Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Do You Want A Review? I've Got One.

I'm only doing one. Because frankly, I'm kinda ADD lately, and no lie, three reviews(HSM, Twilight, and Taylor Swift) would be sooooo much. Like, too much for me. But I guess if you begged, then yeah, I'd review the first two. Haha.

So I shall review Taylor's sophomore album, even though I'm listening to Girls Aloud, and I kinda don't want to stop. lol

Let's start, shall we?

Oh, and I tried to make this not all appear on the front page, but fuck that shit, it was too hard. They need something like ljcuts, which are easy.

1. Fearless - I should have reviewed this whole cd earlier, to give my first and most honest immediate thoughts. But I didn't. Because I've become really lazy with this. I can't help it.
Anyways, this song is, I don't know how to describe it, cute? She attempted to describe Fearless in her Thank You page, like what it means to her, and frankly I still don't know. I just love the imagery in this song.

2. Love Story - My second most played song. Never thought it would be owned by a country song. This is a cute song about a Romeo/Juliet relationship, and it just showcase some of Taylor's more imaginary images. Since she has gone on record and said that she wishes she could have this, it doesn't exist. Though she also claims there is a face to every song. Which is nice, I guess. But damn, she's 18 and had a lot of boys in her life. Fuck. I need to get her skills.
Random side note: I thought Juliet's dad hated Romeo. And then Juliet is an illegitimate love child from an adulter....I don't know, the images confuse me here.

3. Fifteen - Aw, shucks, such a cute coming of age story. To quote my roommate, "Someone lied to her." Really. It's a cute song, but I basically have nothing to relate in this song. I mean, it should be easily relatable, but not for me. Because I'm the girl who really doesn't know anything about love(oh and makes a lot of shit up in her poems). I also wish this was about PA. No....boo. She needs to start repping PA more. She only lived there for her first 14 years. Whatever.

4. Hey Stephen - The beginning of this song keeps getting stuck in my head. It's too catchy. I love how in country music, the 'g's just go away. That must be why Taylor liked Joe. They all hate the letter G. (Note: If you don't get that, go to this post[note again: link to be added when I have time]). It's a good song, not my favorite, but the great thing about her, is that all her songs just get into your head. She's great at good rhythms and words.

5. White Horse - I don't really understand the name. Just because it's like, a small little line in the song. I don't know. I'm weird like that. But it is a nice slow song. I really do like her slow ones, because I feel like a million emotions can come up to the surface.
Oh, and what is her obsession with princes and princesses? She really loves talking about them.

6. You Belong With Me - I knew I would like this song just from the images in the booklet. I really like this song, because it's definitely relateable, because, seriously, we've all been there. You know you're meant to be with someone, and they never notice you. God, not being noticed is my entirity. I used to be invisible in halls. I was made fun of it often. People just ran into me. Got pretty irksome after like, my life. Yeah, I went off topic. Anyways, this is definitely country-infused more than pop-infused. For some reason, Taylor makes me like country. Damn her.

7. Breathe - I like this song, but it's one of those songs where it's really pretty, but you don't really listen to it. It's kind of background music. I feel bad for Colbie Caillat, because you can't even hear her. Isn't that like, the opposite of what duets? I can't hear Colbie at all. Kinda sucks for her.

8. Tell Me Why -Very country-esque, with the violin(fiddle, if you want to go all country on me). I really like this song. It's hard to really dissect her music, because I'm always so focused on her lyrics. She's a great modern relationship writer. Obviously she isn't a writer like Paul McCartney or John Lennon, but she has a great grasp at the young girl's thoughts. And of course, you could say, yeah because she is one. Not necessarily. It takes a lot to be able to effectively get across a feeling everyone can relate to without it being so general and boring.

9. You're Not Sorry - Gosh, I really love this song. The chorus is so catchy, and dark, and it's not upbeat, but it's a fast tempo. I love those kind of songs. It's powerful, and not slow, but not fast. It's this song that cannot be defined well.

10. The Way I Loved You - I like the way that it should be the song about this great guy, but I think, she misses this old destructive relationship. The idea reminds me of "Get Back" by Demi. What is it with these girls and bad relationships? They love their fighting. I really like how she's in love with this guy who was so bad for her, but in essence, was so good for her. Though it's easy to know that it didn't work out.

11. Forever & Always - My favorite song. And no, not because it's about Joe Jonas. It's fucking catchy. The imagery of the rain in the bedroom always gets me. It's so random, so awkward, and that's what I think works for it so much. I also this Joe was an ass when he said "Forever & Always." I mean, seriously. They dated for two months. Ugh, jumping in and out of things much? Oh and "silence that cuts me to the core"? Also, amazing writing. Simple sentences like that catch me off guard, and I love it.
BTW, I didn't notice Camilla Belle at the beach, but she was. Well, it makes sense to me....her and Joe. If the eyebrows match....

12. The Best Day - It's an okay song. Obviously dedicated to her mom. And that's cute. Is her mom alive? I'm pretty sure she is. Because I just saw her video of voting. For some reason, this song felt like her mom was gone. Weird, I guess. Oh and the flashbacks obv take place in PA. Yay.

13. Change - Third favorite, and most pop/rock that she gets. It's such a good song. I really actually have no idea what the message is because I just love the music. Oh well.

Overall, B+. A great cd. I don't know what she could change, but I don't want to give her a perfect rating, but some of the stuff wasn't amazing. I don't know. Just go download it. Or ask me for the cd to have the songs. :)

Oh, and for bonus, I'm gonna rant about Taylor, and her writing. Aren't we excited?

So, I've vented about wanting to try music(See: this post[also will be added later because I'm lazy]) and Taylor really is a great inspiration to me. I feel like my poems are similar to her writing, so I always like having someone to look up to. Obviously, I can't play anything, and I'm basically just writing random shit. But rather than mine have a face to every story, it's what story outside my life can inspire some writing? Yeah, that's how I am.

Either way, her writing has become a great inspiration to me. A definite good role model. All she needs to do is start repping her PA roots more and not damn TN. Rawr.

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