Monday, December 15, 2008

Jorma Taccone is Married

What. The. Fuck? He was the dorky adorable guy I wanted to marry. Fucking bitch. I hate this woman. I really do. I'm actually really upset now(but not just about this) but damn, this just brought me to rock bottom. Fuck me. :(

At least Andy Samberg is still free, right? Please say so.

Adding this in because it's a new hit: I just jizzed in my pants. Laugh Out Loud. I laugh at how popular it is, not at the actual skit. The real skit kinda creeped me out.

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The Drowsy Observer said...

that does kinda make me sad. he is so adorable, and for some reason doesn't seem old enough to be married.

and yeah, that skit kinda creeped me out too, and wasn't very funny. just creepy.

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