Wednesday, November 26, 2008

You Know You're Obsessed When...

Your dad goes to you while watching the Jonas Brothers: "Oh look, your boyfriend is playing an Explorer."

Props to my dad.

Other thoughts during Jimmy Kimmel performance/interview:

-McBurglar? McFail, Joe.
-I love Kevin in hats.
-They shouted out to fans. Again. Yay.
-Joe forgot what part he was saying. He should have gone "Girl, you're outta control." He said "Girl, I think you're outta control." He started the first one, "Girl, I think you and me would make a good couple." I think. I don't know.
-Nick played the solo. At least, my dad thinks so. Either he fakes it very well, or he truly did it. Either way, yay.
-Best shot after Jimmy dressed as a girl. I died. I need that picture.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

Yeah, I was watching NPH on Ferguson. Ummm last night's ep was maybe one of the most amazing things I have ever seen. From that one letter of, "could you please throw this over your shoulder instead of pushing it off the desk" 'i could' *proceeds to push it off the desk*. to the whole, "sometimes on a dark night, you can still hear the slap of Marie Osmond's ass as it hit's the shiny black floor of the studio" to Betty White, and then the awesomeness that is Neil Patrick Harris, and his random hobby of magic? how did i not know this.

Evolyt- it's people who kinda believe in evolution.