Saturday, December 27, 2008

The Three BAMFS of Batman

And no, not Heath Ledger. While he played a cool character, a Bad Ass Mother Fucker is more of a hero who is fucking awesome. Ledger was simply fucking scary ass cool. A FSAC if you will. No, no, a CAMF. Crazy Ass Mother Fucker. There. I've just made a new word. You better recognize. If you use that, ten bucks to me. I'm going to patent that shit.

Anyways, the three BAMFs are as follows:

Gary Oldman
Christian Bale
Michael Caine

In no order, naturally. Obviously Bale is on the list, he's the coolest Batman ever. I just love how he's always playing the playboy when really he's this amazing symbol saving society. I love his other persona. Makes me smile.

Gary Oldman is just fucking BOSS. I mean, I was not really into him when he played Sirius but now I loooove him. I cried in the Dark Knight. Ask Finnish Spitz. I was really emotional when he...well, I can't spoil it. When he left the screen, we'll say.

And how about Michael Caine? I mean, seriously. Dude has a complete backstory for Alfred and he doesn't even need to. I love him. I want to meet him. SOOO bad. Any of these BAMFs. I'd take any of them. :D

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