Friday, August 29, 2008

Some Sorta Celebs Haven't Been Wrecked By Rapid Fans Just Yet...Hurah.

So, me, being the avid Jonas fan, am (facebook + myspace) friends with Mr John Taylor, the backup guitarist for the Jonas Brothers. He has about....700 friends. Which I thought was a lot. Like, DAMN! But then I realized...

I'm friends with a whore I used to work with who has more friends than he does.

And stupid people from a MTV Reality Show(The Paper) have at least 2,000 friends.

So then I came to the conclusion that some people still are reachable. It's nice. :D

Bitches, don't you dare ruin John Taylor. I'm warning ya'll. I wanna stay friends with him. It's the closest thing I have to them.

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