Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Sorta Celebs Haven't Been Wrecked By Rapid Fans Just Yet...Hurah.

So, me, being the avid Jonas fan, am (facebook + myspace) friends with Mr John Taylor, the backup guitarist for the Jonas Brothers. He has about....700 friends. Which I thought was a lot. Like, DAMN! But then I realized...

I'm friends with a whore I used to work with who has more friends than he does.

And stupid people from a MTV Reality Show(The Paper) have at least 2,000 friends.

So then I came to the conclusion that some people still are reachable. It's nice. :D

Bitches, don't you dare ruin John Taylor. I'm warning ya'll. I wanna stay friends with him. It's the closest thing I have to them.

Yay, Dhani Is A Chip Off The Block

So recently Julian Lennon went all, "Who's the Jonas Brothers? Are they a cartoon?" STFU, Julian. Read some ONTD. Please. Anyways, I was reading ONTD, as usual, and they posted something about Dhani Harrison, and his band. I knew he played like his father(not to mention looks EXACTLY like him...he's even rocking the "Arthur" hairstyle. And dudes, I swear, if you do not know what that means, SHAME ON YOU) and all these people were like, thenewno2 is awesome! So I went, hmmm......I shall look into it.

So I did.

I would have downloaded the cd, but bandwidth consumption will be the death of me, and I can't download anything or the like. So I simply listened to the 30 seconds of song on Itunes. Um, can you say awesome? This weekend I will be downloading the cd. It's really good. Like, definitely reminds me of if the Beatles like crashed into say, Death Cab. Very slow, soft, but good. I mean, I do love upbeat stuff, but I also love that alternative soft awesomeness. I mean, Dhani's voice is just sooo soothing. I can see that being a great go to sleep cd.

Thumbs up from me! Yay for a Beatles spawn continuing on what his father was incredible at. I mean, that's not to say that Stella McCartney isn't doing great, or that any musician's child should do music(I'm talking to....damn, I wish I could think of a crappy child of a great musician who tried their luck at singing. The only one I can think of is Nicole Richie, and she's not legit child. I'll think one up later.) but I mean, I'm glad that Dhani took an interest in his father's music and got to learn while he had time. I'm pretty sure George is definitely smiling. Which makes me smile. :D

Oh chicky-baby.

"They're dead grotty."


Admit It....This Is Fucking Funny


I don't watch the Olympics, and I don't know the other dude, but I looove Phelps. I am a Phelps Phan.

Hero Status for this.

Good Lord, I just said hero status. Time to shoot me.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Okay, I Wanted To Scratch It

Go to:

I think that's really cute.

I also think I'm a lameass because I really wanted to scratch it. No lie. I had to stop myself numerous times from scratching it. I didn't want to look that dumb. But really, it makes you want to scratch it. Oh well.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Teehee....I'm getting better at this.

See: picture of Joe in a youtube video

See: tshirt to buy

I rock.

What Does It Say?

No, really, someone figure it out. It's been bothering me for weeks. Weeks, I tell you.

Our Song: Old Hick Central

I must be the only one who thinks this.

Whenever I listen to "Our Song" by Taylor Swift, I imagine her with some 40 year old hillbilly. I don't know why. Like, she was messing with her dad's ugly hick friend. I just get that vibe from the song. Eh, it must just be me.

A Vest A Day Keeps The Sweatpants Away

So for this year at school, I am determined to not stop caring about how I look. Like, I mean, I know it's not everything, but I really personally want to look good everyday. Can I be blamed for that? Yeah, didn't think so. So if I keep dressing nice, I'll be happy.

And I am totally rocking a Demi inspired outfit today. Red Beatles shirt, vest, dark skinny jeans and high boots. Like, it's right out of her wardrobe. So proud of myself. I am simply loving my outfits this year. Three knockouts outta three, IMO.

Now to just keep that up...I think I can do that.

