Sunday, October 26, 2008

I Want The Rest Of My Life to Feel Like a High School Musical!!!

Really? HSM cast, I think you need to think about that. I don't know. I don't think I could deal with constant singing. On the other hand, I might be able to. It could be, to say the least, interesting. I would get a workout with all the dancing...

Anyways, the third edition of the HSM series was I must say, pretty decent. It would have been better had Gabriella suddenly died or something(I was so excited when she left, no even gonna lie). But I enjoyed it. And I'm still waiting to get the soundtrack. Who has it and wants to let me borrow it? Come on, for like a little bit? Of course, I can't upload it to my comp, since it broke again. Don't get me started. So that's why there is limited blogging and such. Whatever.

See HSM3. It's fun. And Zac Efron is effing hot. I may have said some not so G rated things to my lovely S about Zac during the movie. Hope the kiddies didn't hear.

Girls Aloud?

I don't understand them. Are they like, this decade's Spice Girls? Why does everyone love them? I can't understand it. Someone, explain por favor.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Riding Demo

Hell. Yes.

Originally I wrote 'Riding Demi'. Whoops. Mind in the gutter.

You all better be riding Demo come November 4th. Or, well, we'll have to seriously reevaluate our relationship.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So Stupid, Yet....So Effin Funny

I started cracking up watching this. It's too funny.

I hate McCain. Epic fail. :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Thoughts During the LoveBug Video

I was commenting on Jenn's blog about the music video. This music video. Because she was pissed about the story line that no one could follow or something. And I admit, I pretty much had no idea most of the time what was actually going on. Do you want to know what I thought about during the video? I'll give you my timeline thoughts:

I'll put this with second thoughts. You can then watch the video and see what I mean!

Beginning to 0:10(Big people pic thing): Who are those dudes? Am I at the right video?
(Note: I now see Jonas up at the top. :))
0:10-0:40(old people scene): I wonder if those girls are related to any Disney stars.....oh, wake up Grandpa!
0:40-1:00(Nick J walking): Holy fuck, Nick looks old and like his dad. Oh no. Oh dear no!
1:00-1:06(Random Shots):Who's the dude in the brown dotted shirt? And Camilla has big eyebrows.
1:06-1:09(Random Closeup): Who is that close up???(Note: I now realize that's Kevin)
1:09-1:10(Group pic shot): KEVIN!!! And who's other random chick?
1:10-1:12(Joe taking pic): Oh my Jesus, amazing shot. Need this shot. No lie. Must have. Right now. Go back. NOW.
1:12-1:24(Random closeups, grandchildren, pictures): Um, okay...
1:24-1:35(Joe at house): Is it 3 o'clock?
1:39:No way John Taylor!
1:35-1:45: Is that alcohol??? Oh it better not be!
1:45-2:00: What's going on?
2:00-2:02(Getting draft card):What's that? Is that important? A license?(Note: I rewound, and then understood)
2:02-2:10(Hiding card, Camilla Belle being herself): Oh snap, hiding it....and Camilla spins really slowly. Will she ever stop???
2:10-2:26(JoBros): Kevin! Mandalin!!!!
2:26: Who the fuck are those dudes?
2:26-2:36:I'm understanding, they're dancing.
2:36: Joe, tap dance dammit!!!!
2:26-2:52: How sweet, they're dancing.
2:52: GARBO! No way John Taylor!
2:53-3:30(Dancing): Great imagery. They're all fast, and they're slow! Aw. Hot shot of Joe grabbing mic, must have. Nick lifting guitar again? He really cannot fake playing guitar like that.
3:30-3:44(Ship Scene): Where are the boys? Why aren't they popping up?
3:44-3:46(Beach Scene): What's he writing??
3:46-3:50: Kevin! Do yo sexy thang.
3:50-3:54(in bunk): It's an emergency, you're just gonna sit there and kiss your ribbon? Do that while getting off your ass, man.
4:00-4:04: Oh it's going backwards, how neat.
4:06: What the fuck, Office Max?
4:13: Poster? What, where? Fuck that shit, I want one!!! I can't pick which yet. I'll get back to you on that. ;)

And there you have it. Story schmory. No lie. :)

Shot of the..........Well, Ever.

From the Jonas Brothers' new music video, "Love Bug." Great song. You all know my thoughts on it(refer to this review) and the video was amazing. (More on that later....I have a new segment thing to do! :)) Anyways, this chip/shot is teh love:
Win. Win. Win. Win. EPIC WIN. No lie. I fucking love this shot. Variants of it all is my background now so I can stare at it. Sorry Sam, we'll have to start fighting now. ;)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

That's Enough, Jessica Alba(Part 2)

Dear Jessica Alba,

Please stop acting. It hurts. You're painful to watch. You really are. So stop while some people can still get away from you. PLEASE. I'm begging. Just go back to your baby, and live a normal life. Enough with the crap acting.


Forced to watch The Love Guru

The ONLY Good Things About The Love Guru

1. Stephen Colbert
2. John Oliver

Legit. The rest is crap.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

No. Effing. Way.

