Thursday, November 20, 2008

Jonas = Fail

Not just the show, them. I like them as people, I like them as musicians, but lately I cannot stand them! Like, goddamn, do something your own fucking age! Kevin is fuck 21, do something adult. Same with Joe. It's annoying. Like, ok, they're doing a show, but seriously, Kevin is still in high school? He doesn't look it. At least Jason Earles still looks young. Like, fuck. ARGH! And then this stupid 3d movie. Like, I'll go to a concert, of course, but seriously, I can't stand their decisions anymore. If they could do one thing, ONE thing, that their management didn't tell them to do, I'd be happy. It could be to just like, be fucking normal, and not the Disney Pussies they've become. Ugh. I don't even know anymore what they're trying to do, and what they actually want to do. It sucks when that happens. Because I have to feel ashamed. I have to defend them, because I still want to believe, but they're fucking Disney Pussies.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

Wow, words I never thought I would hear you say. I didn't think you were capable of saying anything bad about the jbs.