Thursday, January 15, 2009

My Name's Brianna

According to my history teacher. And he didn't even give me a chance to correct him. He'd be like, "So, Brianna, you like cats because..." and I just kinda looked around awkwardly. Yes, we were talking about if we'd preferred cats or dogs. He went, do you have a cat who greets you when you get home? And I nodded. He goes, "Well, Brianna, you're one lucky cat owner." I mean, yes I am a lucky cat owner, but my name isn't Brianna. Do I look Brianna? Tuesday morning I need to correct him. Seriously, he said it like, five times. And never gave me one chance to correct him.

So hi, my name's Brianna, nice to meet you all.


Sam said...

i feel like this is the part when your at a group meeting and everyone goes
"Hi Brianna"
in unison lol

Erica said...

He could have at least called you Brynn like the girl at Spring Garden who resembles you. lol.