Thursday, November 27, 2008

Why I Love Thanksgiving

The parade. I'm sorry but it's been this tradition in my life that is a constant. I usually only catch the last few minutes but this year, I got to see most of it. And sorry, I love it. I hope to get to go there one day. I mean, it's just such a fun time. It's so carefree, and innocent that I just have to think back to when I was little. It's in the 82nd year, and started in 1927, same year as my Nana. That obviously comes a little bittersweet, but that's okay.

Oh a fun Thanksgiving day story I love to tell. Ninth grade English. My teacher loved to give really hard extra credit questions. And it was around Thanksgiving, and he asked what year the Macy's Parade began. It was the 76th year, and last year they made it a big deal that it was the 75th year. I remembered that. So I thought, what year would that make it? I knew my Nana was the same age. Therefore, 1927. After the test, he gave us the answer and I did a "yes" little arm thing(it's really hard to describe) and everyone was floored that I know. I just love how much I love the Parade.

Really, I don't know how people can't watch. It's just this constant in history, and makes me smile. If I ever became famous, I want to be on there. I don't care how fucking cold it'd be, I wanna be a part. :)

CBS is also broadcasting the parade. Fail, CBS. It's all about NBC. They own the thing.

The one float was Rick Rolled. Rick Fucking Astley came out. How fucking BOSS is that? I mean, no lie, I was dying. It was the best moment ever.

I might have to get that new Bolt song from Miley Cyrus. Pretty decent.

Okay, rant over. Go watch the Parade. Happy Thanksgiving. :)

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