So, I am watching SNL(yeah, you must be wondering why, but I wanted to see the Sarah Palin thing....epic fail in my opinion. Except for the Marky Mark appearance, which made my day.) and Josh Brolin is hosting. You may know him from the movie No Country for Old Men(which, according to his monologue, was about John McCain. Insert my obnoxious l.o.l.) and he is also in the Bush film, W. I kinda want to see the movie. But that doesn't matter. He was talking about the movies he has been in. And then he goes, "The Goonies."

Cue jaw to floor.

I was completely floored. I never knew. So naturally, I had to check it on IMDB. And there was no lie. Josh Brolin got his first acting job as Sean Astin's big brother. Brand Walsh. I will never look at him the same way. Seriously. He was fucking Brand Walsh! Now I need to go see every one of those other actors.

Thursday, October 16, 2008


Estimado El Tercer Amigo,

Usted me duele más que usted sabe.

Era UN Tercer Amigo

Sad Songs ARE Awesome

"I just got back from a 5 show run on the road. Now I'm sitting in my kitchen..on the counter. Eating cool whip. And trying to think of things to do with my free time. Other than talking to my cat and making playlists of sad songs. Sad songs are awesome, by the way."

-Taylor Swift

Poor gal getting over being dumped. I really wish I could side with Joe, to understand his side. I've tried, but I'm Team Taylor. I mean, I hope she writes some really great song about Joe. He deserves it. I think he's like, just waiting for it. He's probably terrified. I think once she perfects the song she'll sing it at a concert. I want to be there. I need to be there.

Note to self: Look up Taylor's concerts. I'll make a really good sign and she'll laugh. It'll be AWESOME. Just like sad songs. I'm right there with her. "Life's A Song" has been on repeat since yesterday.

Selena Got OWNED

So, Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are really big fans of the band Paramore. As am I. I love Hayley. She's amazing. Her voice is incredible, and it's such a rock and up tempo that I love to hear. Really, it's some great rock music. It's about one of the only newer bands that actually can be considered rock, in my opinion at least.

Anyways, Demi Lovato got to meet Paramore, and she was adorable meeting them. I mean, it was the cutest thing, because you could see how much she loved the band, and it was a dream of hers to meet them.

Now, Selena Gomez is doing an album. I know, it's gonna suck. I will not be buying. But she's doing a band thing. Which will not work. It will be Selena Gomez's band. Sorry, she can't do it. I mean, she's running auditions for it. For me, that's not the way you start a band. Yes, you do that for maybe one or two members, but I feel like you need at least two people to start a band. I mean, I could randomly go, I'm starting a band today. And I'll put up fliers looking for bandmates. The band is solely for me. It doesn't work.

And when asked about her "band," Selena expressed interest in doing a duet with Hayley Williams and Paramore. I laughed. The band really isn't Disney, and basically doesn't give a fuck. That's why I like them.

So someone asked Hayley Williams. Click to read it since that's the biggest I could get it.
I love that. She totally denied Selena, but still said she likes Demi. I love it. I don't know, but lately Selena is getting on my nerves. She's trying too goddamn hard in my opinion. Stop trying to be the next Miley. She really wants to be the Disney queen. I don't think Demi does. I think she's just happy being in Disney and having a career and being able to do what she loves. Selena is looking to beat Miley. Which, sorry, won't happen. Miley is on top of the world. She's beyond Disney, but not really. You can tell she no longer gives a crap what most people think of her. I mean, she's not going out and getting drunk, she's still a role model, but she is living her life, how she wants to. Good for her.

Demi Owns All, Miley is pretty fucking awesome, and Selena is becoming an Epic Fail.

Thank You

To all the people who cared enough to say something to me. Yesterday was a shitty day, but no lie, it was somehow salvaged thanks to the people who cared. I appreciated it beyond belief. I mean, I know I'm not miracuously happy all of a sudden, but it's a really nice feeling knowing there are people who care. That's really what I wanted. Someone to notice. And I thank everyone. You know who you are. I don't need to list you. Or do I? No, I won't. It gets so sappy, writing out thank yous. I'll just list you here: Finnish Spitz, Sam, Allegra, my mom, my dad, Jill(my suitemate), my roommate Lea, my neighbor Kaitlyn, my brother, Mars and I think that's all. I'm not sure exactly. But no lie, on the brink, they didn't even know how much they helped me. I just wanted to say thanks. I really appreciate it.

Now back to the regularly scheduling blogging. =]

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Maybe Life's A Song...

But I'm scared to sing along.

Yep, that's it.Patrick Park has got it right. Life should be this great time. And even when the bad times come, it's still supposed to be okay, because you know it will get right.

