Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Bam! I solved the David H/Selena/Nick Triangle!

Congratulate me. Seriously. I figured it out. All of it out. :)

So, from my sources at the Facebook Jonas Discussion Board, Nick was very emo. He apparently broke up with Selena. But why, you might ask?

Simple. Because of her relationship with David Henrie.

I have very good suspiscion "Fly on the Wall" is directed at Nick. If this point proves true, he is a very jealous boy. Miley hangs with boys. That point has been proven ages over. Nick was jealous. This lead to breakup.

Now, what does that have to do with Selena and Nick?

Well, while we have never seen Selena and Nick hang out(other than the infamous Rolling Stone picture), we have seen Selena and her Wizards of Waverly Place costar, David Henrie. And they've been seen at the mall, at the beach, and other places. They also have done videos together. "Studio Time" on Selena's youtube is still up.

But there used to be another video.

A video, of Selena and David hanging out(with David singing 'Burnin' Up' badly) and telling people to buy 'A Little Bit Longer'. Selena and David are clearly very close. Something that probably rubs Nick the wrong way.

According to TMZ, a few days ago, Selena gave a thumbs up when asked about Nick. Therefore things were good. I don't know exact timeline, but yeah. But not too long ago, the ALBL video of Selena and David was deleted. Hmm....

Nick was emo at the concert. I've come to the conclusion that Nick is too jealous and didn't like the relationship with David and Selena, who I think have been together for a while. My opinion.

It makes sense.

Or my other theory: Selena and David have been together, Nick and her went on one date, and he was just emo to be emo.

Now I prefer my first theory. It's just so thought out and makes sense. :D

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