Kevin Posers are Love

So I love the JoBros, you all know that. But I do love the JoBro posers. I've "talked" with them on JBFBDB, and I see them post on Jonas Secrets. They really are great for a laugh. I made this comment on a secret about my tattoo, the one that says "I Open at the close" and then this morning, what do I see? A Kevin Jonas poser(I wish it was the real thing) calling me their hero. I was like, oh dear god, I am saving that message for eternity. I know it isn't them, but if people say that, they'd be like, woah, you know them.

And you know what? I would reply, "yes, yes I do." And smile.

Posers are love.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

The Vest Has Been Found

It really has. I'm going to get it. I am so excited. :D I'd like to thank my mommy, the person who found the vest, and Demi for wearing it. :D


The Boys Are Back In The Game

Now, recently, my boys(yes I called them my boys) haven't really been doing a lot of funny videos. And yeah, they are kinda staged, but you know what? I still love them.

Feast your eyes on this:

Incredible! To quote Joe.

I love them. And Demi.

Tell Me Something I Don't Understand: Selena's Song

Dear Selena,

So. We have a lot of things we gotta talk about here. I've been having some beefs with you lately. So let's get down to business, shall we?

First off, I really hate that your singing is bunched in with Miley Cyrus' and Demi's. Okay, so you can sorta sing. I can too. But I mean, when I listen to Demi or Miley, I can actually hear how awesome they are. You on the other hand, are way too computerized. It bothers me. It really does. I mean, who told you you could sing? I sure as hell didn't.

Speaking of singing, wtf is up with your song? Seriously, tell me what it is about. I dare you. Because I cannot make sense of the damn song. Is it about being famous? Or some stupid guy? Please tell me. Because I just can't figure out what the fuck it's about. It's catchy as hell, but it makes no sense.

Another thing: you're not rock and roll. Like, is your name Hayley Williams? No. Stop attempting. I mean, I know I'm not, and I don't claim to be. I just try to be myself. Like, don't take this the wrong way, because I love your style, but sometimes you just try too hard. There's so many photos of you doing these rock and roll things, and question(I totally Shrute'd that): can you play an instrument? I'm not sure you can. Just be your goddamn self. Sometimes I wonder how you and Demi are such close friends. She's pretty true to herself, and has been through the rough times. She doesn't hide from herself anymore. You, my dear, are simply a poser.

Oh yeah, and wtf is up with you and Nick Jonas? I know you're not dating him. You're dating your onscreen brother, or cousin. I'm pretty sure there's some incest going on in your family. Sorry. Shouldn't you be pregnant by now? Your mom was. I mean, don't you dare still that Mop Top Cutie's virginity and get your eggo preggo. Because if you do, I'm pretty sure every teenage girl will hunt you down. I would.

Overall, recently you've just been bothering the shit out of me. Don't get me wrong, you probably are a really sweet and cool girl, but I just feel like Demi is simply more real than you, hell, even Miley is more real than you. Idk.


The girl in the sorta empty NYC bus that screamed "Selena" really loud at the thought of seeing you. Now, not so much.

P.S. Give back Nick's shirt, or tell me where you got it. I want it.
P.P.S. Who's the happy creeper in that pic?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Stop Fucking Torturing Me

Dear Demi,

Please just tell me where you got this vest. I want it. Like, stop wearing it and teasing me. Please Please PLEASE! I want it badly. And I will not rest until I have it. Demi, I'm serious. Tell me now, or....I won't buy your cd early!!!!

Okay, no, I'm def buying it early. Ha, I got a little crazy there. Just please say where you got it!


Vest Wanter

What do you do when you have absolutely nothing to do all day?


