Wednesday, November 19, 2008

It's Always Sonny in Hazleton...

That was the first catchy title I've been able to come up with since like, forever. I'm pretty proud of it.

Anyways, this is a Demi Lovato post. Shoot me. I don't give a fuck. The name Sonny is actually really growing on me. I kinda love it now. Damn, now look what happened there. She even seems like a Sonny to me. Fuck, I thought I was gonna hate the whole show. I might like it. Might. But only because of these two awesome people pictured below.
Jo! Jo! Jo!!!! Oh my gosh, no fucking lie that excited me times a million. I love Nancy McKeon. She is BOSS. Haven't used that in forever. But really, I love this. I mean, fuck, if this has Jo from Facts of Life on it, it HAS to be good. I'm not lying. I will pretty much watch anything with her in it. Facts of Life reunion? Check. That crappy Christmas movie a few years ago? Oh hell yes. Her Lifetime TV show? A few times, yeah, I checked that shit out. I love Nancy McKeon. It's like how I love the DeLuises. They can do no wrong. I'll always love them.

Oh yeah and Demi is in the pic too. Fuck, I love her. Eventually I'll meet her....again. Damn, that sounds really conceited. Eh, I don't care.

There's also other pics from that particular episode of Sonny With A Chance.

I like......her shoes? I'm shaking my head in shame. But I'll still watch.

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Sam said...

what. the. heck. is. with. the. costumes.
that is really weird.
oh man and she is in like a ghetto stance. that's bad. so bad.