Monday, July 28, 2008

Cuz I Know You'll Come Around, You'll Come Around(To Miley's Side)

I <3 Miley Cyrus. We all should know that, right? Yes, right. She's amazing. I'd love to meet her and go shopping with her. She's the bomb. Me and her have had some rough times, but I still love her.

The reason of this post? CD Review time! Yes, don't you love these? Well I do. I've definitely listened to the cd a lot, but here are my thoughts on each song, song by song. Enjoy:

Breakout: Cute. If you don't pay too much attention to the lyrics, it's a bit better. She's talking about school. Which she hasn't been to a normal school in ages. She's like, homeschooled, right? I doubt she wakes up at eight, for school at least. She probably shoots the show and shit early, but whatever. I like the song. Even if it is about school.

7 Things: You all pretty much know how I feel about this song. Love, love, love it. I love the standing in the rain part. She really is a good writer. Well, co-writer. She doesn't fully write one song. At least she's helping. That's always a start.

The Driveway: This is a neat-ish song. I keep thinking it's "driveaway" but maybe that's the point. All about losing a relationship. And it's neat how the driveway is as far as she can go. Probably because she doesn't have a permit or license. But I still like it. I kinda can picture this song going on in the rain, in my grandmother's driveway. It's a good song.

Girls Just Want To Have Fun: I am a huge Cyndi Lauper fan, and I don't really like remakes. Like, I refuse to listen to the Tis's remakes of like, Time After Time. No thank you. But I like this remake. It's just different enough and new enough to not be blatant copy. And well, whenever Miley gets into deep shit, she can just be like, "Girl Just Wanna Have Fun?" and maybe she'll get off. Smart idea Miley. Smart girl. I think.

Full Circle: I like this song too, I need to read more into lyrics I think. Because each song is catchy, and I like singing along(which I barely can sadly) but I'm pretty sure this is once again about a relationship. It's a guessing game for which one is about Nick.

Fly On The Wall: Probably my favorite song. Catchy, delicious really. I could see this being about Nick. He seems like the jealous type. Miley is very outgoing so I could see him being nervous about the relationship. And this one I can pretty much sing along to, with my voice being as crappy as it is. But I enjoy this. I mean, guys always get jealous. And it's a good get back song. :)

Bottom of the Ocean: Pretty song, about, you would think, letting go of a lover. Oh no, my dears. About a goldfish. Pretty, but eh. If Miley can write a very emotional song about a goldfish, she's both: an awesome writer, and a little bit crazy.

Wake Up America: I totally thought this was kinda lame. A green song? Sigh. Isn't this getting a little too much? We get it! The earth is like, in deep shit. But I enjoy singing along to this song. It's catchy. She might have a good thing going for this.

These Four Walls: Another ballad. Alright. I got it. Eh. I don't know what to say.

Simple Song: Second favorite song. Very quick, and the chorus is so "simple." But that's the point. I love it. I want to see this live. Ah. Good times. Need to get a Miley concert ticket.

Goodbye: Another ballad, but so sweet, and I love this. Has to be about Nick. I feel like I'm starting to figure out their relationship which scares me. But I'm gonna have to wait til the JoBros cd.

See You Again: Remix, more beats. I like.

Overall: B+ I enjoyed.

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