Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Mind Significantly Blown

I was watching some video on the most inspirational speeches in movies. Many connected to Orlando Bloom.(Kingdom of Heaven[gosh, I saw that on opening day, and I can't remember a single moment in that damn movie], LOTR, POTC[if you don't know those acranyms, then jump in front of a bus, k?], and Troy) But really, that wasn't what blew my mind(because seriously, Orlando Bloom =/=Inspirational Speech-maker. Hot beyond belief, yes, but not good on the inspiration. Well, he did inspire me a lot. Inspired me to buy a lot of things that I do not wear, need, and will show to any person now). Now, that I've gotten really off-track, I come to one of the greatest speeches EVER.

Oh Captain, My Captain.

Seriously, how cannot that get you? Gosh, after seeing that movie like three times in one year in different classes(my sophomore year was the year of the Dead Poets Society, true fact.), I was in love. It was such a touching story. Soooo heartbreaking, but so...inspiring.

ONTD said something of interest that made me think of tragic story of Neil Perry. Determined to be an actor, and forced by his father to do medicine, he killed himself(I can't even remember how, but he went kinda cookoo. Look at the picture below.)

I really never noticed him, like, at all. The actor I mean. But ONTD told me something of interest that still blows my mind.

Where is young Neil Perry now? Huh? Where did he end up?

Oh I don't know, being the saner but less cool half of the niftiest Bromance on tv today(Ted/Marshall/Barney are the awesomest).

Neil Perry ended up being a doctor!!!!!! The irony!!!!! My mind is blown to bits on this relevation. Which isn't good, because I still have another final to take. What if my mind is so blown I can't remember what the answers are? I can't even remember what's on the test!!!! Fuck me. Time to go study some more.

I wanna watch Dead Poets Society. Who's got it, and who's gonna let me watch it over break? ;)


Sam said...

LOL you better not forget all teh answers because your mind if blown to bits!!!!
anyways i loved that speech "Oh Captain, my Captain" you know whats weird i have been thinking about that line a lot lately too. very weird. but nope i dont' own that movie. i should get it lol. another movie to add to my never ending movie list!

The Drowsy Observer said...

I might have that movie. I know i have the poster for it somewhere, in one of my many tubes of posters. I think i do, but i can't remember. I probably do. I'm pretty sure i do, actually....maybe.

Ok, when i was reading this last night, like half asleep i totally didn't get wtf you were talking about. But with well rested mind, it makes sense. I remember when I was watching house realized that Robert Sean Leonard was the guy from DPS, i like freaked out. he's pretty awesome.

squethie-like a squidgy, but softer.

Kim said...




I never realized that. I mean I know they were the same actor...

But the irony!!!!