Friday, January 9, 2009

Oh hai there, End of Break, when did you get here?

What. The. Fuck.

I only have this weekend left? You've got to be shitting me. No seriously, please say it ain't so. Motherfuckin' Penn State and its short break. I have a shit load of things to do. Don't believe me? Here. We. Go!

~Practice guitar
~find keyboard
~See my sister and nephew one more time
~Buy food, and other stuff for room
~Practice guitar some more because I havent. Boo me.
~Figure out what the fuck is up with my foot. Stupid foot. I can barely walk on it.
~Pack some more. You don't realize, but I have a ton of stuff. I got...10 new shirts? Holy fuck, didn't realize that. 3 full size posters, new pants, shoes! I got about three pair over break.

I think that's it so far.

Well, fuck me in the beard.

I'm screwed.

I'm also quoting bunch of movies. Ok, two. But still. It's a bunch.

Excuse me while I go be a nocturnal and doom myself for next semester.

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