Thursday, July 31, 2008

Why Yes, I Do Like To Scream Inappropriately At Concerts

People always scream at concerts. It's like, this golden rule("No, the golden rule is always tell the truth." "Well then, the silver rule." "Why the silver rule?" "Okay, copper rule." Ah, Camp Rock.) of concerts. The newest Rolling Stone explains it all scientifically and confusing, but it makes sense. But me on the other hand, I don't just scream nothing. I scream random words. Like, when Jonas is super hot, I screamed SEX. Yes, sex. Thank goodness that isn't on tape. But what is on tape(twice, I may add) is me screaming, "Mandolin." Random, right? Well, Kevin pulled one out, and Joe asked what it was and Kevin answers, "mandolin." So I freaked. I looove the mandolin. It's true. When I went on the Martin Guitar tour, I was freaking over the mandolin. They are so cute. I love them. But yeah. I scream awkwardly. Note to people: if you're sit by me at a concert, be prepared for really random words coming out of my mouth. I need to stop getting on tape saying these awkward things. Sigh.

Happy Birthday Harry!

Any Potter fans will know that July 31st is Harry Potter's Birthday. I have no clue how old he is or would be(those books and the date confuse me, so I don't know) but yay for Harry!!! Thought I'd say it. :)

Colbert Loves The Pussy Too!

Dude, this cat is totally famous. I want Princess Chunk. She is kick ass awesome. :) Even Colbert talks about it. That's how you know you're famous.

Why yes, this photo is saved as colbertpussy :)

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

LC-CB Makes A Return!

So that apparently is the newest Entertainment Weekly. I'll be excited to read it. Because, frankly, I love the Hills and I love this cover shot. One of my favs, ever. I know Lauren Conrad is just annoying as shit(not as much as Heidi Ho Bag) but seriously, this pic kinda just is amazing. I heart it.

Go Hills. You go be fake, and I'll continue to watch. :D

Boy, that is One Big Pussy


L.O.L. I love it. And there you have it, the first of as many Inappropriate News Covers I Can Find. :) I'll try to find more.

PA? That's all we get Demi?

Dear Demi,

So I was just on Myspace and looked at your list of dates. I saw you were performing at the "PA Fair." Now, come on. You couldn't have written "Allentown Fair"? Is that SOOO hard? Tsk tsk Demi. Get it right. The Jonas Brothers can. SO CAN YOU.


Allentown Fair Lover.

Monday, July 28, 2008

Damn That Mother Chucker

Best. Line. Ever.

Hands Down.

I can't wait for Gossip Girl. September First needs to come.

Miley Cyrus and a 16 y/o Chris Martin - Sounds Killer

So I just read that Miley Cyrus would all be for a 16 year old Chris Martin. So would I, dear. SO. WOULD. I. But that would be illegal for me. So he'd have to age a bit.

But man, what is up with this Coldplay/Miley Cyrus back and forth talking about each other? Makes me feel awesome to be a fan of both. sigh.

The Greatest Casting Ever

So I don't think I've ever really mentioned it here but Tim Burton is doing the new Alice in Wonderland movie, going to be released in 2010. I hate that it's so far away, but it's Tim Burton. I can wait. That movie is gonna be hella awesome. And then Lindsay Lohan wanted to be Alice. UGH. I wanted Taylor Momsen but they picked some unknown from Australia. I guess I'll deal...

But the best ever came with that. Who is like always in Tim Burton's films? He is a fearless actor, has been a huge variety of characters. Dressed in drag, all that jazz. My Nana's favorite actor.

Yes, Johnny Depp.

I said I probably wouldn't watch another new Johnny Depp movie, but I feel like this is a sign. My favorite thing, and Johnny Depp is in it. My Nana is saying, it's cool. Live life on. Don't deny yourself such fun for me.

And I have to smile.

Johnny Depp. Mad Hatter. How much better could that get???

Oh No You Didn't, Person on Oh No They Didn't!

I like going on Oh No They Didn't, I enjoy getting news from there. There was a Jonas post and I see this. Direct Quote and pic:

this post is approved by the ugly jonas:

AH! Do not diss the Tank!!! Bitch is gonna get a beatdown!!!!

Ferris, NO!!!!!!

