Monday, July 28, 2008

Dueling Coasters Bring Out The Creeper In Some

Not me though. I stayed creeper free. Anyways, at Hershey Park, there's these dueling coasters. The first time me and Jenn went on Thunder, which lost, and later we went on Lightning. Let me tell you, scary. People were getting mad in it. Like, I understand if your friends are on the other one, or while on the ride you get into it. But like, these people were clapping and saying shit to the other side. Lightning was having a good winning streak and it started with these two annoying girls. They were screaming and all that stuff(which I admit I probably would have done too back in the day) but then it got worse. Some 40 something got really into it, and they were like, "you're are only hope" and "we got this!" and I was just like, wtf? It's not even up to you. You can't do anything to go faster or slower. Idiots. They got really scary into it.

Then,as I was saying goodbye to S, I commented I would probably scream. And then this creeper with long red hair(who was balding as well) turns around, ssshhhes me and Jenn and goes, "No screaming." I was just like, well, I can't help it. Jenn screamed immediately down the hill and it took me a bit to find some voice(my voice is pretty much gone, and like, permanently damaged) but it was fun. I enjoyed pissing the guy off. That's just what I do.

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