Monday, July 28, 2008

Definitely Terrifying

Usually my reviews for movies are a lot longer, but it's been over a week since I saw the kick ass movie The Dark Knight. And man was it fucking awesome. Like, seriously. Heath Ledger and the whole gang just made that movie amazing and unforgettable. Like, for this review, I'm just gonna review the actors and how they did. Oh yeah, don't read if you don't want to be spoiled.

Christian Bale - alkfjasdfisdf. Yummy. Seriously. At first I used to not really like him, but I swear, as each Batman movie goes, I die more and more. Like, rawr. Sex. Serious. He was awesome. I want to totally be saved by him.

Maggie Gylenhaal - Yeah, definitely better than Katie Holmes, gotta admit. I actually didn't mind them switching people. I mean, the two do look a bit simlar, I guess. I don't know. The only thing I really hated was that Rachel dies. I wasn't expecting that, but I mean, I should have. Of course, did they find the body? I don't think they did.

Michael Caine - Ah, the best. He's so funny. I love him. I mean, other than Heath, he was the best actor by far. Like, he was the comedic genius of the movie. Seriously. Ah, I loved his jokes.

Aaron Eckhart - I think I spelled his name right. But he was really good. He always is. Granted, I've only seen him in one movie, but he was so good. I loved it. Two Face scared me. Too bad he died.

Heath Ledger - Holy shit. Amazing. Sent shivers down my spine. When he was dressed as that nurse, wow. I was really scared. At first I was like, eh, he's alright, but as the movie went on, I got more scared. It was just an amazing performance. I really hope he gets the Oscar. And I hope that one day, Matilda gets to keep that Oscar and she can remember her daddy. Be able to see the performance that made him amazing. Learn all the great things. I can only hope.

Really, the movie was incredible. Maybe I'll comment more when I see it again. I know there's things I missed.

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