Ain't I super cute? My new Facebook and Myspacepic. Yeah, I have nothing to do until six. Hmm....I should just sleep.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear The Female Half of Toe,

Dear Taylor Swift,

Let's get some things out right away. You are a country singer. I do not like country music one bit(except that one Carrie Underwood song....I'm a sucker for Before He Cheats). Now, What. The. Fuck. I find myself enjoying your music. Damn you. Damn you and your catchy music and good writing. No, seriously. You must have magical powers. Serious. Like, I like that one song, the Teardrops one, but I listen to your songs and love singing along to them. I hate you a bit for that. You've turned me into a damn fan. And no, I didn't start listening to you because of Jonas(okay, a bit, since you have been mentioned with them a lot and S burned me your cds) but really. I can't believe I'm admitting I like your music. Curse you.

Oh, and also, why the fuck are you so damn pretty? Like, that makes me hate you even more, and then I like you more, and it's just this weird circle thing that I think is dangerous for my health. Really. Stop. Stop it all. Being pretty, making good music. All of it. I do not want to have to borrow S's cd or buy my own copy of your new cd coming out 11/11(I only know that date because it's all over gossip sites, and who forgets 11/11?). I really don't. So stop! Oh and you better not be at one of my Jonas concerts. I'm warning you.

Okay, I guess I wouldn't mind if you came it.

Alright, I'd love it if you were there. Are You Happy?


A new fan.

PS The pic I got of you reminds me of a girl at my school who looks like Kelly Ripa. Does that mean you look like Kelly Ripa?

So It's The Same Minus The Spies?

"Kevin, Nick, and Joe are three brothers who hit the big time as hugely popular teen idols. How do teen idols live an ordinary life? They don’t! But as they try to be normal boys doing “normal” things, life keeps getting less and less “normal”. Living in the fish bowl can’t get any funnier!" it's like why Miley went for two sides? Like, this is what's gonna happen if you don't go for two lives! Or it's basically them less famous. I don't know. I'm a little sad I'll never see that redic pilot for J.O.N.A.S. I would have thoroughly enjoyed those three boys in tight black spy suits. I guess I'll just have to take them in tight bold awesome outfits. OH well. ;)

I still want to get into this show. I can play Crazy Fan 1. Well, I'd like to be Kevin's love interest. Yeah, that'd be nice.


That is just wrong. Wrong I tell you. Like, just go away Heidi Ho-Bag. Please? I'll pay you.

Crud, I need to see the new Hills before tomorrow.

Mind on the Jonai

So that is a underage drinking card. It's supposed to be serious. I made it Jonas-inspired. Don't tell me none of ya'll thought of it. Come on.

P.S. Check out my kick ass nails. You know you all want them.

Hazy, Here I Am!

So today I totally moved into my room. It was a sorta long and I had to deal with my parents and yeah. But my nephew came and that made the day. Apparently he found a cute guy for me. I don't know. My mom may have been smoking something. She did say this guy was hotter than Jonas. And that's like saying there's someone more like me than me. Yeah, it just doesn't make sense.

Anyways, I took a bunch of pictures to show off my sexy room. I put up all my posters and everything, and I feel like I've been here a year and my roommate just moved in when my roommate moved her yesterday and I just got here today. Haha.

Without further adu, my room:

My side vs. my roommate's side. :) I win for messiest.

My roommate's side. So plain. No offense, though. Just new.
And my room. Very like, ADD. Like, what do you look at first? I have no clue.
My plain dresser. I don't know if I get that wall yet. Maybe I'll put something up. I'm thinking mirror at most. Or Jonas. Who knows.
The full overview. ;0
My closet. My mom was in the closet all day. Only Jenn's mom could get her out of the closet. Ah, bad gay jokes. I'll be burning in hell.
Hey, who's that loser posing in the mirror? Oh that's just me.
My dresser. It's clean now, but eventually, eventually, it will be a mess. John Taylor glasses!
First wall part. Playboy bunny thing that finally got hung(only took half a year), Marilyn that kept falling, Toby! office calendar, half of this kickass centerpiece, Hannah Montana, and the Office again. Oh and you can see my desk too. Frames, printer junk. haha.
All of my desk, and above. Harry Potter, and Beatles(which has since fallen down and I'm waiting to find something better to put it up with, a little bit of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist poster which I have two of, one is a present for my Finnish Spitz. And there's my whole desk. Very junky, and lots of frames. The bulletin board behind the comp is yucky. Very yucky.
Demi poster! framed and signed, my awesome shelving unit that I bought and my daddy put together, and gossip girl things I put together, microwave and fridge, Jonas and there's Coldplay and more Jonas, and an artsy photo and Audrey Hepburn! :) Oh and my bed.

