Friday, July 17, 2009

Things I Learned From HP6

Midnight Showing, might I add:

~Anything in that movie can turn homoerotic. And hilarious. SOOO enjoyable. I have a sick mind.

~ I thoroughly do not enjoy things coming out of water. Fucking shit!!! It was terrifying. I was dying.

~ The people behind me were epic wins.

~ People booing New Moon are my new Bffs. I also enjoyed yelling "FAIL" when Bella cuts her finger. Oh and "FUG" at Taylor Lautner.

~ Fangirling for Jason Segel is soooo fun.

~FailJoe will always be Fail. Even if JGL and Gaila from ST are in it.

~I miss reading the books and am happy for my tattoo. <3

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