Matthew Broderick totally is cheating on Sarah Jessica Parker. I mean, I get why he did that. She's kinda fugly. But Ferris, why? That's sooooo bad. Sigh, Ferris. No mas saving Ferris. He's a bit of a douche now.

Fucking Poster Stealers

A Hershey security decided he wasn't gonna let us take our posters in. OH HELL NO.

He took the posters and afterwards, when I couldn't find them, I went on Bitchquest (or Bitchfest...i haven't decided which one sounds better) '08. I scared a lot of people. The poor personal baggage check in lady. If I had on, I might have made her cry. But a Hershey guy got our posters back.

You don't mess with this. Especially if it's posters that cost 20 dollars.

The Fake Kevin

Or the Faux-vin. Revealed:

He's the one with open arms. He looks like Mose from the Office.

I Am The Entertainment

So at concerts, listen to me. I make people laugh. I comment on reality, because at a Jonas concert, people lose their mind. Seriously. Running like crazy. These stupid ass kids do not understand they're scaring the shit outta Jonas. Really. I love to be loud and comment angrily. Everyone was freaking out about fake Kevin, which I will post next, and I went, "Oh my gosh! I love you guy on the stage!" and screamed it like a rabid fan girl. I make people laugh. I'm fun. :D

Oh. My. Jonas. It's JONAS!!!!!!

alfdj;sfjaoef. See the sex.

Avril? Still Around? Woah.

Yep, she is still around. And pretty half decent.

Demi Lovato Is Amazing

I love Demi. Just look at the pics.

Chocolate Does Not Belong In BBQ Sauce

Hershey makes a special barbeque sauce with chocolate sauce. At first, it's just like, eh, it's just not as spicy. But as it goes on, it feels more and more like chocolate, looks like it, and frankly, it almost made me throw up. UGH. Don't eat it.

Hershey's Dirty Little Secret

While on the scary new Chocolate World Tour, me, S, and Lil J went to do a cool photo and so we put on sunglasses and the peace sign, a little bit like a gangsta. We head to the photo thing, and we see our pic, and bam, all of a sudden: ANY PHOTO WITH OBJECTIONABLE MATERIAL WILL NOT BE SHOWN OR SOLD.

what. the. fuck.

The peace sign is not objectionable. So I started thinking. Why? Well, I deduced this:

Hershey does not like peace. They like war. They are for the war in Iraq. They are anarchists, and communists, and Nazis all rolled into one.

Bam. I am good.

They Just Didn't Get It

I was watching Wizards of Waverly Place. A character claimed he showered in his underwear and I went, "NEVERNUDE!"

No one got it.

I died a little.

Cuz I Know You'll Come Around, You'll Come Around(To Miley's Side)

I <3 Miley Cyrus. We all should know that, right? Yes, right. She's amazing. I'd love to meet her and go shopping with her. She's the bomb. Me and her have had some rough times, but I still love her.

The reason of this post? CD Review time! Yes, don't you love these? Well I do. I've definitely listened to the cd a lot, but here are my thoughts on each song, song by song. Enjoy:

Breakout: Cute. If you don't pay too much attention to the lyrics, it's a bit better. She's talking about school. Which she hasn't been to a normal school in ages. She's like, homeschooled, right? I doubt she wakes up at eight, for school at least. She probably shoots the show and shit early, but whatever. I like the song. Even if it is about school.

7 Things: You all pretty much know how I feel about this song. Love, love, love it. I love the standing in the rain part. She really is a good writer. Well, co-writer. She doesn't fully write one song. At least she's helping. That's always a start.

The Driveway: This is a neat-ish song. I keep thinking it's "driveaway" but maybe that's the point. All about losing a relationship. And it's neat how the driveway is as far as she can go. Probably because she doesn't have a permit or license. But I still like it. I kinda can picture this song going on in the rain, in my grandmother's driveway. It's a good song.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: I am a huge Cyndi Lauper fan, and I don't really like remakes. Like, I refuse to listen to the Tis's remakes of like, Time After Time. No thank you. But I like this remake. It's just different enough and new enough to not be blatant copy. And well, whenever Miley gets into deep shit, she can just be like, "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun?" and maybe she'll get off. Smart idea Miley. Smart girl. I think.

Full Circle: I like this song too, I need to read more into lyrics I think. Because each song is catchy, and I like singing along(which I barely can sadly) but I'm pretty sure this is once again about a relationship. It's a guessing game for which one is about Nick.

