Sunday, August 24, 2008

Hazy, Here I Am!

So today I totally moved into my room. It was a sorta long and I had to deal with my parents and yeah. But my nephew came and that made the day. Apparently he found a cute guy for me. I don't know. My mom may have been smoking something. She did say this guy was hotter than Jonas. And that's like saying there's someone more like me than me. Yeah, it just doesn't make sense.

Anyways, I took a bunch of pictures to show off my sexy room. I put up all my posters and everything, and I feel like I've been here a year and my roommate just moved in when my roommate moved her yesterday and I just got here today. Haha.

Without further adu, my room:

My side vs. my roommate's side. :) I win for messiest.

My roommate's side. So plain. No offense, though. Just new.
And my room. Very like, ADD. Like, what do you look at first? I have no clue.
My plain dresser. I don't know if I get that wall yet. Maybe I'll put something up. I'm thinking mirror at most. Or Jonas. Who knows.
The full overview. ;0
My closet. My mom was in the closet all day. Only Jenn's mom could get her out of the closet. Ah, bad gay jokes. I'll be burning in hell.
Hey, who's that loser posing in the mirror? Oh that's just me.
My dresser. It's clean now, but eventually, eventually, it will be a mess. John Taylor glasses!
First wall part. Playboy bunny thing that finally got hung(only took half a year), Marilyn that kept falling, Toby! office calendar, half of this kickass centerpiece, Hannah Montana, and the Office again. Oh and you can see my desk too. Frames, printer junk. haha.
All of my desk, and above. Harry Potter, and Beatles(which has since fallen down and I'm waiting to find something better to put it up with, a little bit of Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist poster which I have two of, one is a present for my Finnish Spitz. And there's my whole desk. Very junky, and lots of frames. The bulletin board behind the comp is yucky. Very yucky.
Demi poster! framed and signed, my awesome shelving unit that I bought and my daddy put together, and gossip girl things I put together, microwave and fridge, Jonas and there's Coldplay and more Jonas, and an artsy photo and Audrey Hepburn! :) Oh and my bed.

Audrey and the Beatles, and Jonas, Knocked Up, Superbad, Little Miss Sunshine, and a bunch of others. Stuffies! I love Pudge, my cow. Best stuffy ever. Oh, spot the random photo of not famous people!I love this wall. First one I did. Very proud of. Got Beatles, Office, Jonas, and Seyfried! Woot! And Pudge! Go Pudge for posing very seductively in the pic. And there's my door. Pretty huh?

So that is it! my new room. Ah, I can't believe Fall is actually here. Bring on Jonas, man, bring it on.

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Sam said...

bahha i love you and your blog and your vlog
thanks for showing me around