Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Epic Kitty

Finnish Spitz led me to this amazing cat. I want it i want it i want it i want it. Did you get that? I want it! Not that I don't love my cats, but seriously, they like, must not love me anymore. They're all over my dad now. I want a cat for my dorm. A pretty Scottish Fold. They're soooo cute! I mean, look at this cat! It has fucking blog. How epic is that? I'm jealous. I want my cat to have a blog. She does get the cover of all my Christmas cards. Though she hates when I dress her up. Seriously, what cat wouldn't want to be dressed up in a Playboy shirt? Or a Santa outfit? Pfft.

Here is Epic Kitty:

1 comment:

The Drowsy Observer said...

ok, this cat is so freaking awesome! I hope our pets are this cool, you know when we move to ny and get a puppy and a kitty, they better be this freaking awesome!