Saturday, July 4, 2009

I Don't Even Know What To Title This

I really didn't. And I still don't know exactly where my place is in this whole discussion/argument that's going on. All I do know is I have realized the people that annoy me the most. People with such a high sense of entitlement, that they know all and can just say whatever and not give a fuck. Maybe it has to do with the fact that some people have higher self-esteems than others, but I think the worst is when someone, who is so clearly of a lower self-esteem puts themselves off as if they don't have an issue. That they are "intelligent" if they discuss the issues and psycho-analysis everything. Because, I'm sorry, but who are they to say anything about another person, and discuss that person's well-being when they themselves are so clearly problematic and seems to love to tell people that they are. Why do we need to know you have "a dark past?" I certainly don't. I tend to not talk about the skeletons in my closet unless needed. Because to me, when you think that you're better than the rest of the drunks and depressed because you say you are? That doesn't make you better. It makes you fucking ignorant and rude.

It's the people like "Perez Hilton" who think that they know all. It's even more hilarious when they hate on people for the same thing that they themselves are doing. Why do these people think they are so much better than themselves? When they clearly are not. Because they are lacking something inside that gives them their confidence. They hate on people and feel the need to tell everything because they need to feel that they are just that important to tell people these things. I don't really give a crap where you're from, what you've been through, and if you want to tell me those things, then fine. But at the right time. You are no better than I because you can tell people you've been through shit, so you can just sit down.

I know this is the age of technology, and voyeurism, but really, do we need to know every little detail about your relationship? You need to share that with the WORLD? Honestly, think about it. If you really only want to tell people you care about, talk to them on the phone. But they can't, because these people feel that the entire world needs to know about their issues.

And I know, I may seem like an intense hypocrite when I write this, especially where telling the world what they think, but I do not contest that I am not a hyporcrite. I am stupid in the fact I need to blog things, but these were my thoughts, and I wanted to share. This is a general based writing(though I do have certain people in mind when I write about this), and I am not claiming that my opinion is the end-all, be-all. Really, I don't think anyone is better than anyone else, and everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I think that certain people need to "get off their high horse." They may not realize it, but they are so desperate for approval and such, they need to put others down, to make themselves feel better. For example, I may say, I hate So-and-So because of these reasons, but is there a need for me to write a list of celebrities that don't deserve to be celebrities? Really? I find no point in that. Just because you wrote it, doesn't mean that someone is going to see it and go, "Shit, you know, Oprah is a bitch, take it all away, she doesn't deserve it." I personally hate Oprah, but she does a lot for people and I'll admit, worked her ass off to be where she is. She can deserve it as much as anyone else. I just don't like her attitude. That still doesn't mean she doesn't deserve all she'd gotten.

Again, I'm sounding hypocritical. I know I am. I write a lot of things, and I contradict myself constantly. But whatever. These were my thoughts on someone.

And as to the reason I do love to blog, is because I enjoy feedback. As in, I want to be a writer some day, and this can be practice.


I don't exactly know why I wrote that.

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