Sunday, June 21, 2009

Oh How Things Change

So I was gonna write "Oh how the tables have turned" but it really didn't feel appropriate. Things have changed because as i drift away slowly from certain people and as they get closer to others, I find myself comforted by old friends. Some I never thought I'd talk to, some I've missed like crazy, and some I never thought I'd keep in contact with. And it's nice, you know? When you're stuck at home simply writing song after song about pain, its nice to be reminded that there are people that do miss you, and want to talk. Gosh, next thing I know all the people from college will suddenly be like, "OMG I've missed you!" Haha NOT. I'm glad I had no friends at college, because now I can just start over. :)

And who knows how this summer is gonna go.....I feel winds are changing that weren't supposed to change. OH WELL. I guess I have to let people live their lives, with or without me. I guess I'm stuck pretending I'm find, just fine. haha. Song idea? I think so.

And beeteedubs, I'm marrying the movie Speed Racer. Look out for our announcement. This movie is effing amazing.

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