Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Teenie Converse Wearers, Just GTFO

You know, I was thinking about this last night. Converse. Such a part of fashion now, right? Demi Lovato mentions them in her song, and I mean, every Disney kid rocks them, and any person who thinks they're semi-cool wears them. Recently, people only get them because KStew, Miley, Nick and Joe Jonas, Demi, Selena, all of those kids wear them.

That pisses me off.

I mean, I remember when I was one of the first(if not first) to wear Converse in my high school. I remember the moment just as if it was yesterday. A Gadzook's at the Lancaster Mall. I remember my parents telling me how I used to wear them when I was little(I will have the same pair of ones I had one day, I swear). I was fascinated. For my birthday, I got black satin ones. I have never come across them again. They had purple chinese fabric on the inside. I loved them. Too much.

My second pair was high top green. Yeah, I had them way before Nick Jonas did. I loved those too. My third was a tri-pink. I got new laces for all three, and being the cool kid that I was, I wore two different ones at a time. I brought that shit back. No one at my school wore them, at least not to my knowledge. I was a visionary. I helped bring along Converse again.

And now, what are they? A staple. Everyone has a pair. Well, a good amount. That's all well and awesome for Converse, but I just feel like people wear them now because everyone else wears them. People get the regular low black. That was perhaps my fifth pair. I ventured with different colors. I was known for my Converse. I think I counted I had nine pair. I would wear the six pair i've had since ninth grade but they cramp my toes together and it hurts and wrecks them. I'm slowly building up my collection again. I had stopped wearing them for years because of the toe problem. If I had known to simply get a size bigger, I'd have a lot more.

This wasn't just a post to show off how many Converse I have. It's just, I know it's a pair of shoes(actually, no it's not, Shoes are my life), but they shaped my teenage years. I was so proud to wear them, and I felt like such an individual. I was that kid who wore the crazy shoes. That was ME. I loved it. Because I loved them. I never wore them because everyone else did. Never! If I thought they were cute, I was getting them. Yes, I have bought pairs other people wear, but not because they wore them. Because they were cute. There is a difference, dammit. I just feel like now, all those teenies who have to have the high top green converse because Nick wears them, or people wear the low black ones because Miley or Demi wear them. God, so annoying. Have some individuality. Like the shoes for shoes, not because of what they say about you.

Sorry, end of my rant.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

Dude, I totally remember my first pair of converse. They were red high tops, so fitting for me right? I remember i got them before freshman year of high school, and i wore them on the first day of school. I loved those shoes, i still fucking have them and wear them all the fucking time. I think my second pair were like lime green low tops. Yeah, I was crazy. I think after that I ventured out and got a pair of orange high tops. I think i eventually got a pair of black high tops, and of course my new favs are my like green high tops that i got a couple of years ago. I really wanted a pair of green ones because i saw hairspray and the guy who played seaweed had a pair, and i was like, "I must get those!"

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