Audrey and the Beatles, and Jonas, Knocked Up, Superbad, Little Miss Sunshine, and a bunch of others. Stuffies! I love Pudge, my cow. Best stuffy ever. Oh, spot the random photo of not famous people!I love this wall. First one I did. Very proud of. Got Beatles, Office, Jonas, and Seyfried! Woot! And Pudge! Go Pudge for posing very seductively in the pic. And there's my door. Pretty huh?

So that is it! my new room. Ah, I can't believe Fall is actually here. Bring on Jonas, man, bring it on.

Friday, August 22, 2008

I Heart This

Seriously, it's awesome. ONTD, I love you. Where do you find all this awesomeness? Bah, go this person. And yes, I'm gonna say it......Dollar.

Why Am I So Happy About This?

Can we totally awe it up now?

Yes, they're back together!!!! Like, I never pay attention to celeb romances(seriously TomKat and Brangelina are fucking annoying) but yay for McGosling!!!! I seriously think they are in love. I don't really like the Notebook(it was alright) but those two have to be my two favorite actors out there. And just look at it, they are so in love. I was so depressed when they broke up. I am so happy for them. As much as I would want Ryan Gosling, I am so okay with him being with Rachel. They belong together. So totally. :)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Demi!!!

So, my favorite singer, Miss Demi Lovato is turning 16. Weird that I idolize a 16 year old. But whatever. Happy birthday, Demi!

Best Comeback from my Dad. EVER.

So, I'm watching Secret Life of the American Teenager, and the Mimzy has gone crazy. Molly Ringwald goes on the show, "Call your father to see if his plane landed."

So my dad goes, "Call to see if Mimzy's plane has landed!"

It was funny. I enjoyed it. Kudos, Dad.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bam! I solved the David H/Selena/Nick Triangle!

Congratulate me. Seriously. I figured it out. All of it out. :)

So, from my sources at the Facebook Jonas Discussion Board, Nick was very emo. He apparently broke up with Selena. But why, you might ask?

Simple. Because of her relationship with David Henrie.

I have very good suspiscion "Fly on the Wall" is directed at Nick. If this point proves true, he is a very jealous boy. Miley hangs with boys. That point has been proven ages over. Nick was jealous. This lead to breakup.

Now, what does that have to do with Selena and Nick?

Well, while we have never seen Selena and Nick hang out(other than the infamous Rolling Stone picture), we have seen Selena and her Wizards of Waverly Place costar, David Henrie. And they've been seen at the mall, at the beach, and other places. They also have done videos together. "Studio Time" on Selena's youtube is still up.

But there used to be another video.

A video, of Selena and David hanging out(with David singing 'Burnin' Up' badly) and telling people to buy 'A Little Bit Longer'. Selena and David are clearly very close. Something that probably rubs Nick the wrong way.

According to TMZ, a few days ago, Selena gave a thumbs up when asked about Nick. Therefore things were good. I don't know exact timeline, but yeah. But not too long ago, the ALBL video of Selena and David was deleted. Hmm....

Nick was emo at the concert. I've come to the conclusion that Nick is too jealous and didn't like the relationship with David and Selena, who I think have been together for a while. My opinion.

It makes sense.

Or my other theory: Selena and David have been together, Nick and her went on one date, and he was just emo to be emo.