Fly On The Wall: Probably my favorite song. Catchy, delicious really. I could see this being about Nick. He seems like the jealous type. Miley is very outgoing so I could see him being nervous about the relationship. And this one I can pretty much sing along to, with my voice being as crappy as it is. But I enjoy this. I mean, guys always get jealous. And it's a good get back song. :)

Bottom of the Ocean: Pretty song, about, you would think, letting go of a lover. Oh no, my dears. About a goldfish. Pretty, but eh. If Miley can write a very emotional song about a goldfish, she's both: an awesome writer, and a little bit crazy.

Wake Up America: I totally thought this was kinda lame. A green song? Sigh. Isn't this getting a little too much? We get it! The earth is like, in deep shit. But I enjoy singing along to this song. It's catchy. She might have a good thing going for this.

These Four Walls: Another ballad. Alright. I got it. Eh. I don't know what to say.

Simple Song: Second favorite song. Very quick, and the chorus is so "simple." But that's the point. I love it. I want to see this live. Ah. Good times. Need to get a Miley concert ticket.

Goodbye: Another ballad, but so sweet, and I love this. Has to be about Nick. I feel like I'm starting to figure out their relationship which scares me. But I'm gonna have to wait til the JoBros cd.

See You Again: Remix, more beats. I like.

Overall: B+ I enjoyed.

Dueling Coasters Bring Out The Creeper In Some

Not me though. I stayed creeper free. Anyways, at Hershey Park, there's these dueling coasters. The first time me and Jenn went on Thunder, which lost, and later we went on Lightning. Let me tell you, scary. People were getting mad in it. Like, I understand if your friends are on the other one, or while on the ride you get into it. But like, these people were clapping and saying shit to the other side. Lightning was having a good winning streak and it started with these two annoying girls. They were screaming and all that stuff(which I admit I probably would have done too back in the day) but then it got worse. Some 40 something got really into it, and they were like, "you're are only hope" and "we got this!" and I was just like, wtf? It's not even up to you. You can't do anything to go faster or slower. Idiots. They got really scary into it.

Then,as I was saying goodbye to S, I commented I would probably scream. And then this creeper with long red hair(who was balding as well) turns around, ssshhhes me and Jenn and goes, "No screaming." I was just like, well, I can't help it. Jenn screamed immediately down the hill and it took me a bit to find some voice(my voice is pretty much gone, and like, permanently damaged) but it was fun. I enjoyed pissing the guy off. That's just what I do.

Not So Blayne-liscious

Dear Blayne,

Please stop with the 'girliscious' and other 'liscious' stuff. So fucking annoying. And wtf, tanorexic? First of all, I hate them. And I hate the person who made up that nickname. Makes. No. Fucking. Sense. Just say tanning addict. Or a tandict. Yeah, so much better than using part of the word for a serious medical condition. Awesome. Either way, Blayne, you are sooooo annoying. I half hope you lose quickly, but then I'd only have Leatherface to complain about. Well, I'm sure I could find more people, but still. Blayne, go tan and go away. Your stuff sucks. It just does. Give up.

PS he was a barista at a coffee shop. Wow. So him. I thought he was from like, Florida, but I saw Seattle. Now the tan is even more awkward.


Kelli Fan

I'm A Klepto

So previously, I took a pic of Miley Cyrus that I thought looked really cool from a magazine. I've done this before, but from like, dentist's offices and stuff. Never did I take it from an unpurchased mag. Whoops. I wanted it. Sorry to the person who bought that mag. I wonder if anyone did. Awkward. Oh well.

But then, at Target on Wednesday, me and S and Lil J totally swiped some 3d glasses. Hopefully no cops see this. I'll just randomly get a knock at the door. Being arrested for 3d glasses. That's almost as bad as my brother taking socks. Or was it underwear? Maybe shorts. I don't know. He did some stupid shit when he was younger.

But yeah, I'm a klepto. Leave nothing cool near me. Sorry.

