Friday, November 21, 2008

Gender Issues

I still refuse to believe. I was taken for a complete blow this weekend. My whole childhood, it crumbled before me. All these memories, they no longer seemed correct. I doubted everything I knew and loved when I was little. There's this odd, vacant hole in my heart that doesn't know how to process these things. I just feel so....used. So, betrayed to. Lied to. It was all a lie. They never told me? Why? Why couldn't they come out and just say it? Why did they let me assume things that weren't true? Now, I can never trust them again.

Magenta was a fucking boy. What. The. Fuck. I got that Blue was a girl, and Periwinkle was a boy, but I NEVER expected Magenta to be a boy. Goddamn, Nickelodeon was going against some gender roles there. Blue is for boys, pink is for girls. They totally changed that shit up. No one ever knew they were totally for Prop 8. Well, Nickelodeon, I salute you. I just wish you had told me. I didn't have to hear it from my friend who our musical director dated Steve(who by the way, is looking mighty fucked up, and is 35. Poor guy).


The Drowsy Observer said...

Oddly enough, I think I might have know magenta was a boy. Like i think i remember learning that when I was younger, because I remember being like WTF? because when I first saw him I obviously thought it was a girl, then they were like, 'hey boy' or something, and I was like 'waaaaaaahhhh?'

Seriously, wtf?

Sworect- it's like a sword that is totally erect.

Sam said...

lol i have to say that i oddly knew that Magenta was a boy. i dont' know how or why i knew. but i did.
i always thought blue and magenta would like get married or something. but that's when i found out Magenta was a boy.
yeah. weird.

Anonymous said...

Magenta is a random anomaly.

Meant to perplex your mind. Drive you NUTS!