Now I prefer my first theory. It's just so thought out and makes sense. :D

Monday, August 18, 2008

Coldplay '08: Take Two

I got tickets this time, and I WILL be seeing them. As much as I wanted the other seats I had the first time I got tickets today, timing refused to give them to me, so it is a sign I am meant to have the seats I have I suppose. Oh who cares. I'm going!!!! :)

Selena and Me: Voice Twins

So I thought I sounded like Selena before, when I was watching myself vlog. I was like, maybe I do. But that was me, so my opinion doesn't really count.

THEN....I went to watch some old Demi/Selena vlogs to get quotes(which I never did since my mom made me turn down my volume and I couldn't find my headphones) and my mom goes, "I know who that is!" And I'm like, "Oh do you? So who is it?" And she replies, "It's you, right?" And nope. Not me. Selena. According to my mom, she would have bet money that it was me.

Yeah, I feel pretty darn special for some reason.

Oh my gosh, EW!!!!!!

I'm scared. Really scared. I don't like these wax figures. Joe looks like Michael Jackson. Ah. I will not be taking a pic with them. EW.

At least they use Gibson guitars(Kevin's should've been white) and got Kevin's shoes right, and put the scarf on. The outfits are good. The faces? No.

Stfu, Perez. STFU.

Dear Perez,

You just had to keep harping on Miley. Get a fucking life. Oh my gosh, she hung out with boys. What a crime. She's not screwing them all. She seems like a bit of a tomboy, cut her some damn slack. And I love that she went, "Thanks for calling me a Disney slut." She isn't. And you're a fat 30 year old who sits at their computer thinking everyone wants to know what you think about everything. Fuck off Perez. I only read your shit to know what's going on in the world. But I have other places to go for that.



P.S. Tropic Thunder SO did not suck. You suck, Ass-Face.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

You Can't Outwit A Computer

You simply can't. If you didn't buy the exact item, the coupon won't go through. The computers simply are too smart. Please. Learn this.


3,041 songs on my ipod. To me, it's an accomplishment. I'd like to thank my friends and family for letting me borrow cds, my job for letting me afford cds, random places to download(lol), as well as youtube, and the Record Revival: I've bought from you too much.

I Feel Special

I love having things that celebs wear, and other people can't get. I just am that special. :) I'll post pics later of what I'm talking about. But for now. Must Pack. :(

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Just My Opinion

So, I really don't care for either candidates for president. They do nothing for me. And no, I don't hate Obama or dislike him for beating Hillary, I swear. I feel like I have wasted just so much time rooting for Hillary and caring that I simply feel nothing. I really don't. I'll vote for Ron Paul. I want to vote for someone I believe in. And I don't care if I'm taking votes away from another candidate. I really don't give a fuck. And I don't give a fuck if you disagree.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The War At Home

My cat apparently is Team Miley. She hates Demi.

She threw up all over Demi on my notebook.

Oh it's on, Heidi.


I couldn't help it. I love it.

Phelps is a Phish

He is. I swear. Not a Phish fan, but a fish. God. Damn. How many can he fucking win?

Oh No You Didnt, TMZ!

Mop-top metrosexuals?
Descended on a Virgin?

Funny. Cute. But.....


Fuck. You. They are not the "guys from the Target commerical." Just go fuck yourself. Fuck yourself and get chlamydia and DIE.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Am I the Only One That Thinks "Delena" Is In, And Nelena Was A One-Time Thing?

I must be. I think David Henrie and Selena are dating. Nick and Selena went out once. I'm positive. Bam.

Edit: No, I figured it out more. David and Nick are both covers for the fact Selena is screwing her Creeper Cousin. Nailed it more. Yep, that's what she said.

Monday, August 11, 2008


Coldplay announced another Philadelphia tour date. YES!!! Prayers do come in handy!!!!! Yay!

Ask my dad, I did a pretty awesome dance.

Suck It Trebek!

Bah, he is one handsome motha.

Kevin Jonas is a bad-ass

Miley is hatin on this!!

Oh my gosh, I want that shirt!!!!!

