Sunday, March 1, 2009

Must. Learn. Dance.

I swear, my parents don't know anything. They wondered what movie I saw. So I did the Jai Ho arm pump thing from the dance. They stared. it was awkward. But I will be learning the dance to Jai Ho. It's a promise. Because goddamnit, that movie was amazing. I hadn't felt so into a movie in so long. SOOOO glad I picked that over JB. It's kinda nice knowing they're losing steam. Yeah, that sounds mean, but hey, better shot at better seats, all that jazz. All the teenies should go on that Varsity Fanclub shit. Right? They're like NSYNC, and they're kinda new. I don't know.

I'm gonna go Twitter-twatter(because I'm cool like that) and watch Body of Lies. Russell Crowe scares me.

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Sam said...

hah dude Varsity Fan Club is so weird. i was watching this show one time and they were on as robot aliens from outer space. who wanted to take over the planet so they became a pop band and made all the girls like them. yeah so now i laugh everytime i hear their name
WOO Jai Ho!