The Magical Mystery Tour of FAO Schwartz

Dudes. No one told me that store was that fucking awesome. I mean, it's amazing. I didn't even see it all(having a little crying fit over work. Gosh I'm lame) but from what I saw, I was amazed. Giant puppies, and dragons and dinosaurs and a big Ugly Doll thing. There's a big piano I missed, but I've been on one of those in Vegas. The guards are like the ones in England. My nephew flirted with the one while I was being miserable. There's also a giant candy section. Like, man, why didn't my parents take me to the numerous awesome toy stores in NYC when I was little. They could have shoved me in there for like a week and I would have been happy.

Oh and there was a really cool Harry Potter section. All decked out like Diagon Alley and with scarves and ties, and hats and they had a time turner, the sorcerer's stone, and the maruaders map.


So. Fucking. Awesome.

NYC is Still Creepin'

It is. Really. Though I think just a little less than before. There was this dude, while I was waiting for my sister and brother in law at the side of the David Letterman theater. I'm just like, standing there and I look over, and the guy has a camera. I mean, no big deal. Everyone has their camera out to try and catch a pic of Letterman. I get that. I did that and failed. But then this dude pulls up the camera, and I swear he fucking took a picture of me. Fucking creepy. Like, I wonder what he does with those pics. Maybe I shouldn't think about that. Probably jerks off to it. Ew. Disgusting. I just made myself SO sick. Yuck. I hate creepers.

Why does Virgin have to be closing???

At least I think it is. Well, someone told me this before. I don't know if it still is. But I love that place. So big. And it has Beatles stuff and Playboy things in the same place. That's like my heaven. All they need is some Jonas stuff and I'll be happy. They had Viva La Vida on vinyl. Do you know how close I was to buying that? Man, 20 dollars. Good thing I didnt, because I later did have to borrow money, and I'm sooo broke. I would be even more broke. If that's possible. There's like 8 dollars to my name. Though I do have a paycheck just waiting for me. I'm contemplating waiting for it til Friday so I can have two checks. :D That would be awesome.

Please, someone answer: is Virgin Megastore still closing?

Do I Look Fourteen?

No, seriously, do I? Last Sunday I was told that I looked fourteen. That really hurt. Gosh, how the hell am I supposed to get alcohol when I freaking look fourteen??? I probably couldn't even get cigarettes if I didn't have ID. UGH.

I really can't resist a musical

I've seen I think almost all of them that have been released in the last few years. Well, at least the main stream ones. So obviously looking for a feel good movie after Batman, I saw Mamma Mia. Naturally it wasn't as amazing as the Batman, but it was still pretty decent. I really enjoyed it. I downloaded the soundtrack almost immediately. I really enjoyed the music. And everyone. Colin Firth was well, awkward, and Dominic Cooper was dreamy and a good person to stare at. Meryl Streep was actually quite entertaining, and Pierce Brosnan? Well, he needs to not sing. Seriously. Just needs to stop. Though you do get used to it, it still gets painful every so often.

My favorite though? Of course, Amanda Seyfried! I looooooved her. So cute, so adorable, such a good actress. I'd love to meet her, man. Her singing was awesome. I love listening to her voice. Very soothing. Ah. Go Seyfried.

Other than that, I definitely enjoyed it. Though some parts could have been done much better on stage and were just plain awkward in the movie(Dancing Queen anyone?). But yeah. I only wish Amanda Seyfried got to sing more, but eh. I still loved it.

Definitely Terrifying

Usually my reviews for movies are a lot longer, but it's been over a week since I saw the kick ass movie The Dark Knight. And man was it fucking awesome. Like, seriously. Heath Ledger and the whole gang just made that movie amazing and unforgettable. Like, for this review, I'm just gonna review the actors and how they did. Oh yeah, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

Christian Bale - alkfjasdfisdf. Yummy. Seriously. At first I used to not really like him, but I swear, as each Batman movie goes, I die more and more. Like, rawr. Sex. Serious. He was awesome. I want to totally be saved by him.

Maggie Gylenhaal - Yeah, definitely better than Katie Holmes, gotta admit. I actually didn't mind them switching people. I mean, the two do look a bit simlar, I guess. I don't know. The only thing I really hated was that Rachel dies. I wasn't expecting that, but I mean, I should have. Of course, did they find the body? I don't think they did.

Michael Caine - Ah, the best. He's so funny. I love him. I mean, other than Heath, he was the best actor by far. Like, he was the comedic genius of the movie. Seriously. Ah, I loved his jokes.