Dear Toe,

Dear Toe,

Just announce it already? Like, fo shiz. Taylor Swift, either say you're dating him, or get your ass back on your own fucking tour.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Fuck You Liam Gallagher. FUCK YOU.

Dear Liam Gallagher,

I get that you and your brother were in like, this awesome ass band, and you don't really Radiohead and Coldplay. Like, I get that. But don't be a pussy and make fun of fans. A lot of Coldplay fans probably like your music, but how dare you call us "boring and ugly." Fucking assholes. You're past your prime. Go fuck youself. And I meant to keep the r out. BAM.


Boring and Ugly Coldplay fan.

I Love the Swedes

So I finally got to hit up Ikea again, since I've been wanting to go there since I think, before I graduated high school. The family never wants to go. But I finally got them to go. And they bought more than I did.

But seriously, that place is fucking awesome. I could live there. Well, just not near the Swedish meatballs. They kinda make me sick. I don't know but that smell makes me want to vomit. But I digress. I totally bought this awesome shelfing thing that was red, and it is so killer. Gotta love it. I also got a little dust pan thing and some frames for hella cheap. And then, the best? A neck pillow!!! I am so mad excited I got it. I. AM. DANGER. Yeah, I totally think I'm the danga and S is.....I gotta think up a Jonas like nickname for her. Time to think. :)

Chock full o' Disney

So in Transformers, there were a bunch of people who were in Disney related things last night. Let's see...

Shia LaDouche(I still love him, but I keep hearing he's a real douchebag) - Even Stevens
Megan Fox - Confessions of a Teenage Drama Queen
Vice Principal (Hacket?) from Phil of the Future
Arwin from Suite Life of Zach and Cody
Thor from Hannah Montana

Yep, that was a bunch.

And last night, Designation Jazz died too....

I'm a Transformers loser. Poor Jazz. He was killed. I screamed a little bit. :(

Not Chef, TOO!!!!! NOOOOO!!!!!!!

So, sadly, Issac Hayes passed away too. Poor Chef. I loved him. I mean, first Estelle Getty(gotta love the Golden Girls), then poor Bernie Mac, and now Chef? What has this world come to?

I feel weird too. Carey Hart lost his brother too, who was 21 years old. I mean, I feel like August is a really crappy month. No more death. I can't deal with it. :(

My Will

So I'm pretty sure I'm like, dying. Well, not too sure, but it damn well feels like it. So I've set out to write my will. Don't judge me. And remember, I must be physically dead to claim these things.

My Living Will and Testament:

Anything Jonas - Sam
Anything Demi Lovato - Sam
Anything Penn State - Jenn
My Sean Astin autograph - Kim
My Josh Duhamel autographs - Ellen
My Office stuff - Ellen
My phone - Sam
Camp Rock items to be dispersed between Sam and Jenn
Posters to be dispersed with whoever wants what(what is left after Demi, Jonas and Office)
My computer - my mom
Alice in Wonderland stuff - my dad

Yeah, I think that's all I have that's worth anything. And these probably aren't worth much.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Words Are So Yummy

Yep, I'm eating my words already. In regards to "Got Me Goin'/Going Crazy," that song is teh shiz. I put it on repeat while I scoped out Ikea. I thoroughly love the song. I woke up with it in my head. :) Yep, those words are de-lic.

No, Not A Little Bit Longer til the Cd.....RIGHT NOW!

Yes, I am the nerd who took a pic with my Jonas cd. It is soooooo good. And you know what? I'm gonna do a review. :D

S and Lil J, please avert your eyes.

BB Good - I love love this song. Very catchy, but I don't understand the two b's. Should it not be "be be"? Cuz isn't bb like, baby? In those new fangled terms? I can never keep up with that. I mean, I barely keep up with nick names for celebs. Like, take Vanessa Hudgens. I say Hudge Pudge. Others say V, Baby V, and BBV. I don't get it. Just jump on my bandwagon please.
Oh yeah, and Joe screams. I would love to make him scream like that. Mmm-hmm.

