert I attended, and I smiled like an idiot when he said that.

Alright, I guess I'll start from the beginning with the saga of the Coldplay concert.

May 16th - The day of the Q Concert. Ten o'clock. I anxiously buy tickets to the June 29th concert at the Wachovia Center in Philadelphia. Pretty decent seats. I go on to have a great time at the concert and scare Kevin Jonas.

June 11th - New York. I was there to see the Camp Rock Premiere. We get lost in Brooklyn, but before that I get a call from my dad. Coldplay's production crew is simply not ready to perform a concert yet. They postpone the concert to July 25th, the same day as the Jonas Brothers concert in Hershey.

June 12th-July 24t - Am wracked with decision. I blog about it a lot. But ultimately decide on the Jonas Brothers because of the cost, and the idea of a four day party with Jenn and Sam.

July 25th - I attend the Jonas Brothers concert. Have an amazing time. Never once felt guilty about not going to Coldplay.

July 26th - Bitch on Q102 rants and raves about the awesomeness of the Coldplay concert the night before. I am pissed, but the Jonas Brothers Rolling Stone magazine helps heal some of the blow.

August 11th - I check my Facebook, as per usual. A new update. Coldplay has added four new shows to their tour. I get a little excited. I read. November 1st - Wachovia Center, Philadelphia, PA. I scream. I also dance. My father can attest. I couldn't stop dancing. Prayers answered. :D

August 18th - I get the tickets. Section 7, Row 3. I dance some more.

November 1st - After a grueling almost six months, me and my mother head to Philadelphia. We unknowlingly pass the future loser of the Presidential race on his way to a semi-funny SNL skit.

Around 6:30 - We arrive at the stadium. Dolores, the wonderful GPS system gets us there with only one incident. Better than the previous time(April 6th, 2006 - Chris was sick, and his son Moses was born two days later. Very lucky) We pay $12 to park. I stand anxiously in a crowd, bag ready to be checked.

About 7:00 - Ticket scanned. Bag not checked.
We proceed to merch stand. My mother pushes me into people. I spend $108 on two tshirt, stickers, another poster, and a program. Then we buy Broadwalk fries. My mom slightly flirts with a black guy to get us to our seats.

7:15 - We are in our seats. Great seats. My mom and me eat the fries, then each get a cotton candy. I make sure to not have my fingers get sticky. My mom doesn't. She proceeds to get a second one. We watch as some couple get kicked out of their "seats." It's funny.

7:30 - Duffy begins her set. I scream. And piss off the people in front of me. I scream more.

Somewhere between 7:30 and 8:05 - People boo Duffy. I tell them to fuck off. I scream louder. my voice was already going. But I still tell them to shut up and I scream even louder for my girl Duffy.

7:55 - I call Finnish Spitz to play supposedly "Mercy." Wrong song. I quickly but not very quickly hang up.

8:00 - I call Finnish Spitz again, this time for "Mercy." It's an awesome song. I die.

8:45 - Coldplay plays a rap song before they come on. Only they would do that.

8:50 - Coldplay puts a classical song on. I giggle more.

9:00-ish - Coldplay comes on. I scream a lot more. The girl next to my mom also screams a lot. We go into a screaming match that she doesn't know about. To me, I win.

9:00-9:55 - Amazing concert. I'm grooving out, screaming, taking some great pics.

9:55 - Coldplay has two side catwalks. They go on the one closest to me, and proceed to get off, and walk down the aisle. I shove my way to the edge. I'm practically molesting a security woman to touch them. I'm inches away. I die. I was in the presence of greatness.

Sometime in the concert - Chris Martin reads the newspaper, congratulates the Phillies. We all erupt in screams. He dedicates a song to the Phillies. Then another, a sad one, to the Rays. He also goes off on how he was in Ohio, and there were no plumbers. They were all doing interviews and conferences. "The Hardest Part" is dedicated to Ohio's residents in need of plumbers.

