Sunday, August 24, 2008

Dear The Female Half of Toe,

Dear Taylor Swift,

Let's get some things out right away. You are a country singer. I do not like country music one bit(except that one Carrie Underwood song....I'm a sucker for Before He Cheats). Now, What. The. Fuck. I find myself enjoying your music. Damn you. Damn you and your catchy music and good writing. No, seriously. You must have magical powers. Serious. Like, I like that one song, the Teardrops one, but I listen to your songs and love singing along to them. I hate you a bit for that. You've turned me into a damn fan. And no, I didn't start listening to you because of Jonas(okay, a bit, since you have been mentioned with them a lot and S burned me your cds) but really. I can't believe I'm admitting I like your music. Curse you.

Oh, and also, why the fuck are you so damn pretty? Like, that makes me hate you even more, and then I like you more, and it's just this weird circle thing that I think is dangerous for my health. Really. Stop. Stop it all. Being pretty, making good music. All of it. I do not want to have to borrow S's cd or buy my own copy of your new cd coming out 11/11(I only know that date because it's all over gossip sites, and who forgets 11/11?). I really don't. So stop! Oh and you better not be at one of my Jonas concerts. I'm warning you.

Okay, I guess I wouldn't mind if you came it.

Alright, I'd love it if you were there. Are You Happy?


A new fan.

PS The pic I got of you reminds me of a girl at my school who looks like Kelly Ripa. Does that mean you look like Kelly Ripa?

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Sam said...

haha aw. look at the new T Swift fan
lol 11/11 dude i didn't even know it came out then.. someone's already a better fan than me. woah now.