Burnin' Up - I probably reviewed this before when it came out as the single. Nonetheless, it is awesome. Much better loud, and performed. Because those boys are Sex(sex, I tell you) when they perform it. I get all hot for Nick in this, and well, that's illegal. Like, yeah, three years, and I think it's cool between four years, but I would most definitely be arrested for kidnapping him. That really wouldn't come over well. And then I guess it would be rape, unless I found some way for him to love me. Note to self: work on that.

Shelf - This is the song I get stuck in my head the most. Very pretty. Though I wonder about the name. Because even JB calls it "Don't take my heart and put it on a shelf." It's weird to think I heard that song back before I even fell in love with them and Jenn had to tell me what song it was. I was clueless. Sigh, so innocent back then. So, unknowing. Oh snap this is going into depressing territory.
Random Side Note: I think in the Lalalala's, you can hear Kev-o!

One Man Show - I feel pretty proud to know some of the lyrics before even listening to the song fully through. Thank you commercial for Band In a Bus and phone zoo. The acoustic recording of the beginning verse that Nick did has been my ringtone for quite a while. It was definitely a shock to hear Joe sing it. Kinda took me for a loop. But a good loop. A hot loop. Those boys are good. Like, I love knowing they write all these songs themselves. My dad was pretty shocked, hopefully in a good way. I feel proud to be a fan, especially when Rolling Stone calls the cd fantastic. Now, to hear Entertainment Weekly.

Lovebug - Could I love this song anymore? I love hearing people in the background. I think my favorite moment is, "No way, John Taylor!!" Oh Kevin. And the tap dancing makes this song even more amazing. Then, it goes all rockin' out and makes it even more awesome.
Do I hear "Get off that cape?" Or "cake"? And "I lost my pencil." Such nerds.

Tonight - Very interesting mix to me. Like, it's about exhaustion and fights, yet it's pretty upbeat. Not to say that's bad. I really like it. I like it even more knowing Mr. Garbo totally helped write this. Heck yes. I think the song is better now. Though that weird thing at the beginning? That should have been left out. But I think it bothers me less than it does with other people. Whatever. Oh and Joe screams again. Yum-my. And Nick "oh-oh"s. Even fucking hotter. Go back to thoughts on BB Good. Yeah, I think there are a few of the same sentiments.

Can't Have You - Dedicated to Nicole Kidman and James Bond? Awkward. But it is cool that Nick was inspired from that "Invaders" or "Invasion" song. If Miley can be inspired from her goldfish, I guess Jonas can too. But this song is good. Not my absolute fav, but I could definitely see myself writing or thinking up scenes in my head. Which is cool. I mean, I really feel a lot of amazing emotion in this. This has to be Nick at his best. Definitely. Also, I just remembered I don't know if I reviewed Miley's cd. I think I did. Eh. If I didn't, I'm too lazy to do it now.

Video Girl - My fav song other than Lovebug. Meaghan Martin is genius as the girl in the beginning. I felt like, wow, I would so have done that. Oh well. But anyways, this is a really catchy song. I love when the pre-chorus comes on(which Nick goes into singing after Joe) and ah, it just is really a good moment. And I think I can hear Kevin too. I heard he got the inspiration for this? But that's from stupid Jonas fans I don't trust. Eh. Either way, I remember hearing this at the soundcheck before Hershey, and it was just this moment of amazing music. Despite the screaming, I fell in love with the song. So emotionally charged(it's a little brutal, but that's the way I like my boys) and raw, and well, perfect.

Pushin' Me Away - My most played Jonas song. I still love this song. When I'm pissed, this is what I listen to. It's really great. I love that little high "ah" in the bridge. Pure ecstasy for me. I love it. I've talked about this before. I'm just gonna listen.

