Wednesday, April 29, 2009

I Could Totally Paint Faces, Right?

Come on, it's can't be THAT hard...right? I need a job this summer. PRONTO. Like, for realsies. And me and my sister painting faces? M-F, flexible hours. I could rock that shit. Of course, then I might lose out on my paleness. Oh no, then I'd stop dazzling!!! BOO. I love to dazzle, and not get leathery skin. Yep

I need to update this more. I'm lazy. I also tweet too much. I apparently tweet during the 9 o'clock hour the most. Eh, I don't know. I just know that tonight is ANTM and I'm one of the lucky bitches who doesn't have a lot of work. I have work. Just not a lot.

oh yeah, if anyone still does visit this, visit: yep.

OH YEAH! and

Tiffany is awesome. She'd be awesomer if she went to Hershey on Sat. I just need a Demi tweet saying she's going. I'll legit die.

Oh and wanna count? That's two celeb tweets back. I feel very cool. Now, to just get Demi to notice my site. :)

Oh yeah, I'll update this more, k?

1 comment:

Sam said...

yes you better update more. i feel like a crazy psycho blogger...since i update a ridiculous amount lol.two tweets from famous people. you lucky lucky girl. gosh.