10:17 - "Lovers In Japan" starts. A very awesome song. It is the new single. Download the video. I believe it's still free.

10:19 - Climax of song, confetti flies out and falls to to the crowd. It is in actuality butterflies floating down. Amazing feeling. I later collect a bunch of them.

10:25 - Coldplay takes their bow. I get the greatest fucking pic. Jonny Buckland, guitarist, is wearing a Fightin Phillies tee that I go nuts over. Chris previously wore a white shirt with a red V, like in "Viva la Vida" font. Will Champion, drummer, who sang a song in the crowd(after "The Scientist") wore a white shirt, with the number 42 on it. That is the name of the fourth song on their fourth cd.

10:28 - Longest three minutes of my life. Coldplay finally comes out for their encore. "Yellow," their first hit(but their second single off their first cd), is played. I die some more.

10:32 - The concert finally ends. I somehow still have a voice. Ah.

Thus ends my extensive delivery of one of the greatest concerts EVER. :) Pictures to come later.

I'm Ready to Ba-Rock With the Obama-rama!

He won. He fucking won. I feel like it's a dream. I really really wanted a newspaper today, but they were gone by the time I got to any. Curses. Maybe my dad got my text. Doubt it.

Anyways, I voted Tuesday morning. Skipped all my Monday classes, and my first Tuesday class to make sure I was home to vote. We left there at like, 9:15, which apparently was a great time. Before then, it was lasting forever, and after it took longer(my mom, who had been sleeping when me and my dad went, waited for like, three hours). Either way, I got to vote. I had applied for Absentee, but it came too late so I had to get out of line and made sure I could vote. I would have kicked some ass if I couldn't.

I voted straight Democrat, simply because I wasn't too sure on other people. I hadn't had time to look into it all. And I voted yes on a small tax increase on a way to preserve land. I did a whole essay on that last year, of course I want to save our environment. I like to think they got to my essay and read it and proposed it because of me. ;)

And since my computer has been down, and there is no tv in my room, I wasn't able to watch the coverage. Which really disappointed me. I've been watching presidential election coverage since I was little. I don't know about when Clinton was re-elected, but I most definitely watched with Bush vs. Gore. I really love that kind of stuff. It felt awesome to know I was a part of it this time.

My lovely Finnish Spitz gave me updates and I made my roommate keep checking online. I was just writing my story, and doing whatever and I get this text. "He clinched it!" It was a little past eleven, and I assumed Barack, who had a sizeable lead, had gotten California or such. Then all of a sudden, outside my room, I hear someone scream "Obama!" It reminded me of the World Series, which had a good five or six people running down the halls screaming, "Phillies!!!!!" That was pretty nice, since I watched in my suitemate's room.

Anyways, I started to obviously, realize Obama had won. Very surreal. I didn't believe it. I don't know if I still have let it sink in. My suitemate started hitting things(she voted for McCain) and then I was pretty sure. I went over there and was like, oh my gosh. I mean, President Elect Barack Obama. It's an amazing thing to see.

My brother called and was like, did McCain just, give up? They hadn't even mentioned the states that had just been won on whatever station he was watching. I laughed a bit and explained. Then I talked to my mom and she put the phone to the tv so I could hear McCain's concession speech. It was decent, and I admit I teared when he started talking about Barack's grandmother. Every time I hear about that, I start to get upset. I know the feeling all too well.