Aaron Eckhart - I think I spelled his name right. But he was really good. He always is. Granted, I've only seen him in one movie, but he was so good. I loved it. Two Face scared me. Too bad he died.

Heath Ledger - Holy shit. Amazing. Sent shivers down my spine. When he was dressed as that nurse, wow. I was really scared. At first I was like, eh, he's alright, but as the movie went on, I got more scared. It was just an amazing performance. I really hope he gets the Oscar. And I hope that one day, Matilda gets to keep that Oscar and she can remember her daddy. Be able to see the performance that made him amazing. Learn all the great things. I can only hope.

Really, the movie was incredible. Maybe I'll comment more when I see it again. I know there's things I missed.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Mindy, not Mandy, Kaling!!!!

So, despite all the wrong turns and mishaps we had on the trip to Scranton, we actually made it there and got to meet Ms. Mindy(not Mandy, as Finnish Spitz continually said) Kaling, who plays gossip queen, Kelly Kapoor. When I met her I was this close to asking either how BJ Novak was kissing, or how awesome JKras was but I resisted. I did tell her that her writing rocks my socks. At least I wasn't the loser one who was just like, "I'm chilling, you know, at the mall." People, learn from Finnish Spitz' stupidity. When meeting someone famous and they ask you how you are, do not say you're just chilling. It's just a wee bit insulting. Like, Finnish Spitz is the hugest fan of the Office and she totally made it seem like she was just at the mall. Tsk tsk Finnish. Next time, we'll get it right.

Time To Catch UP!

Wow, I have a million to write about, so why don't we start back on last Saturday, when me and da amazing Finnish Spitz traveled to Scranton. Well, we got lost a few times. Like, um, six. Seriously. I was like, how fucking hard is it to find this giant mall? Well, apparently really hard. Our first take was my fault, because I thought we went straight. yeah, no.

Second take we were talking about the Office. Not paying attention to the road.

Takes like, three through five were random turnarounds in South, East, Up, Down Scranton. I really had no damn idea that Scranton was that big. Seriously. Someone should have warned me, man. Like, wtf? And they need to give more markers to the huge mall. I'm sorry but malls to me need to be in open spaces, and if they're in the city, fucking mark it. Gosh. You get people like me and Finnish Spitz who are incapable of going the right way.

There was another take which was weird, cuz there was a three way and yeah. We're just plain stupid. No offense, FS.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Nope, not starting now....

So, I have possibly ten million things to tell you but I am currently too busy to tell you all right be prepared for when I come back for 8 million posts. Got that? 8 MILLION. I guarantee!

Okay, I can't guarantee. But I try....

Friday, July 18, 2008

Hi, I'm a Miley Addict

That's me!!!! Yes, yes, it is. I'm the Ali who sent in the Scan. Go me. :) I'm a such a dork that I donated scans to a Miley site. I am just that cool and obsessive. Time to attempt to find a cheaper version of Miley's plaid shirt she wore today. I haven't watched it, but I will be watching it and squealing. :)


So Chris Martin apparently introduced Coldplay as "the Jonas Brothers...........older brothers." Wow. Wow. Wow. Yes! That's all I can say. I mean, Chris Martin really doesn't say anything at a concert in derogatory terms, so that was an amazing joke. I mean, he understands what people are fans of. He respects the Jonas Brothers. I just feel so validated right now. Go Coldplay, go Jonas Brothers. I mean, I feel really proud of my boys to be compared to my other boys. It feels good. I feel important and special, that I'm a fan of both of them. Respect. Validation. Sweetness. :)

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Stop teasing me!!!

So, anyone who knows that Heineken commercial? About some beertender? I don't know and I personally don't care what it's about. But the beginning sounds EXACTLY like the beginning of Burnin Up. I get soo excited, and soo let down. Beer brand, stop fucking teasing me!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008 a day.

Yes I listened to the Jonas Brothah's "Pushin' Me Away" 56 times in a day. Let's keep it going! :)


Okay, this, even with Yoko:

Say it. AWWWW.....I love my Johnny Lennon.

Then, this, with Feldman...

BLEH. Makes me want to throw up. Even though I do love Feldman. Go Mouth, but don't mimic John Lennon. It makes me wanna cry.