At this point, I'm not so sure. I mean, yeah, people go through bad times. But sometimes I wonder, if it ever does get better. And I know this will get depressing. But honestly, I'm sick of hiding myself. Every single person sees me as happy, energetic, obsessive, fine in my own skin. Farthest from the truth. And lately, it really feels like I won't get out. I seem to be falling down this cliff, and I see all these rocks that I could grab onto, but I can't. Or maybe I won't. I'm not the person to go out and be like, look, this is what I want. Do you want to join me? No, I'm the one who has a million wishes, and tells no one it. I never get to the point. I just mumble, "it's nothing" when it really is something. Life is sucking lately, and not because of all the economy shit(which, trust me, is a problem that I hear in my household) but it's a crappy time because I feel like I've lost all grips on my life. I no longer want to do things. I sit in my room, blog stupid things, when really, I'm being eaten inside by myself. I no longer have friends. The two I do still claim as close friends are far away. And anyone that lives close to me that I once considered a friend...well, they're acquaintances. I am awkward around them. I'm no longer myself. I no longer have the desire to go out, anywhere, just to talk to people. It's gone. Because there's no one to go to. I'm falling in this crappy rut at school, and I refused to let people know what was bothering me. I was supposed to be this happy person, and really, I'm miserable. I want to through everything around and cry. And some days, when I think about the future, there's nothing there. I think that's what is scary. There are no plans. I can't see myself in the next few months. I don't see myself living on my own with friends at University Park. The best I see is myself, living in a dorm. Miserable.

And that's where I am right now. Not much change for the better, eh? I can only give people so many hints that I'm losing my mind before it's lost completely.

Oh wait. It already is.

Oh, tell me what good is saying that you're free
In a dark and storming sea
You're chained to your history, you're surely sinking fast
You say that you know that the good Lord's in control
He's gonna bless and keep your tired and oh so restless soul
But at the end of the day when every price has been paid
You're gonna rise and sit beside him on some old seat of gold
And won't you tell me why you live like you're afraid to die
You'll die like you're afraid to go

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Cause Of Death

So for my comm class, we're gonna be paired up on Thursday and writing each other's obituaries. So I have to come up with a good death. I mean, in real life, I'd probably die of something like a car crash or like, killing myself(who knows what the future lies. haha) But I need a really good random death.

So how should I die?

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ali Lohan, You Cannot Act

Dear Ali Lohan,

Just because your sister can act doesn't mean you can. Because you suck. And I'm not saying that just because I hate you, because I do. But I spent two hours watching Mostly Ghostly, the movie with you, Madison Pettis, Miley's little sister, some big nerd, the red headed bully from Everyone Hates Chris, and the cruelly cute short kid from Minutemen(he's 13, wtf? Why do I find him cute? I am robbing the cradle, damnit). Anyways, all these kids could act. You couldn't. I mean, I know I could act better than you. You were supposed to play the super cute(which already is like, a massive stretch for you) dumb girl. I mean, sure, anyone can memorize lines, but you have to put some emotion in them. Like, you did nothing. You read lines. It was really pathetic. I mean, come on, Noah Cyrus can act better than you. She's like, 8. Not even. And she is ten times better than you. No, twenty times better.

So please stop while other people haven't been subjected to your bad ass acting. PLEASE.

BTW, that movie was really confusing. And I did waste two hours to watch it, just to be completely distracted at the end. I will never know how those kids became ghosts. I'd really like to know. Oh well. It was a cute movie.

Oh yeah, props to David DeLuise! He truly is a highlight in my Disney days. :)

And if anyone wonders why I watched the bad movie, I had a horrible stomach and really was too lazy to change the channel. Damn you fire balls. DAMN YOU.

So Ali Lohan, have you stopped acting? I better not see anything upcoming on your imdb list!!!


One movie. Troll. Very accurate for you.


Used to be a huge fan of Lindsay Lohan, and now a big fan of David DeLuise.

Degrassi SUCKS

So, I have been a fan of Degrassi: The Next Generation since its like, third season. I mean, I probably would have been a fan earlier but I didn't have that channel. So once we got satellite and when I would stay up late to watch tv, I fell in love with this show. I mean, it really showed what teenagers go through. I mean, it really went there. That's why its slogan was "It goes there." Take some examples:

Twice there was a rape. The person was actually raped. I mean, there were courts against it. It was intense. They showed it once. The second time, someone tried to kill themselves after it.

Take the OC: Marissa Cooper was almost raped by a guy. Someone she knew, but she was almost raped, and dealt with it for an episode. It was bad.

In Degrassi, there was a school shooting. The guy actually shot. People really dealt. It was intense.

Take OTH's stupid school shooting episodes. They sucked basically.

But Degrassi really went there. It was such a good show. And, now, it's last of original castmembers went to college. So they had newer people in the high school.

And it royally sucks. I mean, it's turned cliche. And stupid. I mean, the teenage mother got a modelling career and dealt with very cliche bad influences. It was a bad episode. I mean, then there was the cliche smart girl who doesn't like any of those cool popular people but there's the smart sexy skater who's into her. It was fucking boring. I wanted to kill myself.