Then I went to my suitemate's room to watch Obama's speech. Wow. Just wow. It was so powerful, and like some of the voices on the tv said, very humble, and not showy. He was very much like, I understand that some did not vote, and I'm here to listen to you. I loved it. I got misty eyed, but wouldn't let my suitemate see me cry. Later, when I went back to my room, I did cry. I felt so happy. I mean, after so many weeks of intense fighting, it was over. It's such a relief. With the economic crisis that we're in, I mean, I truly believe Obama can help bring us out. And that has been this constant worry on me. I finally was able to smile and go, wow, maybe this all will be alright. I mean, I was so worried about it all, I wasn't even going to ask for anything for my birthday. I have a horrible issue with putting every single person in front of me. In some ways, I'm very selfless, but I'm not going to call myself completely selfless. I do love indulging in myself a lot. :)

Anyways, I got to go to sleep, smiling. Not because I got some new clothes, or my computer was fixed. It was better than that. It was this feeling knowing that life would be different. I did make a difference. I felt like I mattered. I mean, when Obama gave his speech, I felt like the only one there. I felt like we were having this conversation and he was telling me that we'd get through this. That's such a powerful thing. I would have loved to be there. I also would love to meet him. Or just be in his presence. It'd be an amazing thing to occur.

I don't know who you all voted for, but I hope that you did not regret your choice at all. I just hope you researched it and felt that was the person that spoke to your heart. I'm fully glad I voted Obama, and I think it was the best decision of my life. :)

Dear Goodness, it's alive!

IT'S ALIVE!!!! Yes, my computer. And now, to epic blogging. :)

Monday, November 3, 2008

Music...Just, Music

This blog is like, a week overdue. I mean, I wrote it way too long ago. Anyways, without further ado....

Me and my dad were watching this history of rock and roll, and I mean, I've known these simple facts about me and music, but it really hit me then. You can take away my computer(which has already happened), you can take away my cell phone(close to losing, thank you very much), you can take away my television(also gone as of now), but you cannot take away my ipod, because I will die. In reality, it's just another technological device. But to me, it's practically my gateway to freedom. That's how much I rely on music. I grew up playing music, but I stopped. Seriously, I really have started to think that music will be my future. I mean, of course I write, but I can combine the two. I love all the aspects of music. Writing, playing(yes, I need to learn, but I'm sure I would love it), singing. I'm not sure about performing, but I mean, I ham it up in front of a camera, what's the difference? I'd learn to love it.

I just don't want to be the person who never gave it a shot. I look at the people on my walls, like Demi Lovato, the Beatles, Coldplay, the Jonas Brothers, and they are living this increduous life. I mean, when I think about it, I wonder if I could perform like Kevin, Nick, and Joe. They're running around like crazy. Naturally, I'd have to work out, work on that. But could I do that? Could anyone reading this see me like that? I've always wondered. Really. What do you see me as? Because my late teen crisis has been in full swing for too long. I want something amazing out of life. Could I pull off a musician's life? Can I even pull out a magazine editor out of me(no lie, 13 Going on 30 and Devil Wears Prada made me see magazine editting as even more enticing)? Or am I going to become like Emily Dickinson, and be in solitude for the rest of my life, writing omnious poems that will get recognition after I pass? I truly wonder about these things.

But, back to music; it's become one of my only constants in my life. It's always there, one song somewhere describing my life. I love to put lyrics to coincide with my writing. Avril Lavigne's "Slipped Away" saved me when my Pop-Pop passed. Recently, when I felt so lost(btw, I believe crisis absolved), Patrick Park's "Life's A Song" was my everything. Music is my entirity.

If I ever attempted to write a song, more than one, and go to California, New York, wherever musicians go to get big, I'd be terrified to fail. Too terrified to try. I think that terror is what holds me back in life. I'm so scared to fall, so why bother? I know the ending. There's safety down below. Maybe that's why I want to go into event planning; it's my backup. Less touch and go. With writing and music, there's so much failure. And that scares me. I can't take failure well. I mean I know my voice isn't great(maybe not even good, tell me and I'll shut up, I promise) so would anyone ever want to listen to me?

Ugh, this has become one of my usual "I'm confused as hell, someone help me" blogs. I write too much that no one would want to read. Sorry for putting you through it. I just had to go out and say how much my life clings to music. I'll probably never have a music career. I'll probably never try. I'll probably always be the constant listener. There's always room for appreciation, I guess.
I think the worst part though, is that I can't tell if I'm okay with that or not.