Sunday, May 3, 2009

Look at this, another post.

I felt everyone needed to know. I got to meet Honor Society. Amazingness all around. me and Michael Bruno eye-fucked for a bit, I'm gonna say. I got an amazing guitar pick from Jason Rosen. I met Micheael Bruno and Alex Noyes, and Andrew Lee, and Jason Rosen. Jason liked my skirt. Michael liked my glasses. Pretty sure that's why he picked me as the one to eye-fuck for a while. Okay, we eye-flirted. Whatever. It was an awesome moment. It was just an awesome day overall. Awkward moments at points. Lots of stares. I don't understand why people don't like to see crazy-outfits. Haters gonna hate.

I need sleep. Instead I watched the second episode of Jonas. Better than the first. I'm hooked. haha

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