Seriously, this show sucks now. I miss the old seasons. Oh well. Time to go find some reruns of that show, and reminence on yet another show that was on and sucked. It should have stopped when it could. Like, before it gets bad. Too late for this show too.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Betty White Is One Fierce Bitch

Seriously, she is. She's better than any actress now. No fucking lie. I mean, watch Golden Girls. Rose owned that show. She really did. And she's how old now, and she's amazing. Like, she can insult the best people, and just be as awesome as ever.

I just wanted to tell you all. haha.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Consider Me Dazzled

Robert Pattinson. Cedric Diggory. Edward Cullen. RPattz. Whatever name you wanna call him, I am in fucking love with that kid. Seriously. Like, no lie. I want to jump him so bad. I think even more than Kevin Jonas. No, all of the Jonas Brothers. I never thought that possible, but seriously, like, fuck man!

My evidence of the great RPattz:
Look at him. I mean, his face, gorgeous. And that smile. I swoon. But really, the thing that attracts me the most is......

His hair.

OMFG, his hair is amazing. Like, I am not fucking kidding you. That boy has amazing hair. Really, It's just so....perfect. I mean, dear god, how can that boy have that amazing hair? I don't remember Cedric having that fucking cool hair! Seriously. I wasn't a big Cedric fan, but I always admitted, RPattz was nice. And now, he's fucking Edward Cullen? aildjfasfjalfjlafjl I can't take it. Seriously. I just wanna run my hands through his hair. I mean, he is Edward Cullen to me. I guess that might be since I started reading books after the casting of him, but I do love him as EC. He really is perfect. But I don't really like Bella. Kristen Stewart is okay, and I suppose she's Bella, but she doesn't fit it right for me. And no, I don't think I'd be Bella. I think I pictured some version of me that is well, not me. Ha. Oh well.

Did you see that boy's hair? Ah, it's so amazing. So perfectly coiffed. I hope that was the right word. Oh well.

And for more sexiness, all five of the Twilight boys:
Though I don't understand why the kid who plays Jacob has them in, because um, Jacob's a werewolf. A very sexy one though. Okay, they're all amazing. I've decided Alice and Emmett are my favorite characters in the book. Alice because, well, she's fucking Alice. And Emmett just sounds like fun to hang around with. I also like Jacob. I kinda worry that I'm on Team Jacob without knowing it. Just because Bella just accepted Edward back with nothing right after everything in New Moon. In her defense, I guess she loves him, but still. I don't know. Maybe I'll understand it all emotionally one day.

Oh, and one more of all five because I'd pretty much jump any one of them. :D

Karaoke Vs. The Office

You'd think the choice would be easy. I mean, karaoke is funny to watch, but being in it is kinda scary. So why not sit in your room, safe from most embarrassment and watch the great show, the Office. Of course. So simple.

Yeah, not for me.

I'm always a hermit. Like, always. I waste most nights in my room sitting all alone watching tv or sleeping. And Thursdays are my only social day(yeah, I'd like more, but what can I do? I'm a shy hermit. I am terrified to ask people to do things. I never even ask my family to do things. I let them pick. Oh well). So when there was karaoke, it is fun to watch. And I do like to say I am a supportive friend. So when Jenn, of Ticket to Ride(I always like to pimp other people's blogs out, I feel other people who read this should read theirs, because it's good), was nominated to sing the Jonas Brothers' "SOS," her face went pale and she had no money to save herself. Her suitemate said she'd come up and I asked her, do you want me to come? Because well, everyone knows we're the Jonas freaks. In one of those sad, scared, quivering voices, she goes, "Not if you don't want to." Okay, seriously, no matter how frightened I was, how can I say no to that voice? She looked like she had seen someone with a gun, who would then proceed to kill her on stage. Really, I couldn't be some bitch and laugh and supposedly support my friend while sitting in the safety of my chair. So I went up. And let me tell you, there is a reason I don't do these things my friends. Really. It was terrifying. I mean, I was ok just singing and reading the screen(which frankly, I didn't need to do because I know every goddamn word to that song, counts and all) but thinking that people were watching me...well, the sick unstable, self-conscious monster inside reared her head. I haven't shook so much. I tried to get into it, to help Jenn, but well, she looked more scared than me.

Also, apparently, I was the only one singing. Awesome. I used what I call my "I don't care voice." The voice that I use when most people are around and I'm in a bad situation. Had I used my relatively nice singing voice and danced around and such, well, I probably would be....I don't know. Still. I know I need to get out more. I KNOW. Thank you, every person that seems to want to be my mother.

Then, as a joke, Jenn's suitemate's friend(who doesn't even go to our school) was nominated for "Best of Both Worlds." Jenn gets up and is like, alright, I'll go do it. I look at her and I believe she was like, "It's Hannah Montana, come on." Having gotten over first time jitters, I did it. And I can attest to the part in the opening of Hannah Montana that she does the head bob, both me and Jenn did it. And I held myself back from mixing it at "mix it all together." Oh yeah, since when the hell was that song so damn long? I had no effing idea.

