Monday, January 19, 2009

Beatles + Jonas = A Happy Ali

"He said the Fab Four's 1964 big-screen romp, "A Hard Day's Night," was "very much a template," as was their 1965 follow-up, "Help!" Another inspiration was the Monkees, who spawned a short-lived series in the mid-1960s, delirious fans and a succession of hit singles."

sdlkfjaslkdjfklsjdlfkjasldflaskfjlasdfkj. I don't give a fuck about the Monkees really, because to me, they were fake. But seriously, A Hard Day's Night and Help are AMAZING. I can watch them whenever, no lie. I watched aHDN like, every day for a week. I might just watch them later. If that was their template, I am SOLD. Very sold. As in, I'll promote it.

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