Wednesday, November 26, 2008


So, for the third time in a year, RPattz is on the front cover of EW. I love the magazine, I really do, but seriously, there are so many others that deserve the cover more. I mean, really. They must have some crush on RPattz. Really. Yeah, I don't know.I mean, hell, he's fucking sexy as shit, no doubt about that. But really? Again? Sigh.

Oh, and ten points to who gets the title of this blog. Like, what am I referencing?

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The Drowsy Observer said...

Ummm Arrested Development... obviously.

And yeah, being the person that doesn't really get the guy or even the books [i swear i'm going to start reading them soon, if i can ever stop playing wii with my sorta cousins] but yeah, i don't really get the hype at the moment. In fact i had never even heard of the books until ew had that issue dedicated to it, and i was like, ummm wtf is twilight? so yeah, don't quite get why they needed three covers of him this year. Umm they could have had a HIMYM cover or even an Office cover and i would have been much happier.

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