So there, children, is my experience of karaoke. Second one. I did it once at an American Idols concert, and I vowed, never again. At least not if I wasn't shitfaced. And well, here I am, sober as ever, and I did it. Oh well.

Victims of Hollywood

This seriously could be a storyline for a television story. And this is what I believe. I was feeling for Taylor Swift after the breakup with Joe Jonas a lot, and I was wondering why exactly Joe was being such a dick. Breaking up on the phone is a shitty thing to do. Then, I saw these photos. Here is one:
He looks miserable. And then I was reading, that he was forced, by his family no less, to break up with her. I think he liked her, she liked him, but the rumor mill was getting too much. I think that Disney and maybe even his family were like, we can't have this. Sorry. It's getting too much. And I get that. When relationships of celebrities start to shadow the actual talent, that's not something you want. Because eventually it will go sour. And I think the reason Joe Jonas broke up with her over the phone was so that he wouldn't see her. I don't think he wanted to break up with her. I think that it was an executive decision. Come on, when haven't you heard the story of the people above, be it parents, agents, managers, force their client, son, daughter, to break up with someone to save the pain and exposure later. I mean, really, it's a story as old as time. I've even written it a few times. The person breaks up with the other to save them. Maybe Joe didn't want people, like Disney, all over Taylor. Maybe to preserve her freedom as an artist. Because we all know Disney was watching Taylor with intensity. They wanted her, no doubt. And maybe now that they broke up, she was free. She could feel all this pain, but no one would stop her from writing it. Disney would I think.

I think I have to believe this, just because I still believe that Joe Jonas is a good person. I don't know. I'm probably wrong. I usually am. Oh well.

He & Her

Today, my little kiddies, as per request from the lovely and talented Drowsy Observer, I'll be reviewing She & Him. Oh what fun, I know. Hearing me go on and on about each song. But hey, that's what I do. If you don't like that, go read the little snippets at Entertainment Weekly.

1) Sentimental Heart - This whole album has a very mellow vibe, which for me at this point, is kinda what I need. And Zooey Deschansel is a great singer. If anyone says otherwise, I'll punch them. Her voice isn't incredible, but it's good. It gives me hope for me, who loves to sing and doesn't have an extraordinary voice. This song kinda reminds me of the 80s. I don't know, it feels like the song is from a different generation. No, not 80s. I get a 70s vibe. Like, this song playing on a record player in a girl's room. Yep, that's where it is.

2) Why Do You Let Me Stay Here? - I like this song, the beat is really catchy. And random thought when she says, I'm on a shelf, Jonas and their song Shelf. Okay, I swear that will be the last mention of them. But I love the guitar in this song. It's really good.

3) This Is Not A Test - This song reminds me of a cool mix between the Beatles and Jenny Lewis of Rilo Kiley. It's a little folky, but I think, at least the music could be thought of as early Beatles, around A Hard Day's Night. But the lead is definitely reminscent of Rilo Kiley, around More Adventurous. I know I just threw out a lot of cd names and stuff, but hopefully you understand it. The only issue I have witht his song is the little human trumphet thing. I was not feeling it. At all. Eh.

4) Change is Hard - This song definitely has a country feeling. More like, a tropical country feeling. I don't know, the beginning sounded like it could be very island-esque, like tropical, but I feel like this song is definitely country, and I could see this performed in a sleazy bar. I'm not very into this song, just because the feeling of it is just too darn mellow. It doesn't work for me. I enjoy mellow, but this like, drags on to me.

5) I Thought I Saw Your Face Today - I really like this song. This cd keeps giving me different feelings of where each song could be played. I feel like this is a wintery New York song. I really like the chorus? With these songs, I really can never tell which is which. It diverges from the usual song structure, which definitely separates it from the rest, but it's hard to describe something I like, because I'm very used to listening to simply structured songs, such as Jonas(damn it, mentioned them again. Sorry). But I like this song, especially the whistling. I just love whistling in songs, because then I can perfectly sing along.

6) Take It Back - Definitely a 30s, 40s vibe. And I like that. I really could feel like this is a great slow song to dance to. Zooey's vocals are definitely used to perfection here, and I think these are the kinds of songs she sounds best in. But if they were to put out an album of just these kinds of songs, it'd be boring as shit. I like the little slow down, but it was dragging. It felt emotional, and I could see actors from Old Hollywood doing a slow dance scene to this.

7) I Was Made For You - A little pickup, a 50s vibe. I really like how this band definitely switches around what they're doing. Everything can be put into a different genre, nothing is the same. I really enjoy that. You never know what's gonna come up next. This is a little cutesy song, which is nice. I don't think Zooey's vocals fit this kind of song, so at some points, it gets a little cringe-worthy to hear her sing the high stuff. Not her best. But I still like it.

8) You Really Gotta Hold On Me - First off, I hate that they used 'gotta.' It doesn't make sense to me. I mean, gotta goes to got to. What they want is got a. And that really pisses me off. I hate that kind of stuff. It kind of ruins the song to me. But I like that you can finally hear the "him" in the song. I like his voice. It's nice. But Zooey kinda dominates the song, and I'd personally like to hear more of the "him"(M. Ward is his name? I think) But it's an okay song. Very slow, and minimal instruments, which I do like, because then you the vocals are what carries the song.