I Feel So Special

Look, me and Demi were at the same place. I feel special. :D

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Dear Miley Cyrus

So lately I realized how much I really enjoy you. You rock. No matter what stupid picture you take. I <3 you. And the fact that you went to see Coldplay made my day. I feel we could be awesome friends. I'm just enough crazy for you. I need to meet you, k? I really wanted to see Coldplay, but the Jonas Brothers have a higher rank. Well, not really, but I had more invested in them. So um, question: when's your next tour? It better be soon. I want to see it.

Just telling ya that I'm back to obsession with ya.

Oh yeah, saw you brought Emily O. I see you're attempting to get back on the normal peoples list. Just drop M-Jir.

A Fan Again

P.S. LOVE your shirt. :)

The Jonas Brothers Hate the Letter G

...Or they love apostrophes. Or maybe they're trying to be gangsta. One of them. Because from the two songs they've released from their new album is Burnin' Up, and Pushin' Me Away. Like, do they have issues with the letter G? Is the cd gonna be called: A Little Bit Lon'er? Oh, or A Lil' Bit Longa. Since they want to be gangsta. I guess Big Rob is getting to them. After all they have rap in it.

Oh yeah, and everyone says it's "Boys Scream the Chorus for me" but I convinced it's "Spin the Chorus around." To me, that's what it'll always be. I guess we gotta wait til the album actually comes out to figure it out, because everyone says something different.

Back to the Jonai being gangster. If they start wearing Doorags, it is all over for me and them.

Spot The Jonai!!!

Where are they? There are two pictures of them. Spot the Jonas!

Johnny Depp Is Dead

So, not really. But some days it feels like that. This Rolling Stone is the last magazine I bought my Nana. It's odd, instead of feeling like my Nana is gone, I feel like her idol is gone. Like, I do not know what I am gonna do once he has a new movie coming out. Like, it'll be really weird. I don't think I can see any new movie. Like, there was talk of a fourth Pirates movie. And that scared me. It really did. I went, how can they go on when my Nana isn't here? It didn't make sense to me. I mean, obviously, in celebrity world it does, but to me, it didn't. Like, it really makes no sense. It really doesn't. I don't think I'll watch another Johnny Depp movie for a while. It'll be a while til I heal.

Sorry had to get that out.

So Friended Who?

No, really, I want to know. Tila Dwarf-Hoe is friends with Demi Lovato. I mean, yeah, I'm friends with Tila Dwarf-Hoe too, but it's DEMI LOVATO. She's a Disney girl. WTF?

Monday, July 14, 2008

And No, I Didn't Buy This Because Everyone Else Seems To Have It

So, I was looking around on a Miley site(because frankly, I have nothing else to do) and saw her wearing this:

I was like, alright, cool. I thought it was some band.

Then today, I saw someone else wearing it. I was like, convinced that it was this new emo band. I was like, "is this a good band? Do I need to be listening to it?" And I kinda wanted to get it cuz maybe it was a good band.

Then I went into Hot Topic, and totally saw it. So I picked it up and read the tag. Nearly made me cry. No, I'm serious here. The fact that it's Non Profit for people with depression and addiction made this little thing in my heart hurt. I thought about all the unspoken sadness I've dealt with, and knew I had to buy it. I would promote this til the ends of the earth. Seriously, it's awesome. I've never had a shirt almost get me to tears. Yeah. That's deep.

So Where Have I Been?

Yes, yes, I haven't been around. You have permission to slap me, I suppose. Sorry all. I've been at work. Superfresh has taken over my life. Seriously, it makes me cry how much I work. And plus, I spend the money WAY too fast, so I still have tons to save up. Sigh. But I am back for these two lovely days, and prepare to be bombarded with millions of posts. I am ready to blog the shit outta this blog. :)

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Zetus Lupetus! Oh Yes, I Said It

Come on, people, who remembers it? Zenon! Yes, Zenon! Those movies were so stellar. Okay, the first too were. The third one? Well, not so stellar. Though I never did see the third one. It was during the time when I didn't really watch Disney. Oh, who am I kidding? I always watched Disney. I just missed when it was on. And I haven't seen the third one on tv in soooooo long. It's not even aimed on it. I think there needs to be a three night thing. I would so enjoy that Major. I totally love the way they talk. Like, I want to start talking like that now. Get it in early so by 2045, it'll like, be over or something. Man, I really miss this movie. I'm watching the second one, and I also looooved the first one. Third, who knows? Not me. But I mean, I probably have seen almost every one of the Disney Channel Original Movies. I think I'm gonna find the ones I haven't seen online and catch up. So I can say that I've seen ever DCOM in existance. I'd looooove to say that.

