Monday, February 16, 2009

Praise Juh-bee-buh-dus!

Yes, I'm sacreligious. And I really don't care.

All Saturday, I thought, how amazing would it be if the Jonas Brothers did a digital short? I mean, Andy Samberg and the Lonely Island are love, and then to add the Jonas Brothers? Oh how about I'd begin to believe in God.

As we all pretty much know, Andy has created the band of everlasting life, Property of the Queen/Jonas Brothers. I died. I screamed. First I screamed seeing Jonas on a couch for a digital short. Then I really screamed for Andy. How fucking epic. Seriously. The Lonely Island is a group of GODS. I really wish Jorma wasn't married. Seriously. I'll take any three. Andy first. Though my mom said that if I married him and had children, they would have pig noses. Come on, who says that? Still, me and Andy would have awesome pig nosed children.

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