9) Black Hole - This is a nice song, I like it, and it's a little toe tap worthy. It's a fun song. I don't know what else there is to say about it.

10) Got Me - Very country, like, really country. The feeling is that it is being too stereotypical country, if there is a such a thing. Like, they went, let's do country, and they listened to all the old country and kinda mixed all the usual elements of it. I'm really not a fan of country. I do listen to Taylor Swift, but I must admit that some of her songs do have a pop feeling, even maybe rock, which might be why I listen to it. But this is just really overkill for me.

11) I Should Have Known Better - Beatles cover. And while I do love Beatles covers, I am a little unsure about this one. Once again it has that weird tropical country vibe. And they slowed down the tempo on this, which is one of the reasons I love the original in the first place. I mean, I remember hearing that song and going, ah, I love this. And this cover worries me. At least when the "him" sings, the song gets a little bit more bearable. Because I just think that Lennon and McCartney have this amazing sound put together. I mean, it's so gorgeous, and is shown off in this song. I always am up for hearing new Beatles covers, and I admit I worry every time I hear one. I admit I worried when Jonas did it, but I did enjoy that. I think I may have enjoyed it more than the original. And no, not because it was Jonas. I liked the feeling they added to it. They made me love the song more, and this song by She and Him makes me like it less.

12) Sweet Darlin' - I really like this song. It's catchy. I think I really like the faster tempo songs more. And Zooey's voice works great in the chorus. I absolutely love the chorus. It's fun.

13) Untitled - This song is okay. I like Zooey's voice, don't get me wrong. It's definitely different than anyone out there, but it tends to get on the annoying side with me. I don't know. And this is just alright.

Overall, it's an interesting albums. Different feelings for each song, and you can tell that they are very artistic and musically inclined, but I think they are a little too mellow for my taste, which must be saying something, since I do love mellow.

Grade: C

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

The Poor Mooses

This picture actually disturbed me(BTW, the bag says 'Real Women Hunt Moose'). I mean, come on, apPALINg(hero status to whoever thought of that...and I know it isn't spelled right, but you get the idea), this is really annoying. Like, stop with the moose hunting. What the fuck did they do to you? The meese are a great species. They get a whole conversation in the beginning of Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Really, stop hunting moose! It makes me sad. No lie. I mean, really. Just stop. I'll vote for you if you stop?


Oh wait, I'd never vote for Sexy Sarah if my life depended on it. I'd rather be shot down like a moose in Alaska than vote for her.

Silver Fox?

Okay, so after the presidential debate, which I watched on CNN, it was Anderson Cooper 360. I don't pay much attention to the guy. He's like, old. And on a channel I don't watch often(but trust me, I'd like to) and I was watching him, and I thought, "wow, shit, he is sexy." And I got really scared. Like, WTF? I mean, seriously. This guys is like, older than my dad I think. I don't know. I just know he has grey hair, and I believe that would be like, a no-no for my mind to think cute. It really worries me. I mean, like, what next? I'll be like Anna Nichole Smith and marry some really old dude. He needs to at least be cute. Because ANS totally married for money, because that guy was FUG. No offense, but really. At least Anderson Cooper is like, good looking. Though, like, isn't he gay or something? Sigh, I never know what to believe. Oh well.

Oh, and what a kick ass name is Anderson Cooper? I'm sorry but that is a fucking bad ass name. Really. It's just really cool. Maybe I'll name my kid Anderson. No wait, no. He'll get made fun of. Plus, I already have my kids named and there's two(Lennon and Harrison....hmmm.... I don't know where I could have gotten those names from). And I do not intend on having two boys run me around. Fuck no.

No Mas Toe.

Why are all good relationships going down the tubes? First, Holly and Hef, and now Toe, or Taylor and Joe.

Jenn(from the lovely Ticket To Ride) showed me this picture:

Proof if in the crossed out line. Yep, Joe has a very immature sense of humor, and great hair. What I think is the saddest, is that she says he is a Prince Charming. She was in love. And there will be a fucking killer song to boot come soon. I hope. I really hope she's like, I want this added to the album, NOW. But I doubt that will happen.

RIP Toe. :(

Can He Go Back To This?

I'm sorry, but I think this is the cutest I've seen Kevin Jonas in a while. Really, I want this Kevin. I would jump him in a second. No lie. He's effing gorgeous here. So young, so sexy. Ah. I want this Kevin right now.

I'm posting a second picture to show him with Zoey, and his purity ring, which, in my opinion, is my proof that she's not a whore and he never did anything with her.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

RIP Holly and Hef

She confirmed they're not together. For reals, this upsets the shit out of me. That was one of my favorite shows. And I kinda loved them together. And now, well, it won't be the same. I'll never be the same. I think I may go watch some episodes to cheer myself up. Sigh.

