Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Superhuman Roommate

So instead of rushing to check headlines for the class I'm in, I figured I'd tell you about my roommate. Who I am CONVINCED is superhuman. Why you ask? She's the epitome of a disappearing act. Really. She is.

First off, I've noticed multiple times when she comes into the room, says hi, and eventually disappears. Whether it's a two second thing or two hours, eventually I'll look back, and she's not there. It baffles me. Without a sound, she is gone.

Then, today. A most strange and unusual occurrence. She was heading off to class, we said goodbye, I grabbed my keys and left not two seconds after her. She was gone. Not in the hall, not anywhere. I could've sworn I saw her in the bathroom mirror, but when I looked in there, she wasn't there. Then, as I headed to class, bam, there she is, walking right in front of me. She crosses me, without a look, not noticing. I could've run into her, but I didn't. She sped by. She has said she walks faster than most. Yep, that's my roommate. The superhuman, disappearing act. I'm POSITIVE.

Now, to go fail a quiz. Yay?


The Drowsy Observer said...

I'm telling you, she can apparate and disapparate. it's the only way it makes sense.

KateBannet said...

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