Friday, August 29, 2008

Yay, Dhani Is A Chip Off The Block

So recently Julian Lennon went all, "Who's the Jonas Brothers? Are they a cartoon?" STFU, Julian. Read some ONTD. Please. Anyways, I was reading ONTD, as usual, and they posted something about Dhani Harrison, and his band. I knew he played like his father(not to mention looks EXACTLY like him...he's even rocking the "Arthur" hairstyle. And dudes, I swear, if you do not know what that means, SHAME ON YOU) and all these people were like, thenewno2 is awesome! So I went, hmmm......I shall look into it.

So I did.

I would have downloaded the cd, but bandwidth consumption will be the death of me, and I can't download anything or the like. So I simply listened to the 30 seconds of song on Itunes. Um, can you say awesome? This weekend I will be downloading the cd. It's really good. Like, definitely reminds me of if the Beatles like crashed into say, Death Cab. Very slow, soft, but good. I mean, I do love upbeat stuff, but I also love that alternative soft awesomeness. I mean, Dhani's voice is just sooo soothing. I can see that being a great go to sleep cd.

Thumbs up from me! Yay for a Beatles spawn continuing on what his father was incredible at. I mean, that's not to say that Stella McCartney isn't doing great, or that any musician's child should do music(I'm talking to....damn, I wish I could think of a crappy child of a great musician who tried their luck at singing. The only one I can think of is Nicole Richie, and she's not legit child. I'll think one up later.) but I mean, I'm glad that Dhani took an interest in his father's music and got to learn while he had time. I'm pretty sure George is definitely smiling. Which makes me smile. :D

Oh chicky-baby.

"They're dead grotty."


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