Thursday, November 20, 2008

Boredom Has Brought Out A Bunch of Blogs, and Me Obsessing Over My Hair

So, today, was a boring day. And I have this mirror on my desk, because it's easier to do my makeup and shit at my desk than anywhere else. So I kind of always stare at my hair and make sure its cute. When I have a webcam, you'll be able to see how awkward I am at my computer.

And today, staring at my hair, I realized it does look like Hannah Montana's. I had gone to get my hair done a while back, and I used Hannah's new look as what I wanted. Though I never thought it looked a whole lot like hers, I love my new haircut. I missed having bangs. I think I can pull them off pretty awesomely. Anyways, I realized that my hair looks like Hannah's. And probably no one will agree with me. But I made this pic to kinda show it. Disregard my fugness and the bad pics.

Oh and the left hand pic? I just thought her dress was neat looking. All the other pics it look fug as shit, but this, it looked neat. Looks like her stylist took a white dress and poured dye and made it look awesome. I also sorta have those boots. She totally stole the idea from me. I've been wanting to rock those boots for like, months. Bitch.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

Yeah, I can totally see the two hair cuts being similar. And by fug, you meant Miley, right? Cuz that pic of you isn't that fug.