Sorry - Melancholy. That's the first word to describe it. It's really pretty and nice, but I am pretty sick of the rumors that it's about Miley. Like, we got it. They dated. UGH. But this is really pretty. It reminds me of a little country but I guess in a good way. I am just pretty indifferent about this song. I like it, but it's not like it's incredible. It's not changing my life. Eh.

Got Me Going Crazy(or is it Got Me Goin' Crazy? We all know how 'gangsta' those JoBros are....and pretty prejudiced against the letter G) - The beginning reminds of Still in Love With You. Anyone? Anyone? Okay, maybe not. And it took me forever to remember the song. I literally had to sing half of the song to remember it, because I didn't want to switch songs, and I couldn't figure it out. But I like this song. Pretty decent. Upbeat. But it's not the best. Now I say this and I'll probably play this over and over. I don't know. But I am enjoying it. Really, there isn't a bad song. No lie. I'm pretty jealous. I want those writing skills.

A Little Bit Longer -No offense, but it's just better 'stripped' and in concert. It's pretty and all, but it doesn't get the emotion across with all the instruments and junk in the beginning. It just loses the appeal of the song. I mean, I bawled at the concert. I really had lost it then. But I feel nothing listening to it. Bleh.

Overall: A-, just for the missteps on ALBL and maybe sorry. Otherwise, perfection.

Songs I want to hear acoustic? Burnin' Up, Tonight, Pushin' Me Away, One Man Show and maybe Video Girl. I'd like to hear Lovebug, but it's already pretty acoustic to me.

Oh and Inseparable. Still holding out for that. :)

Last note: I look posessed in my pic. But I was just that happy. :)

Friday, August 8, 2008


Dear Distanced and Samesies,

It's been a while. A really long time. I used to think we were all going to be best friends forever, but you both kinda left me to be alone. I tried to hang out, I really did. I swear. But one, two, three strikes I was done. I'm really sorry, and maybe one day we'll hang out again, and go, what ever happened to the time we stopped being friends? I'll shrug and respond, we were stupid. We'll laugh and live life.

If only.



Wednesday, August 6, 2008

He's Douche-liscious!

Very big douche. He didn't fucking know who St. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Band. The Beatles weren't his thing. He liked Across the Universe, but he likes it when it's more modern? WTF Blayne? You're even worse than I thought. FUCK YOU DOUCHE, I mean, Blayne.

M-Jir, Is That You?

I swear it's her on the right. It would make sense, right? I don't know. I think it's her.

Style Icon

Everyone who cares about fashion has a Style Icon. My style icon is......

Joe Jonas.

Yes, Joe Jonas. I get my fashion tips from him. He is just awesome. :)

For The Negative

Her hair is golden brown
Like caramel, she's so sweet
Her eyes are two shining sapphires
Wide and mesmorizing
She's ready to see the world
And that smile, it doesn't light up a room
It warms a heart, a soft glow of innocence
She loves simple things
Showing off shoes, talking on the phone
She makes it look magical and enchanting
But I've been told she might be flying soon
And if she did, I'd smile and lie
Hold her tight, make her laugh
Just when she came into my laugh,
A threat to fly I'll fight til our last days
I'll make sure she sees the world
And if she sees me cry
I'll lie and say I'm okay
Just like her.

She tested negative for it all. But they still don't know what's up. At least it's not too bad. Hopefully.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Was I The Only One Not To Cry?

Everyone keeps saying they cried during "A Little Bit Longer." I mean, I admit, the emotion at the show got me, but not the studio version. I just don't understand. I thought I might cry, but eh.

A Solid Defense

Me: Ed Westwick is yummy.

Mom: Ed Westwick is gay.

Me: No, Ed Westwick is SEX.

I think she got the point.

Monday, August 4, 2008

I'm Not Posting Til I Know

So, I do have things to post about, but right now, I'm waiting on a phone call. I don't know when it will come, but either way, I'm waiting for it and won't be posting til I can cry or breathe a sigh of relief. Don't ask what it is, I'll explain it eventually.