Friday, December 5, 2008

Dear Undisclosed Bitch

Dear Undisclosed Bitch,

Thought I'd write this. I'm not really angry at you. Just kinda, observing things. You know, this time last year, we were going to the mall a bunch and having a good time. I thought it would only get better than that. Yeah, it didn't. Somewhere along the long, you stopped talking to me, and then the summer hit. Nothing huh? Yeah, that happens over the summer. But I thought at least with you near me this year, we'd be better. Just a little bit. I see less of you now. Three steps. You don't even acknowledge me if I'm around. i got replaced real fast. I really trusted you, you know? Like, I told you things I didn't tell other people. We got each other birthday and Christmas presents. And this year? You didn't even wish me a happy fucking birthday. I mean, fuck. Is it that fucking hard? To write a few measly letters on a facebook wall? Really, now. And I even saw you! I think you saw me. I don't know. But we're down to the point you don't even acknowledge I exist. Goddamn. I know we weren't really great friends, but it just feels like the biggest snub I've ever seen. I sound like the one girl in Mean Girls, but I wish we could go back to being friends and all that stuff, because I never thought I'd really miss it. I'm not saying this is your fault, but I spend all this time in my room, and it's not bad anymore with my roommate, but, it used to be we were this trio. But I got replaced a few times over. It sucks.


An afterthought.

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