Friday, January 30, 2009

I'll See You At UPark...

So I really don't write on this as often as I should. Matching clothes really has taken over my free time, and I tend to not have much important stuff to say.

I realize that I most likely will be going to the Taylor Swift concert alone. Because SOMEONE's school starts the weekend after. sonofabitch. Dumb ass Elizabethtown. Well, hey, maybe if I go alone, I'll get hella close seats. But it's a bit awkward. Since le bff got me into her. And I tend to not like country. Oh jeez. Awkward concert time. I can go to a big punk show, and be fine, but throw me in a country concert, and there I am, all awkward. Maybe I'll randomly scream Yee-HA! and make people awkward. Actually, I think I might do that. But I want my bff to go. Because going to concerts alone is just plain boring. I mean, really. I need people to watch me act all like concert Security.

Hold up. I've got a third person possibility. Kim-a-lim-a-ding-dong! I don't know why I made that so long. And by golly, she likes country! Oh man. I might be getting on somewhere.

I loved how I thought I was gonna be in Hazleton when S told me the dates. Then I went, oh shit! Ah, UP. How I love thee

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Sam said...

lol i gotta admit when i read the dates i was like oh man b will be at upark and i can stay with her and it wont' be bad cause i can drive there from here. then i was like woah wait a second i won't be here anymore i'll be at etown. then i like freaked out for a bit lol. but dude i want to go SO badly. i'm thinking we can work it out since the concert is a saturday. i mean i can go back to school or go to school w/e that sunday lol.