Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Kohls = Jonas Fan. Who Knew? Me = Teenie. Me = Ashamed.

I haven't had an obnoxious teenie moment in a WHILE. That being said, I had one today. I was at Kohl's, because I couldn't go to the King of Prussia mall today and I wanted to do some shopping. I'm just looking around, seeing if I can find some cool stuff, and I saw a red leopard jacket and thought, I kinda want red leopard pants like Jonas, but that's so not cool, when I see some graphic tees. Oh a sale. So I go around to see. And bam, there are the Jonas Brothers. Not like the real ones, but more like them on a shirt. I died. I seriously did. I went and grabbed one, and I see another. I grab that. 12 dollars a piece, how the fuck do you beat that? So I take the two and run to my mom. I show her, and I'm jumping up and down, squealing. Then I proceeded to put the two out to take a photo to show S. I was soooo crazy.

I'm a little ashamed of my teenie moment, but seriously, 12 dollars. Juniors tee shirts. New photos. How can you not?

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Sam said...

lol i still can't believe they even had them at kohls' that's crazy
maybe i should shop there more often lol