Go Disney!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?

So, I was on youtube just now, and I was looking into audios of The Jonas Brothers' doing a cover of "Hello Goodbye." Now, I admit, Target has basically done a strategic butchering of the song. But they finally did something good with having the Jonas Brothers cover it. Finally, a decent mixup of it. I thought it was simply awesome. I mean, it was a little rockier and such, and personally I just love listening to it.

So I was reading into comments and saw that Beatles fans really hate the Jonas Brothers. They all agree that Target wrecked the song. But man, this is really divided. I mean, I don't know of many Jonas fans enjoying the Beatles, partially because the kiddies are just a little too small and annoying to enjoy the Beatles. But I personally enjoy those select few like myself that can enjoy both.

I mean, obviously the Jonas Brothers and the Beatles are on two different levels. But what I hate is how people really judge JB because they signed with Disney. THEY AREN'T ALL ABOUT DISNEY. Seriously. They had the band before Disney. Disney did not fabricate them. And naturally, JB will not reach the power of the Beatles. No one will. And if they did, well, kudos to them. But really, I do think they'll have to take a breather and reinvent themselves. Look at Hanson. They're still rocking. Look at NSYNC. Almost all of them made a comeback. It happens. If the personalities are geniune and unique and people really care for them, I truly believe there will always be an audience. I love listening to Hanson, even though I grew up. Because they grew up. I mean, I think Beatles and old school music fans do not give new artists enough credit. Just because they aren't in the golden age of music does not mean they're no good. Think about the Beatles when they started. Uh, yeah, they were loved by millions of screaming little girls. Sorry, but I think Beatles fans who judge Jonas way too early are very hypocritical. I can understand if you just don't get it but, like, at least give them a shot. You have to admit, they can be catchy. I know I got you there.

Oh yeah, sorry for the lack of is too busy. haha

Friday, July 4, 2008

The Greatest Candy On Earth

Candy Buttons. Perhaps the greatest food on Earth. Seriously, I like, live on these. They are just soooo yummy. I have a good 20 strip a day habit. I buy them whenever I can. My dad got me a huge box of them. Man, that does not help the situation. If anyone ever wonders where I might be, I'm probably doing a button line. It's seriously a bad habit. I need them, like whenever I can. They are just simply amazing. So light, so sugary, so perfect. Eat them, please. Just not mine. I'll have to bitch slap someone.

A So Much Better Affleck

So everyone knows who Ben Affleck is, but his brother is sooo the cooler one. I mean, seriously, he's fucking awesome. Casey is so cool. Okay, I admit I haven't seen the Assassination of Jesse James, which Casey totally got nominated for, but I'm getting there. Right now, I'm watching Ocean's Thirteen and dude, Casey is my favorite part of this movie. He was hilarious as the Spanish worker. I mean, look at him with the 'stache:

Fucking awesome. I really wish I could have you know, married him. I guess I'll go with meeting him. I'd fucking looooove to meet him. He'd make my life. I now want to watch every movie he's done. Who's with me?

Oh yeah, Ocean's Thirteen is soooo amazing. I didn't see the first two, but I love this one. I didn't want to see the others because I'm pretty sure Julia Roberts is in them, and yuck, I hate her. She just pisses me off. And George Clooney is gangsta, as is Jason Bourne, and this was made before Brad Pitt became Angie's bitch. You all know it's true. He is such a fucking pussy now. I miss old school Brad. Come back, Brad. I miss you. You were so cool. I mean, dump Angie. I'll go for you. I don't mind the age thing. I'll take Shiloh as my own. How about it? :)

Thursday, July 3, 2008

For S's eyes only basically, but I'm too lazy

Here are pics of some clother I aim to wear as either Miley or Hannah or Hudge Pudge in some of the new videos on uknowuloveitstudios. Here they are. I couldn't find an easier way to get them to S. haha

Purple-y or pink top....and my kick ass red shoes.
Sequin black vest that I bought for 75 cents and my shoes again
Sparkly white shirt ....and the top of my shoes again.
New York sweatshirt that is my mom's...
Beige skirt
Plaid skirt that I wore to New York...and my shoes.
Miley anyone? Yeah, I know....haha
White shorts....from Aero.
Purple sequin tank....I also have a black one, but it was in the wash...haha
Tentative white tank because I couldn't find another....
And that's it. S, text me and help figure it all out!

