Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New College (Sorta), New Room

And here we are. Year Three. Maybe my godfather will turn out to be a wrongfully accused serial killer, and I'll save him on a hippogriff. That would definitely be interesting. Anyways, this is le room 3.0. Last year was pretty damn good, so this year is a bit of a downgrade....haha

The full room. Nice, huh. It looks messy.

So this is the shower towel thing. I really don't know what the hell it is.
My closet! SOO messy. Shoes on the bottom. Shoes on the one shelf. Lots and lots of clothes. And the trunk on the top. That was really hard to get up there.
Bed and wall! Like the dots I added. Pretty, huh? and my bed! And Captain Fine! Mmmm....Happy birthday to him! And three hotties under the ultimate hottie. And the Beatles.
Corner of my room.
No Doubt, Miley, Bunny Suicide calendar, My sunglass rack. Yes, I made it. Its awesome. Oh and T. Swift is there.
My dresser. Bathroom stuff. And more dots. I enjoy them.
Other corner. Lots of posters.
My view. Awesome, huh?
But I can spy into other people's rooms.
Desk! Can you spot Buffy? hahaha
My bed. Messy again.
Roommate's side. haha


The Drowsy Observer said...

Room looks awesome! Love the captain fine poster!

fetisen-it's someone who's into fetishes.

Sam said...

niceeee room. looks nice love all the posters and the dots :)