Tuesday, December 2, 2008

That's Enough, Jessica Alba(Part 3)

Dear Jessica Alba,

Haven't I told you this enough times??? Stop trying. Seriously. Take your baby and your baby daddy and just, get the fuck out of LA or anywhere a camera will find you. I mean, seriously, you can't act, you're not cool, and this dress? What, did you want to wear a blimp? I mean, fuck. Your whole outfit equals Fail. Just, go away. Please? I'll pay you.


Eyes Burnt Out


Erica said...

my dear i think it is supposed to emulate the bottle for the liqueur.

The Drowsy Observer said...

Jessica Alba needs to go away, like right now! I can't fucking stand that bitch!

twaw-a word to thwart off enemies, by shouting it at them. 'TWAW!'

oh no typed it in wrong!

caphy- it's the high you get from getting too much caffeine.