"You Look Loney"

Now, I must hear this phrase at least twice every single day that I work. It gets a little tiring, especially since identifies "lonely" as "lacking or wanting companionship." See, this is where every annoying customer has got it wrong. See, I prefer the solitude. That way, no work for me. I could care less. But these people think they are just soooo funny with their witty comment and trying to make me smile. Well, they aren't. They're not funny, and I only smile just because I need the job, so I try to suck up as much as possible, even if most customers are major bitches. Let me tell you, there are way too many mean people out there. If you thought I was a bitch, you have not met the shoppers at Superfresh. I dare you: do my job for a day. You might want to kill yourself. I'm surprised I haven't done that yet.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

The Boring Life of the Stereotypical Teenager

So, tonight was the premiere of that show, Secret Life of the American Teenager, and well.....Brenda Hampton needs to really find something better to do. Because really, the show kinda sucked. Well, not kinda. It totally sucked. It was sooooo stereotypical and preachy that I wanted to gag. Like, vomit. I mean, seriously. Soooo lame.

So the main character is a sexually active band geek. Why are the bandos always the ones to jump in the sack? Is all that blowing and sucking and pounding really getting to them? I guess so. Because this girl, Amy, just basically had bad sex with this "rebel." But they've already basically given it away that he isn't a rebel. He's a nympho because he was sexually abused and now adopted by a black guy. Wow, that is mad different and breaking some barriers. Wow. I am impressed.


From there, the chick gets preggo. And her two lameass friends tell her the best option is to go with this dorky Seth Cohen wannabe and fall in love and get married, have sex, and tell him she's pregnant. Yes, that was their big smart idea. Brilliant! How can that NOT work?

But the dorky Seth wannabe talks to the counselor a la Life With Derek, and tries to get into band to impress said sad Juno. Oh the hilarium that ensues. I mean, that boy has some great timing. And yes, I'm being sarcastic. The boy was annoying as shit.

And then there was stereotypical Christian girl. I think the stereotypes of devout Christians is why when the Jonas Brothers talk about religion, I get annoyed. Because characters like this. Naturally, the girl is absolutely perfect. Blonde hair, cheerleader; she reminds me of Hilary Faye from Saved. And of course, there is a disabled brother. But she treats him well. Of course. She is just so damn perfect. And she's saving herself. And has religious parties at her house, and is dating a jock. Wow, that's never been done before.

So this jock is like, into religion and shit, but totally is a guy so he wants to fuck the aptly named Grace. So instead of masterbating like any other guy, he goes and fucks the stereotypical Latina sexpot. She totally makes out with him at the dance where the disabled boy screams and EVERYONE comes out to see. Well, so much for secrets, right?

Oh yeah, and Molly Ringwald is in it. Poor Ringwald. I'd rather remember her semi-good acting skills in her 80's movies than this shitfest.

And there's a slutty 13 year old too apparently. She wears those midriff baring tops. What. A. Scandal.

And the damn show must have said the word 'sex' about fifty times. Every sentence had sex in it. We get it. This is a hot button topic.

The show plays like a hour long PSA. Ugh. I hate that. And all the actors suck some ass.

And I know I'll probably end up watching it at points just to see how sucky it is.

It wants to be Juno, and totally isn't. Blah Blah Blah.

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

So Let's Cut Out A Random Line From This Movie!

I'm watching Mean Girls on ABC Family, and yeah, they censor it of course. But they took out the line where Lilo explains what "grool" means. She just says "grool" and the boy goes, "right, grool." That was one of the best lines. ABC Family needs to work on their editing for putting movies on tv. Oh well.

I'm Happy and All for Seyfried, But Come On!

Okay, so ONTD(Oh No They Didn't!) on LJ, I see this:

And like, it's all well and good for Amanda Seyfried, but I mean, I just wish people would have caught on before. But oh well I guess.

Oh and Emma Roberts? Nancy Drew, really? She is the next wave? Just because she's related to Julia Roberts does not mean she's good at acting. Bleh.