OceanUp Retards

So I just checked Oceanup. Drake Bell was on the first post, from a concert. He has a new tattoo, saying, "War is Over!" in big and you can tell there's something in small letters, most likely saying, "If you want it." or maybe it just says, 'John Lennon' underneath. I can't tell.

But that is a known quote from John Lennon.

The first comment there, is "But war isn't over."

I hate people. But I do love getting in comment fights with idiots who tell me to learn biochemistry over Lennon. Ha, I love idiots.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pathology = FUBAR

FUBAR! My dad said that to me while watching Pathology, and I just kinda stared. I was like, what the heck are you smoking Dad? And he replies, "Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition." Oooohhhhhh.....

Yeah, that definitely explains that movie.

Pathology was this movie I was like, obsessed with. Back when Heroes was in its like, amazing first season, I had to look up Milo Ventimiglia and all that he did. And I came across this movie. I was like, dude! I need to see this. It never fucking came out.

Until now. On DVD. I kinda get that though.

It's about people who work in a morgue, and they take part in a game where they murder people to try and commit the perfect murder.

Simple guy gets in too deep story.

Um, wrong.

This movie was fucked up. Like, no lie. It starts off with them doing the infamous orgasm scene from When Harry Met Sally. With dead people. Definitely a new take on that. And pretty much after that, it goes nuts. Sex on metal beds that dead people lie on in the morgue, and dead prostitutes, and crazy people. Seriously, messed up movie. Like, the main guy is mad crazy, but you still feel for him. Like, I looooved Milo Ventimiglia. I mean, the best part of this movie? Yeah, his ass. I was very happy to see that during the sex scenes. I mean, granted it was really awkward to say, "Oh yeah, Milo ass" in front of my parents, but you know, they do enough weird stuff to make me feel awkward, why not one time the opposite way.

Seriously, if you like lots of gore, Milo V, and really messed up movies, this is for you. I'd show you it, but my mom refused to let my dad keep it.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Best Comment Ever

So, I haven't updated in like, two days. I didn't think people worried that much.

Then, Finnish Spitz told me her awesome friend, Allegra, said this:

"If you weren't talking to her right now, I would check to make sure she's not in a coma or something."


No lie, I love Allegra. I have never met her, yet she makes me laugh a lot. Visit her blog:

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Obama/Biden(That's Enough, Sarah Palin)

I didn't feel like doing some catchy title. Because frankly, with this debate, I mean, there was no competition. All those people can say Sarah Palin did good, but in my opinion, she rambled, and never answered a real question. She kept going back to the question before. Biden was incredible. He had specific points, and dammit, each point sliced into Palin like no other. I mean, he is a great debater. He knows what to say, and how to say it. Plus, he knows his shit. Palin doesn't. She only knows what McCain told her to say. Biden has his own mind, and knows what to say. I loved that.

So Palin needs to stop with her quaint little Alaska things. We get it, you're from Alaska. No shit man. You can see Russia from your house! Ohmigod! Do you want a medal? You betcha! Darn Heck! Joe Six Pack! Hockey Moms! What are stupid quote can I put in from Palin? Everything she said was like, uh....could you be any more stupid?

And Biden. Really. Wow. I never knew much about him, and lately it's been "Hockey Mom"-Gate, as in every one has been talking about her for the last few weeks.. But I just felt like he was an incredible debater, and was able to constantly prove his points while keeping on the question at hand. I mean, he really is so strong. When he discussed about his first wife and daughter's death, I was just blown away. He really didn't shove it down your throat, and there was this little pause, where it hit me, and tears totally came up behind my eyes. He had choked up there, and I knew that he had seen these horrors, and had been to the brink, and you know what he came back? And if a man so far down a rabbit hole of despair could get up and just, become this, well, great person, I felt proud. So proud. Proud just to support them.

And sadly, I haven't seen Obama speak, but I cannot wait. I really cannot. If Biden is just the VP and can provoke such joy and pride in my choice of a candidate, what can Obama do? I'm hoping so much more.

I know I supported Hillary. And yes, I know she lost. But I'm almost glad? Because Obama really is great. And I'm glad, no, PROUD to support him. No lie. Betcha didn't think you'd be hearing that from me, huh, Finnish Spitz? ;)

Is It Sad I Love This?

This. From LC-CB's Winter Collection. I actually love all of it. But too goddamn expensive.

I'll wait til she heads on over to Forever 21. Or until they make knockoffs of it.

The Perfect Guy

Edward Cullen + Jim Halpert + Any, or all three Jonas Brothers

Seriously, take any amazingness from any one of them and combine to make more amazingness. I believe this is a fact. :)

No, No, I Got It. No, Really, I Did. Okay? I Swear. Just Stop. I Registered. Please. Stop. I Have A Life.

I got this little video from my good friend, The Drowsy Observer.

And I wanted to share my thoughts on it.

