Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Taste the Happy!!!!!!

It kinda tastes like sad......


Jeffrey Tambor, the amazingly awesome actor, says the Arrested Development Movie is a go!!!!

Celebrations all around!!!!

If you don't know the show, well, shame on you. I hear the dvds on sale at Target for 15. I want them for my birthday! I have one season, but I don't know which one I have. Anyways....

Amazing AD gif time!!!!! and lol at the Franklin being in Twilight. :)

It's not easy being whiiiiitttteeeee......

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The Drowsy Observer said...

YYYYYEEEEESSSSS!!!! I am so happy at this news! And I love the gifs, except i don't really get the twilight one, it seems random. I so can't wait for this movie!!!


oh then i typed it in wrong, sad face

new word: pinconse