Jonah Hill and Sarah Silverman were the high points of this. They made me laugh. Jonah Hill is perfection in this.
Leo Dicaprio is still damn hot.
He's also the next Al Gore.
Jen Aniston is nothing special.
What are you doing there, Ashton Kutcher?
Kevin Bacon!!!

My last thought is: WE GET IT. Really, I know it's great to vote. I registered a while ago. But if you haven't registered yet, you're the only one you're fucking over.

I Tried, It Failed

So I watched the first episode of 30 Rock. Meh. It was alright. I'll try the premiere when it comes on. But eh. Tina Fey was funny. The rest, eh.

Mandy needs to GTFO

So Mandy, one the Jonas Brothers' close friends, put on her Myspace that she was going to meet with E! True Hollywood Story today. Oh hell no. I never really liked Mandy, but if I have to deal with seeing her face on a Jonas Brothers THS, I'll scream. Actually, I'll scream if THS does make a JB one. Seriously. I am so sick of it. You know, I like the Jonas Brothers for their music. That's why I like them. I am so sick of this Jonasmania. It needs to fucking stop. I'm serious. I cannot wait until all the teenies get on a new band, and then the Jonas brothers can have a semi-normal life, and everything. Really. I'm serious. I hate it. UGH.

I Love This

This. I really do. Please watch, por favor.

I'm sorry, but I thought that was amazing. I mean, come on. The fact that they had Kenneth in there, and Conan shoving him. Amazing. I mean, I was laughing so hard. And Julia Louis-Dreyfus is so cute. I loved her as Elaine on Seinfeld, and she is really good as Christine on NAoOC. No lie. My mom makes me watch the show, but for reals, I enjoy it. And then Tina Fey? I am gonna start watching the show. I really am. Like, right now. Look at me go. Tina Fey is my new favorite person in the world.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Wanted: A Good Halloween

So last year, Halloween kinda sucked for me. I spent the time miserable, in my dark dorm room, basically crying. Yeah, it really wasn't an amazing Halloween for me. I like, wanted it to be so great, and I fell on my face with it. So, this year, I'm making it good. Well, attempting to.

First off, I need a costume. People, help me. I don't know who to be. Like, it's the one time of the year I can be whoever I want, no matter how slutty and get away with it. So like, seriously, who the fuck should I be? I mean, I can be Alice, which don't get me wrong, I still love. But I don't know. I wanted maybe something pop culture-y and funny but cute at the same time. For some reason, I thought Katy Perry. My feelings on her are just well, I don't know.

Second, is like, you people. Okay, I really wanna do a bunch of stuff for Halloween. Like, I wanna have a good time. I want to go to a college costume party that week. I mean, I just want to hang out with people and have goofy awesome fun. I always see pics of people and I just go, I want that. So like, people, tell me if something is happening. I would like to be invited. I'm not the person who goes and asks. I also don't get to hear about any parties now that my roommate has changed. So for real, I want that week to be a great week. Simple little things, like being invited to chill would make my life. No lie.

So now you all know what I want for Halloween. I want to hang out with all of my friends, and have a great time. My Friday night is kinda set, but I don't know, I wanna do something that week. I doubt if that'll happen. Like, I'm actually really bothered with the fact that I've done nothing all year so far. Last year, I had a bunch of random photos up on Facebook, and I was doing things. This year, I've done nothing. I sit in my goddamn room every night, and watch tv alone. What. A. Hoot.

So, if you guys want to join me and make Halloween fun, just you know, like, talk to me? Seriously, I want to have fun guys. I'm fucking sick of sitting alone in my room. Sigh.

That's Enough, Jessica Alba

Dear Jessica Alba,

Recently, you did that whole bondage picture? Yeah....And now you're all Hannibal Lector? Okay, seriously, do you enjoy putting those creepy images in people's minds? Every rapist and fan of you probably enjoyed seeing you tied up(I no doubt think you also liked that) but now I must be tortured with the thought of you eating my brains. I mean, I need my brains so that way, I don't go see any of your crappy movies. And I'm sorry, but you're scarier than Anthony Hopkins, no lie. You kill every film you're in, and now you're moving onto people? Wonderful.


I'll keep my brains, thanks. And my money.

P.S. You're a fucking creeper. Get off my computer screen.

Pirate Facebook

Why did no one tell me? It's amazing! Like, I saw it on someone's status as it existing, but I was like, uh....ok? And then, as I accidentally creeped on people's walls..(on my feed....with the wall writing "best facebook feature ever" Who wouldn't click?) And so I did what the other wall post did(Go to settings, language, the last one) and dude! It's fucking amazing. I love it. What could be better than Pirate Facebook? I think nothing.

Alice in Wonderland + Chuck Bass = Me Giddy

First off, Happy October!

Second of all, I'm watching the new Gossip Girl(yes, the one from last night, I'm slow) and holy mackeral, Chuck said "Down the rabbit hole!" The inner Alice fangirl squeed. Oh no, wait, I really did squee in real life. Oh well.

They also mentioned Project Runway. "One minute you're in, and the next, you're out." Like, who doesn't know that?